Arlene from Israel: A Different Sort of Posting.

My friends, it is the middle of Sukkot – what we call Chol Hamoed, a semi-holiday.  I am bent on doing the good stuff – being with family, going into the Old City, etc.  I do not have time for a full “regular” posting, which takes hours beyond counting.

But following the debate last night, I wanted to put out a short posting that addresses a critical issue of the campaign. From the get-go I have been disturbed to the point of distraction about certain policy positions Hillary has advanced.

I love America and grieve for what the nation is becoming.  I see horrible destruction that would follow in the wake of a Hillary victory.  From here in  Israel I am watching Europe implode under the weight of Muslim immigrants, some of whom are terrorists, and most of whom have no desire or intent to absorb into European society.  I do not want to see America go this route.

This said, I am distraught over the erroneous perception that both candidates are equally bad for America, for it simply is not so.  Whatever Trumps faults (and they are many), he advances policies that would keep America strong, while Hillary’s policies would do just the opposite.  I have come across an explanation of this issue – with regard to Muslim immigrants – that clarifies it superbly, and I want to share it here.  This is from Dick Morris, in “The Tipping Point is Here.”  I want to ask you to think with great seriousness about what he says, and to share it as broadly as possible. All emphasis has been added:

Morris speaks about irreversible things that will happen if Hillary wins.  One of them is that:

“…about 500,000 to a million immigrants, refugees and immigrants from terror-sponsoring countries, like Iraq and Syria, will come into the United States, creating here a domestic body of potential terrorists equivalent to that which has basically destroyed France and Belgium and is coming very close to destroying Germany, Scandinavia and Britain.  And we didn’t have that base of terrorists here before, but they’re coming in

“(Obama just announced that next year he’s admitting — and it’s his right as president — 110,000 new refugees from Iraq and from Syria.)

“And when we talk about extreme vetting [regarding these refugees], what the hell does that mean?  We’re going to call their high school guidance counselor?  We’re going to look at their academic records?  We’re going to investigate their college admission files?  These are countries where we don’t even have an embassy, and we certainly have no capacity to gather intelligence.  And to be sure of their intentions, we’re going to say, ‘Are you really, really, really, really not going to blow us up?’

“Now, [in the vice presidential debate]…the vice presidential candidate for the Democrats said that typing immigrants based on country of origin, as opposed to the content of their character, was un-American and unconstitutional.  Oh, really?  Ever since the Immigration Act of 1926, the entire immigration system of the United States has been based on quotas that vary from nation to nation to nation.  That’s been how we do it.  We don’t just say the first million people, and then blow a whistle.  We say India can have 33,000.  Pakistan can have 27,000.  Brazil can have 18,000.  And picking and choosing who we want to come to the United States is the core of the immigration policy of the last 100 years.

“And during the Clinton administration, and before that the Bush and Reagan administrations, there was a list of countries that are terrorist sponsors.  There was a list of countries that sponsor terrorism, about five or six or seven of them — North Korea; Cuba; Libya, at the time; Iraq; Iran — and then a list of about 20 countries that harbor terrorists — Saudi Arabia and various other countries — Egypt and a variety of them.  And we had special immigration restrictions on those categories of countries.

“Now, when Trump said originally that he wanted to keep Muslim immigrants out of the United States; that was unconstitutional.  We can’t have a religious test.  But we can damn well have a geographic one, and that is what Trump is proposing.  That is what Hillary will not do.  And we would then have a seedbed of potential jihadists throughout this country that we will never get rid of.”


There is much more to explore, including Hillary’s professed aspiration of having “open borders.”  Perhaps there will be time after the holiday.



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