Richard Spencer: White nationalist.

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Ku Klux Klan – Charlottesville. Credit:

On Saturday, 12th August in Charlottesville Virginia, a group of people descended on the city to demonstrate and stop the city’s officials from removing the monument of Robert E. Lee, a confederate soldier.  Spotted within their ranks were KKK members, white nationalists or whatever that means, neo Nazis, antisemites. etc.  Another group of people then came over for counter protest and within them were members of the Antifa group.

The demonstration descended into chaos.  James Alex Fields Jnr ran a car into the crowd of counter protesters killing Heather Meyer while a police helicopter crashed killing two cops.

The nation went into an uproar and international condemnation and all started pouring in with the attendant fallout inundating the internet and news houses for days on end now.

President Trump, while talking of the fracas condemned the two groups but it did not sit well with the press and many Americans, so they went after him for not specifically condemning and blaming the KKK and neo-Nazi groups for the attacks.

Trust the bevy of Israel hating, anti Zionist and antisemitic organizations most especially from the left to capitalize on the fracas to demonize Israel.  Before one could say Jack Robinson, Mondoweiss and other Israel hating organizations attacked politicians like Marco Rubio and other Republicans who condemned the stance of Trump.  They called them hypocritical for condemning Trump’s stance but supporting Israel. They spun the antisemitic slogans and racism from the KKK and neo-Nazi groups to somehow mean the same thing with Israel’s existence and Zionism.

As if that was not enough, On Wednesday, 16th August, speaking to anchor Dany Cushmaro on Israel’s Channel 2 TV, Richard Spencer, a leader of the antisemitic white nationalist movement, while answering a question posed to him on how Jews should feel because of his rhetoric, poured petrol to the fire of anti-Zionists.

Spencer answered and said

“As an Israeli citizen, someone who understands your identity, who has a sense of nationhood and peoplehood and history and experience of the Jewish people, you should respect someone like me.  I care about my people.  I want us to have a secure homeland for us and ourselves, just like you want a secure homeland in Israel.”

He said that he sees himself as “a white Zionist.”

Earlier in February of 2017, Richard Spencer, while in a debate with Rabbi Matt Rosenberg said to him,

“Do you really want radical inclusion into the State of Israel? And by that I mean radical inclusion. Maybe all of the Middle East could go move into Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. Would you really want that?”

Dany Cushmaro had no answer for Richard Spencer nor did Rabbi Matt Rosenberg give him one.

Of course the anti-Zionists once more cashed in.

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Naomi Dann. credit: Ricochet Media.

Naomi Dann of Jewish Voice for Peace, could not resist such a windfall to demonize Israel. Other antisemites and anti-Zionists could not contain their glee to plaster Zionism together with Richard Spencer drivel. Naomi Dann screamed

“Zionism is the same with the White Supremacy or white whatever Richard Spencer was peddling”.


It is high time Richard Spencer and the likes of Naomi Dann are stopped because they were both wrong.

For one, the bevy of anti-Zionists screaming hypocrisy at the Republicans who condemned Trump but support Israel should know that they are wrong.  There is no relationship between the demands of the neo-Nazis and white nationalists with Israel or Zionism.  None at all and they are yet to show that except the same old spurious comments and libels that have no basis.  Ask them for proof of their claims and you only get to hear slogans like “Zionism is racism” , “Israel is apartheid,” “Zionism is supremacist ideology,” etc.  Ask for clarifications and examples to inform that claim and they offer nothing.

Secondly, Richard Spencer is wrong. He is not a Zionist nor a supporter of Zionism because he does not know the meaning of it.  He is not a white, black, green, red, yellow or blue Zionist or whatever else he calls himself.  He could call himself any other thing but as for a Zionist, he is far removed from it.

Spencer has zero to do with Zionism because of the following.

Zionism is the movement for the re-establishment of the Jewish people’s nation state in their own indigenous and nationally owned lands which got occupied and colonized for millennia and which they have been moving for all these centuries. Zionism is the national self determination and Independence of the Jewish ethnic group of people on that their own territory.

