How Many Jews Can One Try To Kill Without Anyone Caring?

Do you know how many cases of attempted murder there were on Jews in the past 4 months? That is what unsuccessful terror attacks are, you know: attempted murder.

When someone throws a stone with intent to kill, when someone holds a knife with intent to kill, these are cases of attempted murder. Leibel A. Mangel brings us a message from an Israeli soldier telling us the number of attempted murder incidents there were in the past 4 months.

The only case in which attempted murder is accepted is in war, whereby murder is both the purpose and the means for achieving political ends.

I guess that means that there is war being carried out against us Jews. A war of attrition. Afraid to challenge us again with out-and-out warfare, they anticipate wearing us down by sending an incessant stream of murderers who try to kill as many of us as possible each time. Short of successful attacks, they are probably content with keeping us terrorized, wondering from behind which bush or around which bend in the road a rock will be launched or shots fired at people just going about their daily lives.

But it’s okay.

The stabbings and car-rammings have been taken back out of the streets of Israel-within-the-pre-67-armistice-lines as the front lines retreated to the post-67 disputed territories where Jews have the gall to think they can build a house and call it home.

So it is okay to kill Jews. 1620 cases of attempted murder about which the media remains silent says it is okay to kill Jews in their homes and on the streets.

This article first appeared on Israel Diaries.

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  1. Leon Poddebsky

    What irks them most is that Israel has the ability to fight back, and to pre-empt many planned murder attempts.
    That’s why they lament so much the passing of the culture of the Jews who lived in shtetls and ghettos and mellahs, and hate the Jews who live in Israel.