Bibi “Down Under”.

What an historical time and exciting few days we are having in Sydney with Bibi – Benjamin Netanyahu in town.  It was certainly a very moving experience listening to hear him speak in Central Synagogue. This is the first visit ever of an Israeli Prime Minister to Australia, he has however been here previous on private visits, we now find out.

He is travelling with many business people who want to do trade deals with Australia.

This will be mainly videos of his first two days here.

Wednesday February 23rd. 

Arriving “Down Under”


Benjamin and Sarah Netanyahu cross the Harbour with PM Turnbull, to meet and by greeted by Sir Peter Cosgrove, the Governor of New South Wales to Australia.

PM Netanyahu is Greeted by Australian Prime Minister and business people.


Statements by PM Netanyahu and Australian PM Turnbull at a business lunch.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull attended an economic event with the participation of approximately 500 Australian and Israeli business people.

PM Benjamin and Sarah Netanyahu and Australian PM Turnbull meet the Jewish Community in Sydney.

Central Synagogue was overflowing to capacity some 2,000 people.  What an air of excitement it was amazing. My photos weren’t too good as I had chosen a lousy spot!!

The Hon. Michael Danby MP. and The Hon. John Howard chatting in the hallway.

There was a long standing ovation for retired Prime Minister John Howard, who was our second longest serving one.

Also in attendance were  Ambassador to Australia Shmuel Ben-Shmuel. The Hon. Michael Danby MP. The Hon. Josh Frydenberg MP. The Hon. Gabrielle Upton MP.  The Hon. Tony Abbott MP. The Hon. Mark Dreyfus MP.  The Hon. The Hon. James Paterson MP.  The Hon. Julian Lesser MP.  The Hon. Rev. Fred Nile and not forgetting our State Premier  The Hon.Gladys Berijiklian MP. Apologies to those I may have missed.

From left: Lucy Turnbull, Sara Netanyahu, Prime Ministers Benjamin Netanyahu and Malcolm Turnbull, Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Ambassador Shmuel Ben-Shmuel.



Thursday 23rd February.

Prime Minister Netanyahu Meeting with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and members of Australian government.

PM Netanyahu with his wife visit Moriah College in Sydney. A Jewish Day school with 2,000 students.

Australia and Israel have a long and close relationship going back now 100 years to when Australia fought to save Israel.

Pictorial history of Israel with Australia.

The last successful cavalry charge ever was at Be’ersheva. This year there will be a celebration for the centenary of the event in Israel.

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  1. Larry Langman

    Shirlee Thank You Thank You……..for putting this article together.
    The coverage in the general media has been less than satisfying.
    Your selection of clips and items provides a wonderful summary of this visit.
    And for those of us who live beyond the seats of Wentworth and Kingsford-Smith it was as good as being there….though I envy your attendance at Central….that would have been truly a momentous event.

    Again Thank You

    • Thanks Larry. It was certainly well worth the security checks!!!

      Moriah College, the school Bibi visited is a few minutes walk from my house. Both my husband and myself worked very hard in funding raising in the early days. Now it is a huge school, with some 2,000 students.

      My children attended, as did my grandchildren and my daughter teaches there.

  2. Shirlee, what a wonderful occasion for both Israel and Australia. Even though Turnbull isn’t my favourite person, I was very impressed by his words. Thank you for this article, which gives those who were not there a real insight into what happened.

  3. John McCormick

    Bibi could never make a speech like that here in New Zealand. Yes we were there at Beer Sheva 100 years ago. But our efforts at the UN are not as good as Australia’s. It’s election year here and we will make UNSC 2334 an issue.
    So keep the pressure on your kiwi contacts.
    John McCormick
    Hawkes Bay Friends of Israel Assn
    New Zealand

  4. It was warming to watch PM Netanyahu make the comparative observation that he paints both the USA and Australia in the exact same colour on his World Map….when it comes to being true friends of Israel. I personally thank G-d that we are standing on the right side of history.

    @ Pam Hopf. Can only agree with you in respect of our PM….for the reason that the extreme Left and Islamic vote is gathering strength in this country, as the existing Conservative vote is being allowed to fracture and splinter so alarmingly….to wit even the comments of Sheik Shakeeb within the last 24 hours suggesting Muslims should vote for anyone other than the Conservative block in Australia.

    I can only hope that Malcolm has the presence of mind to take on board the five suggestions put forward by our former PM – Mr Tony Abbott….again within the last 24 hours.

    All in all though…an especially gladdening and wonderful visit by PM Netanyahu and his wife