The above has zero, nada, eber, zilch to do with the kind of white nationalism Richard Spencer was looking for.

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White nationalist Richard Spencer . credit: Washington Examiner.

Richard Spencer said he was looking for a secure homeland for his fellow white people devoid of other races because other races will threaten the good of the whites. In other words, he was advocating racism which according to Meriam Webster dictionary is defined as

“a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race”

Zionism on the other hand has zero to do with race.  It is based on the self determination of a social construct and not a racial construct.  Zionism is the national self determination of an ethnic group of people called the Jews. Ethnic groups, nations, clubs, schools, different societies are social constructs and not based on race.  Ethnic groups like other social units have their social identity they erected for themselves and which identifies them.  Members of those social units enjoy the privileges and rights of been associated with their construct.

Spencer’s question about whether all the Middle East should move into Jerusalem and Tel Aviv is capital NO.. It is the same same as asking if all Europeans should move into Warsaw, all Africans move into Kumasi, all South Americans move into Rio de Janeiro and all Asians should move into Shanghai. They all cannot move into those places because they are for one, not citizens of the nations hence do not qualify. If they want to qualify, they can meet the criteria those nations set for acquiring citizenship.

For nation states of particular ethnic groups amongst them who have laws of return for their people, they also do not qualify. They do not because they are not members of the ethnic groups.  If they want to qualify, they can also meet the requirements set by the ethnic groups for one to become one of them because ethnic groups have more to do with identity as a social construct than blood.

They are different from racial units which are about blood and that is where Richard Spencer differs from Zionism.

Ethnic nationalism is different form racial nationalism which could be used to define what Richard is looking for because instances of it like that of Zionism abound in the world unlike what Spencer is seeking for. What he is looking for does not exist anywhere now nor at any time in history I have heard of expect during the Nazis and their Aryan race thing.

Spencer’s racial nationalism is not the same with ethnic nationalism because unlike ethnicity which is a social construct with its characteristics from language to identity, heritage, customs, religion, cuisine, folk lore, origin myth, etc, race has no common language, and the rest of the characteristics of ethnicity.

And in nation states of ethnic groups from Greece to Turkey, Russia, Israel, Poland, Armenia, Japan, etc, members of other ethnic identities can also live there and be citizens but the national character from language to customs, etc are that of this main ethnic group. Spencer is looking for a white citizenship and residency only nation.

What Zionism is to the Jewish people is what the Filiki Eteria was to the Greeks. It is the same with Polish, Armenians, Vietnamese, Khmers, etc nationalism and self determination movement which those ethnic groups moved for in their own nation states. It is the same thing which the Kurds, Sahrawi, Tibetans are calling for now on their lands.

Just like Zionism, all the above and others are ethnic groups moving for their self determination and Independence movement on their lands and they all differ once more from what Spencer is peddling because no ethnic group can claim to be pure blood or that its members can only be of one race.

Spencer was wrong.

Another difference between Zionism and what Spencer is peddling is based on what right he has to move for such on America.  Zionism is for the re establishment of the Jewish people’s nation state on the land they own indigenously as where the ethnic group got created or originated from and nationally as the only people still in existence as a cohesive unit to have formed their indigenous and independent nation on that land and which had been under occupation and colonization for centuries by different empires.

Richard Spencer do not have his white nationalists, or whatever he calls them, as having indigenous and national rights to the land he was trying to use to create that his White nation.  His white people did not originate from there to claim indigenous nor was there any time in the past they created their own independent nation on the land which later got occupied or colonized.  When USA was created, it was a multi ethnic and multi racial nation and was never created for or by one race.

Zionism is a re constitution of a nation that was destroyed but Richard Spencer was calling for an establishment of a new country for his white people.

In that, he differs too.

Naomi Dann and her bevy of anti-Zionists and Israel haters knew that Spencer was wrong but they have an agenda and Richard’s drivel was too tempting to resist so they latched on to that to delegitimize Israel and destroy it.

They failed before and will continue to fail.

Zionism is a noble cause. It is one of the most noble of causes any good man need to support and stand with in this life and in the next.

Naomi Dann and Richard Spencer are both wrong.




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