Journalists. “How did we get this so wrong?”

“How did we get this so wrong?”

That was the question I heard from many journalists last night.  David Brooks said that maybe people voted based on issues!  He said that at 2:00 AM.

Really, David Brooks?

It just hit you at 2:00 AM?

While you got it so wrong, I didn’t.  Mind you, I predicted a landslide.

You got it wrong, dear journalists, because you behaved like  arrogant, entitled, snooty, smug, condescending (see I can find adjectives, too) elitists, looking down from on high, not realizing that the air up there is rarefied-to the point that it diminishes your brain cells.  You looked down upon the great unwashed, those who did not agree with you, as uneducated lowlifes. Racists for sure.  How could anyone not a racist vote for Trump after all?

But let’s not forget that people-black, brown, white, male/female who voted for Trump, wanted their country to have defined and protected borders-something a federal government is expected to do as it’s number one job is security.  According to you they are  “nationalistic;” your code for white supremacists-as if only white supremacists want safe borders.

You misunderstood the desire for a safe country, and law and order, and secure borders for xenophobia; fear of the other, rather than fear of un-secure borders. All of you seem to need to read something negative into comments made by those on the right.  In Canada, we now have journalists who read “racism” into the word “values.”

You also assumed, in your black and white thinking, and I don’t mean Manichean, that only white people care about secure borders, that only white people fear illegal immigration and immigrants in general, when in fact that there are not against immigration per se, it’s the type of immigrant.  They want immigrants whose values are our values and who come here for freedom, not to spread their culture-a culture that calls for “Death to America.”

And you had the unmitigated gall to call these people racist, xenophobic, fear-mongering, Islamophobes. You, dear journalists, spread the hate.

You let your heady view of “Progressive” get in the way of reality-the reality that these uneducated “low-lifes” learned about by reading media reports from away-from other countries.

They didn’t have to rely on your reports for the truth-because you didn’t share the truth because the truth did not fit your narrative.

The internet allowed these “uneducated” blue collar people to learn for themselves that open borders, globalization, and unfettered refugee placement could lead to the demise of the greatest experiment in democracy. Time for all of you to look inward and ask yourselves-what were you thinking up there on you pedestal in rafters, in the nose-bleed section of life?

I will continue to work in Canada to protect and defend our Culture and I will fight for immigrants who want our way of life, who cry for our way of life, and know that coming here is a blessing-not a right.

That coming here means embracing the open and compassionate Judaeo/Christian ethic that is the foundation of all of our freedoms, our values our morals and our behaviour.  An ethic that welcomes people for all racers, colours, creeds and religions who yearn for our way of life as my maternal grandmother who came to Canada when she was 15, and my father who at the age of 13  arrived in Nova Scotia.

I am pro-Western Culture and so are the millions of people who voted for Trump. They are not racist for wanting to return to the values that underpins freedom. That the Progressives have decided that those words are code for “white” is repulsive. It speaks to your racism-or reverse racism.

Diane Weber Bederman is a Canadian multi-faith, hospital trained chaplain who lives in Toronto, Canada; She has a background in science & the humanities. Writes about religion in the public square & mental illness on her blog: The Middle Ground: The Agora of the 21st Century. She is a regular contributor to Convivium: Faith in our Community and Canada Free Press.


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  1. How good is it to see a republican in the White House

    Now the Muslim brotherhood , black lives matter and j street will no longer have an ear to the president in the White House

    It must be a huge disappointment to the Jewish progressives that America has no longer a Islamist loving president and a president that may behave like a real ally of Israel .