Jewish leaders promote Proselytizing Organizations.

The Jewish world must know that the call to be obedient to world missions, including the Jewish world, is not a small matter that can be compromised. No, this call is a major tenet of our biblical faith (Romans 1:16; Matthew 28:18-20).

Symbol of Messianic Jews.

Media Action Group in Canada is sponsoring a talk:  A VEIL OF DENIAL: JUSTICE, RIGHTS, CULTURAL APPROPRIATION on June 12.  One of the speakers is Christine Williams from ICEJ (International Christian Embassy Jerusalem).  ICEJ is the largest proselytizing organization in the world-targeting Jews, especially in Israel.  This is nothing less than free publicity for and an endorsement of this organization.  ICEJ works with many other proselytizing organizations including Jerusalem Institute of Justice, run by Calev Myers who said:

“We believe the day is coming, friends, when Jesus once again will reveal himself to Israel, to the Jewish people.”

He works to make it legal for messianic Jews to come to Israel under the Law of Return.

And then there is the irony of the topic that seems to be lost on these people. The event includes the discussion of Cultural Appropriation.  Have they no idea of the teachings of Christian Zionism?  They have totally culturally appropriated our religion.

I was lectured by Dumisani Washington and Chloe Valdari, more great friends of the Jewish people when I questioned the identity of “Rebbe Shaul.”

Who was Rebbe Shaul, I asked Washington. What a surprise.  He is none other than St. Paul returned to his Jewish name (Saul) and rehabilitated from the one who brought antisemitism into Christianity.  Christian Zionism is Judaism with a layer of Jesus.  Just attend one of their Seders.  Jesus was a Jew, after all.

When I question Jews who collaborate with people like Christine Williams I get justifications that make no sense.  She can speak about Islam and the Balfour Declaration. Are you kidding me?  She is the only person you can find to discuss these two topics?

I suggest it is the money, honey.

I’ve been told I’m ignorant regarding Christianity; that I don’t like Christians. I am a multi-faith endorsed Chaplain and took my 2000 hour residency at Toronto Hospital, the largest hospital in Canada.  I live in a Christian community.  I leave the area and the Jewish population drops 100%.

It was suggested I have no respect for Righteous Gentiles. These Christian Zionists are not “righteous.”  Self-righteous, perhaps; but not righteous. I have written a great deal about organizations that preach to the Jews.

I was lectured about social justice as if I never showed any concern for non-Jews. I think these people should read what I write including the plight of the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and Canada’s indigenous missing and murdered women.

And then I was given this delicious tid-bit.

“You may not know that for the majority of human history Jews actively promoted proselytizing.  It was understood as G-d’s will in biblical Judaism.  It was practiced by kings, prophets and pre-Talmudic rabbis and Samaritans in our tradition for two thousand years.”

Ahhh. So because we preached when no one else believed in one God or the ethic He gave us, we should be open to those whose ancestors have tormented and murdered us for 2000 years.  Sort of tit-for-tat.

I was told by one

“I champion freedom of thought and freedom of speech in the several organizations that I guide or with which I am associated. 

To me, there is an enormous difference between Christians of the past (and certainly some still exist) who believed that non-believers, particularly Jews, should be  burned at the stake, and Christian Zionists, on the other hand, who assist Jews because they recognize Jews as the Chosen People, or they wish to show them the way to Jesus.  Which Jesus?”

Which Jesus?  I don’t know which Jesus.  Do they mean that they want us to love the Jesus who was a Jew, and not the Jesus who was killed by the Jews which led to Jews being burned at the stake and during the Shoah?  I mean, now that Jesus is a Jew we can all accept him in our lives.  Right?

More importantly, I am told, they fight with us against Islamism. Of course they do.  First they come for the Jews!

I suggest it’s the money, honey.

I was also asked

”If saving lives meant working with those who believed you were incomplete as a spiritual being because you were Jewish, would you give up saving lives?”

How is this a logical question to someone who is against taking money from ICEJ proselytizers?  Are we not told that to save a life is to save the world?

If they want the money from ICEJ to support their causes-go for it. But don’t justify it with nareshkeit.

The Prophets must be rolling over in their graves.

Let me once again share the statements made by members of ICEJ and their associated organizations to give you an idea of the people these Jewish “leaders” are defending.


“Thus, Christian Zionism is not based on prophecy or end-time events.  Most Christian Zionists would agree, however, that Israel’s reemergence on the world’s scene, in fulfillment of God’s promises to her, indicate that other biblically-predicted events will follow.”

Wonder what those other biblically predicted events could be?  Have you read the Gospels?

