‘Business As Usual’ following the Manchester terrorist attack.

While the police are collecting body parts of British children spread around the Manchester arena, it is reported that the British public are determined to carry on with “Business as usual.”

This Business As Usual, is an admirable attitude that helped the British people survive the Nazi Blitz during WWII.

But this is not the Blitz.

Because during the Blitz, the British were not afraid to say who their enemy was.  Having identified their enemy, they fought their enemy and defeated their enemy.  They didn’t just express their horror, or send their thoughts, or say a prayer, or light a candle, or hold a vigil.

Actually it really is Business As Usual, because Business As Usual is the unwillingness to challenge the Islamic political ideology that infests British school curriculum, infects British media and is rampant in so-called “charities” that channels donations to fund terrorism.

This Business As Usual is also preached in British mosques and can be heard in city parks.

Business As Usual, spews out hate against Jews and Christians.

Business As Usual vilifies Zionists, Business As Usual marches on English cobbled streets and demands the implementation of Sharia Law.

Business As Usual ensures that British Jewish schools, British Jewish institutions and British synagogues, need protection night and day.

From personal experience, I can say that after a terror attack life is NOT Business As Usual. And it never can be Business As Usual, because murder is the most cosmic and irreparable violation known to both man and mankind.

Murder steals from families.

Murder plunders the unborn generations.

Murder grieves friends.

Murder rips out souls from communities.

Murder wounds a nation and murder irreparably damages our world.

Business As Usual, the familiar scenes of personal, emotional and collective carnage, is how things will be until the people decide that they are no longer prepared to tolerate this Business As Usual.

No longer will they be prepared to deny the reality.

No longer will they refrain from rooting out this evil.

And no longer in the name of free speech, will they allow the vilification, or the arrest of, those who speak out against it.

But until they do that, Business As Usual will remain the ever-familiar sight of British police and British ambulance crews, scraping parts of British children off the walls of the likes of a British cultural arena.

Kay Wilson is a British-born Israeli tour guide, jazz musician and cartoonist. She is the survivor of a brutal terror attack that occurred while she was guiding in December 2010. Since the attack, she is in a demand as a motivational speaker. She also speaks to audiences on issues of human rights and justice for victims of terrorism. She is a lecturer for StandWithUs, OneFamily Together, MDA and is registered at the Israel Speakers’ Agency.

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  1. How very true is the intent of the content of this Posting…..Light a Candle, Place a Condolence Message on Facebook/Twitter, Say a Prayer, Buy a Bunch of Flowers, Call Alan Jones or Ray Hadlee, Organise a Vigil etc., etc., etc.,…..ever mindful to never use the “I’ or “M” word…..

    Ashamedly, I too have become adroit at offering up my commiserations….knowing full well that as soon as the ‘media hysteria’ has subsided….it’s back to Business as Usual…..until the next slaughter spree is unleashed.

    Just perhaps, if we in the West had past Political Leaders of the like of Enoch Powell…or perhaps even Churchill, rather than the current crop of Toady Theorists, and Politically Correct Boffins….that blood lusting call of “Allaha Akbar” would have long since been silenced.

    Catch ya at the next good flow of the ‘Rivers of Blood’…..

  2. Kay speaks from experience. If only we listened more to the victims of terror, rather than the soothing tones of our politicians, police and other leaders, who lull us into a false sense of security.

    Children are lulled to sleep with lullabies and sweet stories where everything turns out beautifully. But we are not children, and we know that everything is not going to be alright – unless our leaders start doing what we elected them to do; show some leadership.

    The first rule of war is know thine enemy. Only once we acknowledge that we are at a war with a specific enemy will we be able to fight back. If we value our freedom, we must fight to preserve it. This means no more lies and obfuscations, no more PC statements, no more virtue signalling. Just the truth.

  3. Larry Langman

    Generally I do not impose my thoughts on my children. For this article I will make an exception. My children for the sake of their children need to read this article

    The article is raw and it is to the heart. The articles speaks with a clarity and resonates with a truth that cannot be ignored and should not be silenced. From where does its power derive?

    It does not blame, it does not accuse, it does not reach for a convenient tag or label that would allow the reader to simply say ” that is not how I think…..!”, the article says to us; “At what point do we call this for what it is?” “At what point do we say no more?”

    No more Saudi financing of madrasa that promote Wahib and Salafi thought. No more support for Abu Saif, ISSIS, Al Quida, Hamas. No more Sunni clerics preaching the righteousness of Islam, the denial of terrorism while at the same time practicing the very rejection-ism of western values that give them a safe place to live and for their families and communities to thrive.

    We impose sanctions on Russia and Iran then for exactly the same reason we should see sanctions on Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.

    Kay is right….business as usual….is no longer acceptable.

    • Larry, Kay is a survivor of an horrific terror attack in which her friend was murdered.
      Miraculously with horrific injuries she survived.

      • Larry Langman

        We as a Site and community can only stand in awe of people like Kay. And as Pam rightly notes….stop the chatter and listen to what the Kays of this world have to say and pay them the honour and courtesy they rightly deserve.