Red-flagging November 8th.

Voting for Israel – a rough guide

Like most of us, I guess, Five Minutes for Israel has been obsessing about the upcoming American Presidential election. I concede, something that partisans on both sides seem to find impossible, that there are genuine Israel advocates and it-is-politically-convenient-for-me-to-appear-to-support-Israel advocates on both sides. There are Israel Haters and antisemites on both sides.

As a guide to the perplexed here is a collection of candidate red flags.

restart America in safe mode

Let’s start with a major disclaimer. The author of this piece does not have a vote in this election. However as an Israeli I feel that I will be directly effected by the way the American people decide and that gives me the moral authority to comment.

A second disclaimer. Nothing in the table is absolute proof of animosity. Politicians notoriously say one thing today and the opposite tomorrow. Nevertheless as financial advisers always include on their forecasts, past performance does not guarantee future performance but it is the only guide we have.

In making up this table I have avoided generalised criticism even if it might be perfectly correct and tried to stick to statements and actions. For example (based on statements I have actually heard) “Clinton is preferable to Trump because she is sane” won’t appear. However, there is no particular standard of proof any claimed statement is 100% correct, either. Allegedly is good word to use. What would a reasonable person think?

There is an additional problem. Hillary Clinton has been in politics for a long time. She has a record. Donald Trump, much, much less. Predicting him is far from an easy call. It is difficult not to agree with Melanie Phillips ‘Apart from the disgusting attitude revealed on the tape he is unpredictable, uninformed, inconsistent, volatile and gets a lot of stuff wildly wrong’.

How many will vote purely on the candidates Israel ‘history’? Who really knows?Postscript

What could make me change my mind about the Clinton Red Flags? How about a public warning to Barack Obama not to use the lame-duck period between the election and the inauguration to screw Israel in the United Nations Security Council?

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