Obama’s Choice: Mommy Or Daddy? Dream Or Reality?

Obama had two terms to prove his mettle.

I do not think he meant to do this, but somehow he managed to turn his dealings with the Middle East into what seems like a personal vendetta against Netanyahu. Yes, I know he says he has Israel’s best interests at heart. But that is not unlike the argument put forth by the father brought before the judge for having taken a belt buckle to his 10-year-old’s bare bottom.

Jerusalem Online uploaded a section of President Obama’s last interview, quoting him thus:

In his last interview as US President, Barack Obama explains why he did not veto the UN Security Council resolution against Israeli settlement building over the green line: “I did not think that this would harm the relationship with Israel.  Perhaps Netanyahu will be angry but this is nothing new. Throughout my term as president, he was angry.”

If you think about this, it is quite an amazing thing for him to have said. He did not veto a UNSC resolution against Israel because he did not think it would harm the relationship with Israel?  So if I see a friend of mine being beat up on the street, I can later justify having stood there watching without any attempt to stop it with: “Well, I did not think it would affect my relationship with my friend to not intervene.”

Hands up everyone who would stay friends with me!

By Golly Mr President! (I am trying not to exude profanities. I am a nice person who dislikes cussing.)

I am glad you trust our relationship so much that you show your respect by sitting by and letting others shit on our heads (Oops, I did not mean for that word to escape from between the keys on the keyboard. My bad!) Letting them, that is, if you did not give them the idea in the first place. Good friend that you are.

Then you talk about Netanyahu’s anger? Since when has this got anything to do with Netanyahu and his feelings, anger, joy, humiliation, fear, whatever! This is not about Netanyahu, not about what he feels, not about what he thinks, not about what you think or feel toward him or about him. This is about ISRAEL! Why are you making it personal? You! You are making it personal.

You know what it reminds me of, Obama?

It reminds me of the divorced kid who just wants to see Mommy and Daddy back together again. But Mommy and Daddy are not cooperating with kiddo. And who does kiddo act out against? Who does kiddo try to get to change? The parent who is the only one not likely to lash back or to leave. The one who is steady, always there when kiddo needs him or her, who always continues to love and care even when kiddo shits on his or her head. [Sorry, there is that word again.] The one kiddo is not afraid to make angry. Get it?

Jerusalem Online quoted another amazing statement made by Obama:

“I defended Israel continuously and in unimaginable ways,” he claimed.

Yes, I am quite sure that you did. Every night in your dreams.

I can see you now, in your heart-and-teddy-print jammies, head thrashing this way and that on your pillow, blanket getting all twisted up as you act out the scene in which Israel is attacked on all sides and YOU — Barack Obama, POTUS, strongest man in the Universe — fly in to rescue Israel, ready to carry her off in your arms to deliver her safely and soundly on a faraway planet, the location of which only you know. And the Iranian nuclear missile whooshes close to your ear at the very moment you whisk Israel up in your arms. Then it lands in the empty hole that was left after Israel vacated the spot, and it is sucked harmlessly down into the neutralizing sloshing lavas at Earth’s core.

And just as things are getting really tense, there is a gentle nudge from Michelle as she straightens out the covers. She reminds you  that you are safe in your own bed and it is only a dream. So, Barry, you snuggle up to your wife, happy with this further proof of your good intentions.

It was fun to be POTUS for 8 years, eh?


This article first appeared on Israel Diaries.


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  1. Elisha ben Abuya

    One of the delusions that Enabler-Co-Dependents of the Arab addiction to The Jews Ate My Homework is [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rnF3Heuybc]
    The other is that if they feed Israel to the crocodile they will be spared the lash of jihadism.