ICEJ writes:

“The Jewish world must know that the call to be obedient to world missions, including the Jewish world, is not a small matter that can be compromised.  No, this call is a major tenet of our biblical faith” (Romans 1:16; Matthew 28:18-20).

Rev. Malcolm Hedding, the former Executive Director of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem said:

“Now if I said to my Jewish friends that in order to have a meaningful relationship with me, they must stop celebrating Shabbat, they would be horrified and reject such a position out of hand.  But this is what some Jews are doing to Christians!  They assert that no relationship between Jews and Christians can take place unless the Christians disavow missionary activity.”

Then there is this from Wayne Hilsden, a Canadian now living in Israel-he is firmly associated with ICEJ and their hopes and dreams for Israel.

“The vision of King of Kings Community is “to be a compelling, Messiah-centred, Spirit-empowered, disciple-making community that reveals the true face of Yeshua(Jesus) to Israel and the nations.”

Hilsden believes God recently gave him a mandate to

“get Israel back into biblical theology.”


“should be identified even more closely with the local, messianic Jewish Body in Jerusalem and Israel and be rooted more deeply in the soil of Israel.”

He then formed FIRM (Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries) in 2014.

Its mission:

 “To unite a global fellowship of biblically sound believers committed to cultivating Messiah-centered relationships that work to bless the inhabitants of Israel and the worldwide Jewish community.”

ICEJ states:

”As a nation, Israel remains in rebellion against Jesus of Nazareth and this factor has more to do with her present struggle than we are prepared to admit! (Matt23:37-39)(Luke19:41-44) Jesus is a Jewish Messiah and the only way of salvation. (Acts4:11-12)”

And this:Dr. George Giacumakis, the one-time Chairman of the Board of Trustees of ICEJ, has said straight out that it is hoped, through various ‘friendship’ organizations with Jews, and by giving financial and political support to Israel, that Jews will start showing interest in Christianity.

I suggest it’s the money, honey.

And this; David Pawson, in a speech entitled “God’s Eternal Covenant with Israel” (reprinted in Family Restoration Magazine), stated,

”One day the people of Israel as a whole will become Messianic Jews (believing in Jesus – ed.)…Prayer for Israel is not enough; preaching is also necessary. The church’s silence over the holocaust was bad enough; her silence about hell would be a worse betrayal… True lovers of Israel will speak on behalf of Jews to Christians and on behalf of Christ to Jews. To pray for the peace of Jerusalem must include that peace with God which only Jesus can bring. Zionism’ is only ‘Christian’ when He [Jesus] has the pre-eminence.’”

In case it may be objected that it is offensive to the Jews to speak of such things, and that Christians must “comfort” Israel, Pawson explained: “There is no final comfort in a lie… We cannot help but be missionaries, and I have discovered that some Jews despise us if we pretend not to be…”

If our Jewish leaders believe the Muslims when they rant “Death to Israel” and “Death to the Jews” why do these same leaders refuse to believe these Jews for Jesus organizations which say they want to change Jewish Israel?

These Jewish leaders have given cuvet and the Kosher Stamp of Approval to people who want us to accept Jesus.

I suggest it is the money, honey.

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  1. A question….To be a Messianic Jew….does one have to be what is regarded as a birthright Jew….a Jew in the normally accepted understanding, believing of a Messiah, as opposed to the Jesus Christ/Trinity entity.

    I have seen this term…Messianic Jew, for some years now. To me it conjured up the thought of an oxymoron….how can one be a Jew, and subscribe to the belief of Christianity’s Jesus Christ.

    I often times thought that by the use of the word Messianic….it must be an extension of the word Messiah….hence Messianic Jews alone were the real McCoy. I have learnt…not so long ago, in relative years, that this is anything but the situation…hence back to the oxymoron intent of the term.

    • Diane Bederman

      Messianic Jews are Christians-through and through. They have culturally appropriated the Jewish religion and fooled some uneducated people into thinking they are Jews. These Christians are also demanding the Right of Return to Israel-and will change the dynamic of this one and only Jewish country.

      • Hello Diane….My question was possibly a bit too specific. I can appreciate the generality of your answer….i.e. yes, at base line they must be Christians, to be accepting, and supportive of Christian doctrine.

        What I was actually trying to determine/establish/learn, is from what faith line they actually sprang from. Were they (baptised – and/or – solely) Christians from day one…. from any one of the three Christian lines – Protestant, Catholic or Orthodox, or were/are they Jewish by birth succession….who have; for the want of a better description, singularly as such, ‘wandered’ into the Christian flock…or coaxed there.

