The Great Wall of Saudi Arabia.

Where is the hue and cry against the news that  Saudi Arabia has built a 600-Mile (965 klms) ‘Great Wall’ to Shield Itself From ISIS?  Not a peep.

Where are the Greens, where are these do-gooders and ‘Palestinian’ supporters ?

Israel built a barrier to separate Herself from murderers, Jihadists and suicide bombers and the world goes into meltdown.  Walls elsewhere in the world run for thousands of miles no one utters a sound.

Israel is roundly condemned.

Barrier opponents claim it seeks to annex Palestinian land under the guise of security and it undermines peace negotiations by unilaterally establishing new borders.

In 2015 I wrote an article called “Israel Separated for Security“.   I highlighted the fact that not too many people know the extent of ‘wall building’ around the world, built mainly for security.   Israel’s is a baby compared to many of them.  I noted there that the walled city of Jericho is amongst the oldest and famed  walls built for protection that we are aware of.   Also the Great Wall of China

Saudi Arabia already has a wall along part of its 1,800 kilometre border with Yemen.

It is a structure made of pipeline three metres (10 ft) high, filled with concrete and supported on posts and fitted with electronic detection equipment.

The border fence cuts through mountains, deserts and sea borders  provide visibility and operational awareness to Saudi Border Guard by the use of cutting-edge technology, which includes installation of sophisticated radar systems along the extensive border.

It is designed to stop Al Qaeda attacks.

Saudi Arabia also has  550-mile ( 885 kilometres)high-tech fence to seal off its troubled northern neighbour, Iraq.

It is a  barrier equipped with ultraviolet night-vision cameras, buried sensor cables, thousands of miles of barbed wire, snakes across the vast and remote desert frontier between the countries.

Richard Spencer, in the  The Telegraph says:
When a raiding party from Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant attacked a Saudi border post last week, it was no mere hit on a desert outpost.

The jihadists were launching an assault on the new, highest-profile effort by Saudi Arabia to insulate itself from the chaos engulfing its neighbours.

Much of the area on the Iraqi side is now controlled by Isil, which regards the ultimate capture of Saudi Arabia, home to the “Two Holy Mosques” of Mecca and Medina, as a key goal.

The proposal had been discussed since 2006, at the height of the Iraqi civil war, but work began in September last year after Isil’s charge through much of the west and north of the country gave it a substantial land border with the Kingdom to the south.

The border zone now includes five layers of fencing with watch towers, night-vision cameras, and radar cameras.


The attack in January 2015,  is the sort of incident the Saudis hope to avoid. Three border guards, including General Oudah al-Belawi, commander of border operations in Saudi Arabia’s northern zone, were killed.

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al-Saud inaugurated the first phase of the border security project in 2014, soon after Islamic State’s Sunni insurgency swept across Iraq.

The multi-layered barrier, which will eventually stretch across the Saudi-Iraq border from Jordan to Kuwait, includes 78 monitoring towers, eight command centres, 10 mobile surveillance vehicles, 32 rapid-response centres, and three rapid intervention squads, reports

Seems to me that the rate at which ISIS is advancing they are likely to be there before the wall is completed.

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  1. Strange how when the Saudis build a wall to protect it from terrorists, this isn’t an apartheid wall, but when Israel builds a wall to protect it from terrorists, that is an apartheid wall.

  2. Hypocrisy. If you read my article you’ll see how many walls there are in the world and no one cares a damn unless it’s Israel

  3. Yes, pure hypocrisy. Just an excuse to bash Israel, which is facing a genocidal enemy – or rather various genocidal enemies.