The Enemy Within at it again!

The AJDS – the Australian Jewish Democratic Society, aka ‘the enemy within’ are at it again, though nowhere near as bad as this article I wrote in September 2013.  The Enemy Within. They are based in Melbourne which is the centre of ‘leftism’ in this country.

It’s bad enough having to deal with Israel hating leftists but when I see and hear Jews condemning fellow Jews it sickens me to the pit of my stomach.

For those non-Australians reading this, the AJDS is a like organisation (to loosely use the word) to Yachad in the UK and Jewish Voices for Peace in the US.

I am on their mailing list and received a newsletter from them yesterday. The meeting is planned to coincide with JNF Green Week.

Let’s talk JNF.

This Tu B’shvat come and join us for a lunch and discussion about the JNF.
Saturday 11th Feb, 1:00-3:30. Unit 5/311 Alma Rd, Caulfield North.

The JNF is a familiar and significant entity amongst global Jewish communities.  Its roots trace back to 1901 when it was formed as part of the Zionist ambition, with the explicit goal of buying and developing land in Ottoman Palestine for Jewish settlers.  The organisation became hugely popular, many of us are familiar with the blue box, with trees being planted in our names to mark milestones in our lives, and with the vision of an apolitical conservation organisation greening the land of Israel. 

But what does the JNF really do?  Is it an environmental organisation?  What is the role of the JNF in erasing the Palestinian links with their land and history?  How much power does the JNF hold in Israeli land management and policy?  Is the JNF complicit in Palestinian and Bedouin home demolitions?

They said last year that:

 SEDQ: A Global Jewish Network for Justice, were inviting people from around the globe to participate in “Cultivating Justice: a Global Week of Action and Education challenging the JNF” and that the week aimed to encourage a closer look at the historical and current work of the Jewish National Fund (JNF).

They say that the JNF is a quasi-governmental organisation based in Israel that has played a controversial role in the creation of the state, and contributes towards implementing some of its discriminatory laws and policies. With dozens of charitable branches abroad, the JNF aims to portray itself as an apolitical organization tasked with “developing” the land.

Just love this – not:

 We feel a moral obligation to examine closely and honestly its legacy and continuing activities.

This is one of their videos in which they claim that the park sits atop three Palestinian villages which were demolished in 1967.

The JNF-KKL and the Politics of Planting.

In 1948, when hearing of the massacres by Zionist militias in Deir Yassin, the residents of al Walaja, a village located between Bethlehem and Jerusalem, fled their land across the valley to wait out the fighting in caves and small structures. Almost 70 years later and the original site of their village is now covered in non-native pine trees and named the John F Kennedy Forest. It is run by the Jewish National Fund (in Hebrew Keren Kayimet L’Yisrael) JNF-KKL which oversees 13 percent of state lands, 2.5 million dunams (625,000 acres‏) and is not subject to oversight by the state comptroller or the treasury.

The JNF credits itself with planting 250 million trees, building more than 210 reservoirs and dams, developing more than 250,000 acres of land, creating more than 1000 parks and providing the infrastructure for more than 1000 communities throughout Israel. “Suiting a state constructed for a single cultural-religious group, the JNF promotes an exclusionary [and] discriminatory brand of environmentalism,” according to journalist and activist Ben Lorbor. The JNF’s constitution has explicitly stated that its land cannot be rented, leased, sold to or worked by non-Jews.

Read on:

They post that on the JNF blog you can read about forestation and afforestation, solar energy, national parks (precious ‘green lungs’), and social and educational initiatives.  What of the displacement, depopulation, dispossession and deprivation wreaked in the process? What of ongoing developments in the West Bank?  All washed green.

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  1. Otto Waldmann

    This is not politics, no human rights activism, not even concern for such laudable causes as the environment – how could it – , but a clear and not so simple case of deranged behaviour. That most of the activists would be Jewish is quite upsetting , but just as serious is that the “rationale” of these peoples’ agenda defies any logic. JNF carry their work exclusively in legally owned Jewish properties. They do not “appropriate”, do not “colonise”.
    For over a century JNF has exclusively PURCHASED the land they worked on. Buying the land has always been the primary goal of the JNF. My wonderful Mother recalled how, back in Hungary , at the beginning of the last Century, hey had in their home the SAME blue box I have been filling up decades later. This has been a tradition all responsible Jews have kept as close and dear as the Shabbos dinners, a tradition these seriously misguided people are trampling on and that hurts very, very deeply. Wouldn’t surprise me if this hurt would give them…nachas.

  2. I don’t believe what I am reading and simply baffled at how a so called Jewish organization with affiliations to APAN Palestinian hard core lobbyists can also be affiliated with JCCV>

    I wonder how many Zionist activist groups would be affiliated with the Muslim equivalent to JCCV the ICV[ Islamic Council of Victoria ]. sheer madness < Are there no red lines with the Jewish community and no self respect ?

  3. steven ehrenreich

    Thank you AJDS for convincing me to redouble my support and contributions to the JNF.
    In case I ever needed convincing, your lies and deceit about all matters Israel have done it.
    The JNF creates, plants, restores while your organisation denigrates and destroys.
    If ever you hypocritical purveyors of hate want to be taken seriously, let’s see your credentials on Ukraine, Tibet, the American indigenous, the Canadian indigenous, the NZ indigenous etc etc BEFORE you target the only functional democracy in the whole of the ME.

    • Steven their whole being is involved in bringing Israel and Jews to their knees.
      I subscribed to their newsletter and to a number of NGOs, including B’Tselem and Breaking the Silence and I can tell you I feel sick to the pit of my stomach wen I read them.

  4. David Zyngier

    Why is it wrong to discuss the issue? Ignorance is bliss? Perhaps there is substance to the issue. I know that when I lived on Kibbutz Lahav for almost 3 years I used to wander around the Lahav Forest (KKL) after work and found the remains of homes that had been destroyed to make way for the forest of pine trees that replaced the native vegetation. The only thing that lived under those trees were amazing mushrooms of all kinds (eatable and hallucinogenic!). No birds (no pun intended Michael Burd!), no animals – total silence.

    • I can just imagine now Muslim community members sitting around on the laptops pumping out anti -Palestinian propaganda and explaining why the Jews have a right to their own homeland and compared to the Arab/Muslim Middle east how well we Muslims have it living in a Jewish state .. OH we Jews are so patronizing and have such low self-esteem , self respect that we root for our enemies even at the risk of our own security or national interests and do not ever expect any reciprocity from others.

    • Why are you using the flag of a non-existent country?
      Rhetorical question. The mind boggles.

  5. Jan Poddebsky

    ‘Suiting a state constructed for a single cultural-religious group?’
    They can’t be referring to Israel. They must be talking about Saudi Arabia or some other country in the Middle East which is already ethnically and/or religiously cleansed, or well on its way to being so.