Terror, Tunnels & Transporation:A Jihadi State on the Trans-Israel Highway?

A video from the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

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  1. Leon Poddebsky

    This is the state that the Australian Labor Party wants to recognise.

  2. Hello Leon,

    Yes, that is quite true, and, as an Australian Jew, it greatly disappoints and outrages me!

    At the last Australian national elections, in July last year, I changed from an almost life-long pattern of voting for the Australian Labour Party for that very reason. For other readers here, in September 2013, In Australia there were national elections, and the existing Labour government lost the election, and a coalition of two more “conservative” parties (Liberal and National parties) was voted in. That new government was significantly more supportive of Israel’s rights and causes, in my opinion, than the preceding Labour government had been. In fact, during that period, some of the foremost leaders of the Australian government were among the very few political leaders in the world who were supporting Israel’s rights, and countering much of the common mistruths, such as the allegation that Israel is “illegally occupying the areas of Judea and Samaria since 1967”. (Another political leader I am aware of at that time who was supporting Israel “against the trend” was the then Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper.)

    On that basis, in our national elections held in July, 2016, I voted for the “conservative” Coalition parties, rather than for Labour, as I decided to support the political party(s) who would better support Israel.

    Regards, Peter Selig

    • Your comments are interesting to me Peter and welcome to Jews Down Under.

      I grew up in a Communist home. Communism in London was nothing like the militant Communism in this country and the USA. Really it was left of Labour. The entire first generation English Jews were Communists.

      My father was an elected member of government for 25 years as a Communist. My childhood was a succession of marches, protest, rallies and elections. It was the reason I so enjoyed getting stuck in working again the BDS a few years ago.

      My father called everyone ‘Tovarishch’ a Russian word meaning comrade, friend, colleague, or ally.

      Really he could not have been more left. He must be turning in his grave about. But he started to change with the advent of Whitlam, then Hawke and Keating finished him off.
      He voted informal for years. He could not bring himself to vote for a right wing party.

    • Leon Poddebsky

      Peter, what the ALP seems to be on the verge of doing is bad not only for Israel and the Jewish people, but for Australia and the civilised world because if such a state were to be manufactured without a prior sanitisation of its irredentist, racist, antisemitic ethos, it would inevitably aggravate the instability of an already unstable Middle East.
      How would Australia benefit from that?
      If the Arab Palestinians believe that they would ultimately, in the long term, benefit from chaos, then they are deluding themselves.