UNESCO ripping away the Temple Mount from Jewish history.

UNESCO have passed another resolution ripping away the Temple Mount from Jewish history and denying all Jewish claims to our most holy site.

Aerial view of the Har HaBayit, Jerusalem, Israel. credit: Wikipedia
Aerial view of the Har HaBayit, Jerusalem, Israel. credit: Wikipedia

Masada, also a UNESCO heritage site was built by the same Jewish King Herod who built the Temple Mount.  In both places the same coins, jewellery, pottery and Herodian stones have been unearthed.  Yet for UNESCO, although Masada is Jewish, the Temple Mount is not – probably because of UNESCO Freudian desires:  Masada marks a national Jewish tragedy which saw to it that nearly 1000 Jews killed each other rather than be enslaved…

The 1000’s of treasures that have been discovered by Israeli archaeologists is because Muslims are bulldozing the Temple Mount without any authority and building an underground mosque.

I know. I’ve seen it.

In doing so, they throw away heaps of dirt.  Israeli archaeologists painstakingly sift through it and in doing so find the treasures that confirm Jewish history.

Also in the UNESCO meeting, the Jordanian rep demanded that the borders of the Old City of Jerusalem be returned to what they were pre the 1967 Six-Day-War.  This means that our beautiful Old City which is home to Jews, Muslims and Christians will be subject to the same contempt as the Temple Mount – now sadly a place where Jews and Christians are restricted of any freedom of religion and not even allowed to pray.

In 1967, Israel not only offered freedom of religion to the Muslims, we handed their WAQF the responsibility for overseeing our most Holy site, hoping for co-existence.  Yet instead of co-existence we get tyranny and terror.  Every single pogrom and intifada against Jews in the history of our fledgling state has been ignited due to Muslim blood libels that Jews are destroying the mosque on the Temple Mount.

We can hardly get near the Al-Aksa mosque, let alone inside it.

The UNESCO decision is a farce and a disgrace.  But who cares?  Israel doesn’t need UNESCO or any world approval.  Against all odds and with a little help from On High, we have survived until now – without UNESCO.

Recently, we have been named as the second most innovative country in the world.  Israeli innovation has helped us master the droughts.

While our neighbours, (many of them hostile) are parched, we have more water than we know what to do with.  Our best dairy comes from the desert and we are self-sufficient in food. Even during the financial global crashes, Israel sails through and however many new Jewish immigrants come home, we find a place for everyone.

And most remarkable of all is that the State of Israel was built by those who watched their families incinerated in the horrors of WWII Europe – preceding them were 1000’s of Jews who had endured pogroms and seen the massacre of their communities.

All chose life.

They chose to build.

They built a whole country in an area where there are no natural resources.

They built not caring what the world said and we shall carry on in their name, also not caring what the world says, choosing life and doing the same.



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  1. The sordid collection of Arab’s ass kissers will take their place on the dung heap of history along with the, Amalekites, the Plishtim, the Pharaohs, the Babylonians, the Assyrians, the Macedonians, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Abbysaids, the Sassanids, the Ottomans and Perfidious Albion; each one leaving his testimony regarding our connection to Jerusalem. Jerusalem will always remain the heart of our indigenous homeland and its spiritual core. We will add UNESCO to the Chad Gadyo; and that is how they’ll be remembered for the the next 5,777 years.