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Closing Jews Down Under Website

With a heavyish heart I am closing down the website after ten years.        It is …


  1. First class article Pam. Trump is not the be all end all for Israel, but I feel confident in saying he will NEVER wittingly go out of his way to hurt Israel…and help where ever he prudently and politically can…..unlike three very serious occasions that I can recall, where Obama put the boot in.

    Unfortunately, (I believe), Donald is going to have his hand’s full just initialising surviving the onslaught that will be unleashed against him by his own home grown lefties and social justice warriors…as to keep him very busy for an extended period.

    I pity, as much as my heart goes out to the man, for the relentless canning and lefty media bashing that he is yet to endure. I truly believe it will be at a level that the world has never seen before. Liked your Article Pam.

  2. Thanks so much Graham. We are on the same page about the social justice warriors, who ignore terrorism and smear and villify anyone who attempts to uphold democratic values, based on our Judeo/Christian values.

    I too fear these rabid people (which includes the Hollywood elites) will never give Trump a chance and he will be mercilessly harangued. However, he’s a tough guy and I think it will only strengthen his resolve.

    I too feel confident that he will not deliberately try to hurt Israel, unlike Obama, who as we know, is on the wrong side.