        To my limited understanding, Messianic Jews…appear to have only arrived on the religious landscape; in developing numbers, and more so in North America, since the very late 1940’s. To this end, I have often wondered where they come from….their initial faith base.

        I ask the question from a totally neutral stance….not being a subscriber/follower of any of the Abrahamic faiths…though a steadfast believer of a divine Creator.


  2. Larry Langman

    There is no specific reference to the concept of messiah in the Torah, we start to hear about the concept in Nevi’im, particularly the later prophets and we are really off and running in some of the Ketuvim and the there is no stopping references in both the apocrypha and the pseudoapocrypha not to mention kabbalah…..but

    The fundamental difference between a Jewish messiah and a Christian messiah is that a Jewish messiah is all about returning Jews back to Judaism as originally proposed, land temple sacrifice etc and the christian messiah is all about personal salvation. No where in Judaism do we have the concept of a personal savior.

    Maimonides in the 12th century proposed the 13 Articles of Faith for a Jew, these are reflected in daily prayers. Number 12 identifies belief in the future coming of a messiah. But its a Jewish messiah not a Christian one.

    So these days most practicing Jews would recognise the concept as one of a person who will return to the origins faith, land, law, sacrifice and justice…..but those same Jews have no concept of a personal savior.

    Jews for Judaism can provide a lot of information on this important distinction.

    • Thank you Larry…I’ll read the reference you suggested…Jews for Judaism.

      • Diane Bederman

        Graham, I don’t know when this started.At the time of jesus there were several groups of jews discussing Judaism. Questioning. After Jesus, his brother started a movement that disappeared. Why Paul’s interpretation grew is another discussion. Why do Jews want to believe in Jesus? I don’t know. Ignorance perhaps. And these Christians who hide behind Jewish memes are taking advantage of this ignorance. To fulfil the Christian prophecies. I agree with Larry. Read Jews for Judaism. Look to them for information.

        • Thank you for your reply Diane. Yes I will…have started reading Larry’s reference…. Jews for Judaism….exerts I have managed to find so far. Will burrow deeper. My interest is one based on a desire to be better informed.

          I have close Jewish friends, a family, in the US, and have observed how ‘irate’ they become when this subject raises it self in discussion….being decidedly negative towards Messianic Jews.

          In a very good naturedly display, they usually tell me…”you don’t have to worry about that Graham”, or similar, when ever I inquire what/who they are exactly referring to.

          I thank you once again….Regards.

    • @Larry Langman…..I have read the reference piece you cited…Jews for Judaism, along with a host of additional material on the same subject.

      A couple of questions (please). Do these ‘Messianic Jews’ exist in Australia. Do they have physical congregations/meeting venues – buildings, lead spokespersons and do they actually attempt to convert what I would regard as traditional Jews…..per Universities etc.,

      The bulk of the material I have unearthed appears to focus on the US and Israel….just wondering if they are active in Australia….or anywhere else globally. Thank you.

  3. Graham Coffey. Yes there is an active “Jews for Jesus” movement here. And there are other groups in Australia with a similar agenda. Typically these groups are to be found in Sydney and Melbourne, but active also right along the east coast.

    Graham I do not have a current picture on these groups but I recall years ago that CHABAD had a Sheliach who specialised in “cults”. I am sure that contacting CHABAD will be of great assistance to know how severe the problem is.

    I do note that there is a Jews for Judaism organisation in Australia ( and that it is headed by Rabbi Eli Cohen who is the local director of Jews for Judaism Australia and the rabbi at Newtown Shul. I am sure Eli will be pleased to answer your questions.

    I have never met Rabbi Eli Cohen but I have heard he is an exceptional individual.

    I think one would find Messianic Jews in every corner of the world. I did a search on “Messianic Jews In Israel” and got 677,000 hits….that about says it all.

    • Messianic Jews are a big problem in Israel and previously when the subject came up on this site a number of rabbis commented that it is a problem here. Must say I’ve never come across it.

      There was a ‘Jews for Jesus’ retail outlet in Bondi Junction. It would be gone down as that section of road has been redeveloped.

      My father knew the guy who started in in London and he outed him for being a ganiff. Don’t remember the whole story though.

      Haven’t met Eli Cohen, but he is a bit naive. He didn’t know what the NIF was and I managed to get someone to explain to him and then he stopped them using the shul hall. I had words with him quite recently on Facebook.

      I can ask my rabbi or my cousin’s son-in-law who is the Chabad rabbi on the Gold Coast. My son is friends with the Chabad rabbi in Cairns.