Facebook Fascism.

You recently posted something that violates Facebook policies, so you’re temporarily blocked from using this feature. For more information, visit the Help Center.

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Nothing like waking up to an alert from Facebook!  And having no idea why this time you have been blocked-from everything!  Can’t post or receive messages.  Can’t like or love a post.  Can’t post!  Totally stifled.

I tried to find out why I was blocked.  I sent a request-because I thought it was a mistake.  I don’t use foul language.  I don’t post pornographic photos or death threats.  I don’t attack people – I do attack their facts.

I received the usual response – Nothing.

I was “deleted” either because of my latest post  Islam on the March:Part 1  or I may have insulted some Liberals (sadly so easy to do).  I was commenting on a post about Donald Trump – how dare he spend so much money on the Secret Service-on three homes!  Someone suggested that Melania should do her Christian wifely duties and be with her husband at the White House.  I fell over on that one.  Yes I commented – I believe I questioned the century.

There was also an implication that the Trumps were having marital problems – but the White House was big enough for both of them.  And then there was the comment that Barron should have been taken out of school and moved to Washington.  I recall mentioning that the Obama’s stayed in Washington for their daughter.  I mentioned to one person on that thread that I found his comments disdainful of the President.  He got angry with that and told me – disdainful?  No!  he was disgusted and gave me all the reasons and would not accept Trump, ever. Hmm.

credit: Facebook.

Now I am shut down on Facebook on a regular basis; from posting my articles on other sites or sometimes denied the opportunity to comment on different posts – I can never understand how they decide to which posts I can and cannot reply, but this is the first total block.

I am also unwelcome at the National Post and the Globe and Mail.  I have a nasty habit of sending emails to the Globe and Mail public editor and to the “journalists” when they commit ethical errors of sins of omission and sins of commission.  I have previously written about some of the comments I have received from these “journalists.”  Interesting is a word.  I believe I offend them with facts and demands that they provide news – not narration.

But it is Facebook that has become dangerous. We have given our right and responsibility of free speech over to an organization that has shown itself to be antisemitic and so progressive  that the Left is forever forgiven but the Right is constantly under attack.

According to Facebook:

“Facebook does not permit hate speech, but distinguishes between serious and humorous speech. While we encourage you to challenge ideas, institutions, events, and practices, we do not permit individuals or groups to attack others based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or medical condition.”

Really? Facebook apologizes for removing the page of Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas’s party Fatah, while antisemitic memes thrive, we know we have a problem.

But this below is acceptable according to Facebook community standards.

This is Facebook Fascism.

This is 1984 – and I hate saying that too.  It’s an overused reference – but so right.

credit: Facebook

Sadly this is the lesson I am learning.  If I want to have my Passionate Voice of Reason heard on Facebook I have to self – edit.  I can no longer comment on liberal sites or react to their factless, tactless comments for fear of being shut down.

And this is the danger all of us who respond to the Left face, today.  That one organization, clearly Liberal in its views, is more or less in charge of free speech; and even more seriously, with the power of the “delete” button pushes a particular narrative.

First published at Diane Bederman.com

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  1. Well done once again Ms. Bederman…..Yes, we are definitely now living a scenario form of ‘1984’. Like yourself; in the sense of being stricken off Facebook, on three occasions now for 30 days each time, I have now been totally removed…. for upsetting the sensitivities of Islam, Islamists and the good old guys…. and girls, from the Frankfurt School of Cultured Marxism – that base line Institution responsible – since the 60’s – for the chaotic, screwed up world we now live in….along with a sizeable number of Israel’s daily problems.

    I can return, providing I transform my Page from a Personal Page to a Community Page…given Mr. Zuckerberg’s Moderators…(based in Islamic Malaya), believed that I was conducting an orchestrated covert propaganda assault on Islam.

    Like yourself, my FB offerings were the soul of civility and politeness – in every conceivable respect….beyond the fact that their truth struck to close to home. For myself, I have enjoyed my now twelve months break from FB.- taking a breather as such…and not debating, (unknowingly at time), with 11, and 12 year old ‘pupils’ of Bangladeshi and Pakistani Islamic Madrasses – who were reporting me to FB as a matter of course.

    Well you have to go where your possible converts are….there is no point preaching to the faithful all the time.

    For myself, Mr Zuckerberg has not thwarted or silenced my out pourings…more content now as I am to simply enter Lefty and Islamic Internet sites and dispense my ‘vile’, free world, rightist propaganda in the form of a home delivery service. Win/Win for everyone….while Zuckers misses out on my illuminations – and to think that cretin is reputed to have Jewish blood within his system.

    I can see though, the havoc it would play with a regular Page serialised poster such as yourself. Keep up the good fight though Ms. Bederman….eventually the tide will turn and Zuckers will have very saw shins….as powerful as he currently is….from being kicked in them so often, from a world that will eventually bring Governmental legislative pressure against him, and his ilk.


  2. Otto Waldmann

    And I thought at 1st that the actual “advice” was sent to me…..

    The passion some have with controlling others – not themselves, G-d forbid – is a form of mental disease. I recently joined a certain Australian group controlled mainly by husband and wife and some soul friends and they did not mind mein style at first, but, after a few “warnings” and witnessing also a few evictions DAILY my turn came when ONE word within a very long and very well put together comment raised the ire of the delicate “controllers”, I was asked nicely to edit which I dod and they still cancelled a comment I considered quite suitable etc. I wished them good luck and left – unlike me – in a very elegant manner , speaking of manners…

    It is a serious concern the fact that quite often we seem to fall the “victims” of our reflection WITHIN to the extent of excessively testing our abilities to produce matter that would confirm at an incredible pace and sequence our actual worth…………The liberty of expressing our thoughts on anything we fancy, of entering into discussions cum arguments with all and sundry with a frequency completely distinct from our long and even fairly current past, has created a degree of insecurity which could lead to serious personal problems……….
    I am very fortunate to have been endowed with a savage doze of arrogance, self-confidence and verbal cruelty, so uncontrolled that prefer to abandon any attempt at changing this – to some – unpalatable “charisma”. As it happens my very near and dear ones tolerate me, under the privilege of seeing me on fairly rare occasions claiming with convincing enthusiasm that they …miss me.
    Soon I shall be home after a very lengthy absence and all these romantics will be tested.
    If what I perceive as me being an indispensable company will prove erroneous, the good ol’ INTERNET will come to my rescue until that bloody suspension……………

    Be strong my friend, BUT for no longer than 2 days and 16 hours. Otherwise,… bugger them, create your own Internet or Facebook and stuff the Gates and Zuckerbergs. All you’ll have to do anew is getting used to becoming a bloody billionaire.