Will journalists stand with me against Muslim Jew hatred?

Those of us who have been asking for a definition of Islamophobia are being told we are hysterical.

Amira Elghawaby. Photo: screenshot CBC via NCCMtv.

Amira Elghawaby, the communications director at the National Council of Canadian Muslims provided a definition for the term Islamophobia in Motion 103

“… as referring to the irrational fear and hatred of Muslims, which can lead to discrimination and violence.

Is being against the call for the genocide of 6.4 million Jews in Israel an irrational fear of Islam?  For that is what the Imam of the congregation of Masjid Toronto declared as appropriate.  He’s okay with murder of Jews in Israel – what he calls Palestine . The murder of Jews in Canada, not so much.

Imam Ayman Elkasrawy said:

“I firmly believe that all human beings: Muslims, Jews, Christians and people of all and no faith deserve to live a life free of any threat to their safety. In my supplication my intention was to refer to a very specific political situation that is the result of military occupation. I sincerely regret the offence that my words must have caused.”

 Well I know I am relieved.  He and his peers only want the murder of 6.4 million Jews-not 15 million-the total number of Jews in a world of 7 billion people.

I wonder if Main Stream Media Journalists like Andrew Coyne, Terry Glavin, and Elizabeth Renzetti, to name a few, think that I am an hysterical Islamophobe because I am against this world-wide call to murder Jews as spoken in the largest Mosques in Canada?  How is that acceptable in a country that prides itself on tolerance, inclusion accommodation and the value of diversity?

Where are their calls for condemnation against this Jew-hatred?  All I have heard from them so far is…silence.  Are they afraid if they say something against this hate they will be labeled Islamophobes?

Perhaps they will say that Islam does not mean that.  After all, these non-Muslim elites know more about Islam than Imams in this country.  They, the journalists, like Prime Minister Trudeau, keep telling us what Muslims mean and they have no malice toward anyone, despite the fact that the Imams call for the death of Jews and distribute books that teach the appropriateness  of wife beating and marital rape and the murder of gays.

Terry Glavin has written a great deal about Islamophobia. He has attacked some Conservatives as “fringe forces rapidly dumbing down their party” for fighting against Motion 103.  Yet, where is his equal condemnation of Iqra Khalid, the Liberal MP who refuses to remove the word Islamophobia from the motion because it would make it a  “weakened and watered down version.”

As all Canadians are protected under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms why do she and the Liberal Party insist on singling out Islam?  To what end?

And his response to the calls to kill Jews?

Awkwardly, around the same time, it came to light that imams at Masjid Toronto have been given to preaching about “the filth of the Jews” and summoning Allah to “kill them, one by one.”  Similarly bloodcurdling supplications have been offered up at the Andalous Islamic Center in Montreal.  Officials at Masjid Toronto offered an unconvincing apology on Monday.  The Andalous mosque has disingenuously appealed to “context.”

“Awkwardly” is the word he chooses?

Andrew Coyne  finds nothing wrong with Motion 103 but everything wrong with those who are against it because it singles out one group.  He says

But the notion that this amounts to “singling out” one religion for “special privileges,” as some have claimed, is specious.

After all we just witnessed a horrendous attack on Muslims in Quebec. It’s a timely thing to do.

So, Mr. Coyne will you join me in condemning the leaders at Mosques in Canada for calling for the murder of 6.4million Jews in Israel?

Will you call for a motion that singles out Jews for protection?

Globe and Mail columnist Elizabeth Renzetti.

Elizabeth Renzetti cannot get over the angst about Motion 103.  She is appalled that Kellie Leitch would suggest

“No religion should be singled out for special consideration.”

Renzetti said

“You could argue, equally, that no religion should be singled out for special abuse.”

So Ms. Renzetti will you stand with me against the call to murder 6.4 million Israeli Jews as called for by the leaders of Mosques in Canada?

And if Muslims in Canada are so content, as Mr. Glavin pointed out in his February 23, 2017 National Post article, why is the Liberal Party so intent on pursuing the passing of this Motion?  Other than causing more discord in this diverse country by pitting one group, which is apparently quite happy in Canada, against all others, what is the point?

Diane Weber Bederman  is a multi-faith hospital trained chaplain. She writes about politics, ethics, religion, and mental health.  copyright dianebederman.com 2017

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