Arlene from Israel: Baruch Hashem.

Baruch Hashem which means, “thank Heaven.”  I want to share my thoughts briefly on this day after election day.  After this, promise, I will turn to what is happening here in Israel (along, undoubtedly, with further comments on America).

I am thankful on several counts.  First, because I didn’t expect this, and it comes as such a marvelous surprise.

After the poll predictions, it was a stunning victory. The victory, I note, includes a fully Republican Congress.


Then because of what has now been avoided – for America, and for the world (Israel very much included). I had been heartsick about the prospect of a Hillary victory.  Deeply distressed about what she would bring to the White House: her embrace of open borders; her corruption – evidenced by the millions from the Clinton Foundation spent on her daughter’s wedding, not to mention “pay and play”; her connection to nations such as Qatar, which supports the Muslim Brotherhood; her endorsement of the racist, far left Black Lives Matter, which damages race relations in the inner city; her readiness to continue Obama’s horrendous policy on Iran – in fact, her intention to follow in the path of an arrogant Obama in several respects; and on and on and on.

It’s strange, what kept running around in my head, with all the things that might have occupied my thoughts: It had been revealed that all the investigators and lawyers involved in the FBI investigation of her emails thought she should have her security clearance revoked, and then it turned out that she had given classified documents to a maid who didn’t have clearance.  How can she be president of the US?  How could the possibility even exist?  Are we about to witness the downfall of America?


Now this anguish is after the fact.  Because she is not going to be president.  And, I might mention, Bill is not going to be back in the Oval Office, running things behind the scenes – a prospect that was unbearable for me.


But I am not celebrating Trump’s victory just because he is not Hillary.  I want very much to make that clear.

I see promise in a Trump presidency, and hope for a much better day for America, and subsequently, the Western world (Israel included).

I believe he has grown considerably in the last two years of campaigning and he is not the same as he was in the beginning.  He has seen America from a different angle – deeply moved by what he has learned, and caring about the common man.  And humbled by those who have supported him.

Today I heard an interview with a Black woman involved in politics who has been a life time Democrat; she voted for Trump.  He shows genuine concern for the inner city, she said, for the Black people and the Hispanics who suffer there.  He will work to make it better. I believe it is true.  Not long ago, I ran something about his plan to revamp inner city education. “The forgotten people will be forgotten no longer,” he pledged.


I was exceedingly pleased with his acceptance speech, which hit all the right notes.  Commentator Chris Wallace called it “pitch perfect.”  There was no bombast in his behavior.  Even the music that played as he walked on to the dais was easy-listening, not the loud stuff we usually hear. His demeanor was soft, projecting a humble, moderate tone.  He didn’t say “I” won, he said “we” did.  He took the time to thank those behind the scenes who helped him.  And he reached out to everyone: letting those who didn’t support him know that he intends to be their president too, and would like to learn from them.

I particularly liked it that he gave credit to American veterans, who have been treated so badly under Obama.


Will we like everything Trump does?  Of course not. Like all of us, he is a flawed human being.  But I believe he is a sincere one who means it when he says he loves America.  He doesn’t shy away from patriotism. And it behooves every one of us to give him a chance, and a boost when we can.  He will be inheriting from Obama a country in horrendous shape. He will have his work cut out for him, and then some, as he undoes the Obama legacy.

So let us watch, with gratitude in our hearts for the possibilities, as he works to bring manufacturing that has left America’s shores back into the country; and seeks to upgrade infrastructure; and takes stops to help the inner cities.  Let us applaud as he bolsters the military, and guards America’s borders, and gets tough with Iran, and declines to push Israel into a “two state solution.”  Let us be glad as he names the enemy that Obama has refused to name.

I believe that the Almighty has given America a new chance. And for this we should be thankful.  It was almost too late.



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  1. An amazing and exciting result, giving us hope after the Obama years. Whatever happens, Trump will be better than Obama, in that he couldn’t be worse, and Hillary would have continued Obama’s path of destruction. So it’s good news for all who believe in democratic values of liberty and that everyone is equal under the law. Let’s hope Rudi, if he becomes AG, continues to pursue Hillary and Bill for all their crimes. In a fair society, justice must be seen to be done.