We stand on Holy Ground between the day that was and the one that must be –

There are about six million Jews in America.  Almost the same number who were murdered by the Nazis with the collusion (ignorantia affectata) of Christian Europe and America – a country that was not terribly open to Jews at that time.

There are six million of you in a country of 350 million.  In a world of seven billion souls.

Do you really think you will always be safe in America? 


There has been an increase in anti-Jewish incidents in America, a 50% rise in violent antisemitic attacks  in America and antisemitic incidents at colleges and universities nearly doubled last year.

Are you paying attention to the Jews in Europe? 

Europe, where a mere 70 years ago Jews were murdered for being Jews, Jews are now fleeing.  Jewish immigration to Israel from Western Europe reached an all-time high in 2015.

The European Jewish Congress has publicized a shocking poll:

“A third of the European Jews think of emigrating”. 

That is 700,000 people. The European Jews are paying attention to Jew hatred.

Where are you?

Too many of my Jewish brothers and sisters in America remind me of the Enlightened German Jews in the 1920’s and 1930’s;  so assimilated in German culture  that when the drums of war began to make their way across the civilized world these assimilated German Jews, German before Jew – never thought the Nazis would go after them.  They told their friends they were being caught up in fear.  After all, they were German, living in such a cultured, enlightened country.

By the time they realized the error of their thinking it was too late.  The enlightened, civilized, assimilated German Jews disappeared in a puff of smoke with all their brethren.

American Jews, what makes you think you are so safe?

You have accepted-nay-embraced an anti-Jewish, antisemitic government for almost eight years.  The sound of the drums has been echoing through the land, yet you refuse to hear it.  It is in the universities and all over social media where Jew hatred is accepted;  normalized.

 Kobane. credit: BBC.
Kobane. credit: BBC.

You have empowered a President, leading a government who turned away from Syria burning, who knelt before the Iranians, abandoned his own people in Libya, while spending his most precious time attacking Israel.  The east coast of America may have been under water, but nothing was going to get in the way of President Obama’s tongue lashing Israel for the audacity of building homes on her land.

He has spent eight years trying to undermine the only democracy in the Middle East all the while making “decisions” that have set the Middle East and North Africa on fire.  Your President is promoting Hillary, corrupt by any standard, to protect his legacy which includes the dismantling of Israel-the only safe place for Jews.  And it is dismantle.  If he had his way Israel’s borders would be indefensible and the Jews living in Judaea/Samaria would be ethnically cleansed.

And, yes, Mr. President-removing 400,000 Jews from a state to make it Jew-free is the classic definition of ethnic cleansing.

Dear Jews of America if there had been an Israel in 1940, six million of your brothers and sisters and their myriad descendants would be here today.

You will vote for her because you are just “too good” for Trump.  Yet he has no history of Jew hatred or anti-Israel rhetoric or actions.  He’s just not polished enough for you.  No “deplorable”are you.  He’s no Hillary.  Well Jews of America, thank God for that.  And if you cared about the past and if you want to be safe in the future in a strong America that welcomes you, then wake up from that Tikkun Olam your reform Rabbis have been feeding you and look around.

“Death To America” credit: Cambrian Dissenters

The Democratic Party wants to bring in hundreds of thousands of people who hate Jews.  Trump does not.  The Democratic Party supports organizations like ‘Black Like Me’  that has delivered its manifest and it is manifestly antisemitic.

During Yom Kippur you were reminded that we are but a remnant of what was and what could have been if not for the systemic hate for the Jewish people, the messengers of an ethic of compassion.


What have you done to protect our people and the Jewish homeland?

What have you done to teach your children about our inheritance and the need to protect our people and the Jewish homeland?

Are you even acquainted with our history, our contributions to humanity, that we the Jewish people gave the ethic to the world that underpins democracy?

The Genocide of 15+ Million Germans by the Jews - Jew World Order | Jew World Order.
The Genocide of 15+ Million Germans by the Jews – Jew World Order | Jew World Order.

Your children are depending on you. Don’t let them down. Don’t be like those enlightened, assimilated German Jews who refused to believe what was said and done; until it was too late.

Diane Weber Bederman is a multi-faith, hospital trained chaplain who lives in Ontario, Canada, near Toronto; She has a background in science & the humanities. Writes about religion in the public square & mental illness on her blog: The Middle Ground: The Agora of the 21st Century. She is a regular contributor to Convivium: Faith in our Community and Canada Free Press.
Diane’s Book “Back to the Ethic”  Reclaiming Western Values is available at*Version*=1&*entries*=0


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  1. American Jews need to speak out, Diane.

    The problem is that there is no space to do so on the Left and most American Jews are left-leaning Democrats. This means that they have virtually no social or political venues where they can do so comfortably.

    If they speak up in their regular venues they risk alienating their friends in the Democratic Party and in their anti-Trump bowling leagues, or whatever.

    And, of course, they refuse to speak to conservatives and Republicans because that would undermine their reputation among their friends on the Left.

    In other words, what I am saying is that it requires cajones to stand up and say “NO.”

    The American Jewish Left doesn’t any and the American Jewish Right is considered a cranky minority within a cranky minority.

    • Diane is trying very hard to get through to these leftist Jews.

    • Michael….I truly believe that it is not so much a case of their cajone size being in question, but more so the pea sized grey matter contained within their craniums.

      I am yet to bump into an American Jew who is reticent in telling me of the ‘magic’ they have experienced from the good old fashioned progressive Democrat dogma they are awash with….even going back to that time when FDR was waving off the Havana bound St. Louis back to Europe.

  2. *SHOCKING Holocaust EVIDENCE To Do Teshuva Before Self Destruction TODAY (MUST WATCH)*

    *by Rabbi Yaron Reuven*

  3. There is no one more deaf than one who refuses to hear, and no one more blind than he/she who refuses to see. That describes not only American Jews, but Americans as a whole.

  4. Commendable piece Ms Bederman. For myself, I use my Trump Test whenever visiting American Jewish Sites. “Harhar”, I exclaim, “this has to be a pro -Trump site!” Well lordy me, don’t they just come out of the woodwork. I’m salvo called for every goose stepping, neo-con known within the leftie lexicon. Walk away bruised, dazed and battered…every time. I just love the wonderful leftie Jewish folk one can bump into on the Forward site….real charmers. Karl would be proud of them.