Open letter to family of murdered British Christian, Hannah Bladon.

Hannah Bladon. credit: Times of Israel.

My open letter to the family of the murdered British Christian, Hannah Bladon, which  appears in Israel Hayom ישראל היום

As a British-born Israeli Jewish tour guide, I endured a similar experience to your Hanna, but lived to tell the tale.  In 2010, when guiding an American Christian, we were accosted by two Palestinian terrorists.  They found my Israeli ID and minutes later, my client Kristine Luken, was dead.  When I faced the terrorists in court, I learned that she was brutally murdered for mistaken identity – the terrorists assumed she was Jewish too.

Kristine Luken. credit: Daily Mail.

The death of Kristine and Hanna are intertwined.  Both women came to meet our people.  Both came to learn our language and both came to explore our land. Yet both were murdered for mistaken identity.  How unfathomable it is that they are now inscribed on the annals of our history.

Since the terror attack, I have been telling my story all over the world, educating people about Israel.  I tell of our democracy that saw to it that it was an Israeli Arab Muslim surgeon who saved my life. Yet, I also speak of the incitement in the Palestinian Authority that teaches its children that Jews are pigs and monkeys and unworthy of life.  I tell of the financial incentive that the Palestinian Authority gives to its people, a corrupt leadership that rewards incarcerated terrorists with monthly salaries, monies given to them by western taxpayers.

I also speak for those no longer with us, those who have been senselessly and brutally murdered because they were Jewish – or assumed to be as such.

Next time I tell my story, Hanna will be foremost in my mind.

May you find comfort, may Hanna rest in peace and may G-d avenge her blood.

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  1. Jodie Goldberg

    Kay, I am so thankful you survived. You are an inspirational to other people who have survived attempted murder and you are a leader in educating the world about the truth of terrorism in Israel and that there is no justification of terrorism in Israel as in Europe and every other country. Those who believe the lies against Israel need to be confronted and I really admire you for doing so. You are a brave warrior as well as a brave survivor and you are also an inspiration to all women. Innocent human being’s life should never be taken from them through terrorism. A young woman with her life ahead of her should have continued a beautiful journey in fulfilling her dreams.May Hannah Bladen R.I.P. and may her family find solace in their beautiful memories. May Kristine R.I.P. and so many more people whose lives have ended in such cruel murder. Thank you for speaking for those whose voices and lives were stolen.