“Palestinian” Cartoons

Cartoons glorifying the stabbing attack. (photo credit:PALESTINIAN MEDIA)

We have to somehow make it clear that the malice within the Arab-Israel conflict is not equivalent on both sides.

That is, there is no morally equivalent “cycle of violence” between Arabs and Jews.

The far larger Arab nation, which gobbled up the entire Middle East shortly after the death of Muhammad, has kept its imperial boot on the head of the Jewish people – thereby keeping our numbers artificially low – in that region for fourteen centuries, until the fall of the Ottoman Empire during World War I and the seemingly phoenix-like establishment of Israel in 1948.

Arab and Soviet propaganda, since at least the 1960s, has slowly convinced well-meaning western liberals that the children of Holocaust survivors are the bad guys and, weirdly enough, use an inversion of a biblical story to do so.

Everyone knows the legend of David and Goliath.

According to the Bible, Goliath was a giant Philistine warrior and David was a kid, but the future king of Israel, and they fought a millennia before the birth of Jesus, and almost two before the birth of Muhammad.

David defeated Goliath with his sling, of course.

Today we are supposed to believe that the great Arab nation, around 400 million strong, represent “David” and that the tiny Jewish population in the Middle East, around 6 million strong, represent “Goliath.”

This is what you might call an aspect of the Big Lie.

The Big Lie, of course, is that the Jews are persecuting the Arabs when the exact opposite is obviously the case.  Jewish Israelis want nothing more than for Arabs to stop throwing rocks and molotov cocktails at them so that they can get on with the business of living their lives.

It is not the Jews who are the victimizers here, but the supposed Arab victims, themselves.

Look at the cartoon above.

As Michelle Malka Grossman of the Jerusalem Post writes:

Palestinian media rejoiced Wednesday over the gruesome Tel Aviv stabbing attack with a series of celebratory cartoons.

The first cartoon, drawn by cartoonist Bahaa Yaseen, was posted within the first 90 minutes following the attack. It shows a smiling terrorist holding a bloody knife and praising the attack, which at the time was reported to have wounded 10 people.

The figure stands in front of a sign that reads “Occupied Tel-A-rabia,” a play on the words Tel Aviv, and a bus with the route number of the target bus and a Jewish star. Blood is depicted pouring from the doors and onto the street.

We need to somehow get it through the thick skulls of western liberals that the vicious authoritarian majority has malice toward the tiny liberal minority and that this malice does not go both ways.

Credit:Palestinian Shehab agency. Drawn by Yaseen.

Look at this:

Oh, how cute!

A smiley bloody knife, meant to appeal to children, that suggests that killing is just fab for “Palestine,” thus the blade looks like the Jordanian – ooops – “Palestinian” flag.

Is it not obvious that organizations like Arafat’s PLO and Hamas are screaming for Jewish blood while all Israel wants is to be left the hell alone?

The western-left is promoting this never-ending Arab war against the Jewish people.

And the Jewish-left enables the larger western-left, because they are convinced of Jewish guilt and it will be Jewish kids, here, there, and elsewhere – including in the universities – who pay the price.

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  1. Michael, you’ve made some excellents points, especially about the appropriation of the biblical account of David and Goliath and its inversion to position the Arabs as victims. Arabs are, as you say, tthe imperialists here, and very aggressive ones at that.

    It’s always puzzled me that the Western elites should be on the side of barbarity, when they’ve had all the benefits of living in a free democratic country. Interestingly, very few of them actually want to go and live in the hellholes they profess to admire. A visit yes, so they can demonstrate their moral superiority, and return to berate the world on its treatment of these poor victims, but sadly they are reluctant to permanently relocate. I can think of a few Jewish rabbis that I wish would practice what they preach and go and live in Gaza!

    Your remark “We need to somehow get it through the thick skulls of western liberals that the vicious authoritarian majority has malice toward the tiny liberal minority and that this malice does not go both ways.” I fear this will never happen, as the Western liberals have gained kudos and often benefitted financially by spruiking for Middle Eastern radicals, often by engaging in fake ‘interfaith’ dialogue’.

  2. Incidentally, how many people were killed by Jews who took offence (as most sane Jews did) at these cartoons which glorified the butchering of Jews?

    • Hi Pam,

      it’s a grey and cool morning here in my perch within the hills above the San Francisco Bay.

      As for western elites and the reason why so many are pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel it is because, imho, they view the conflict through the lens of post-colonial theory as absorbed through the universities.

      Some people say that Obama does what he does because he’s a crypto-Muslim.

      And some think that he learned to despise Israel at the feet of Reverend Jeremiah Wright in Chicago.

      What I think drives Obama’s foreign policy primarily is his education among people such as Edward Said and Rashid Khalidi. That is, Barack Obama – and people with similar educations – looks out upon the non-western world and sees victims. The people of the Middle East (with the sole exception of the Jews) are peoples long victimized by the unjust and disruptive nature of western capitalism and imperialism, which has resulted in the impoverishment of indigenous peoples and the wounding of indigenous cultures.

      / Heck, if I wanted to go to the other side the switch would be easy, because I have their rhetoric down pat. /

      Of course, he is entirely blind to the imperial nature of Islam and the long, long brutal history of the Islamic empire.

      Talk about disrupting other cultures! They almost conquered Europe, for chrissake.

  3. Hi Michael, yes universities which indoctrinate students with postmodern theories are a big part of the problem. Unfortunately the indoctrination starts well before college level, as teachers are trained to spread post-colonial theory to schoolkids.

    That Obama dislikes Israel and admires the Muslim Brotherhod is beyond doubt. I think, as you say, he was influenced by Edward Said, as many students were, also the influence of Marxist thought, plus his upbringing among Muslims. Apparently Jeremiah’s church is full of Muslims, and is not a true church.

    I doubt anyone will fathom the truth about who Obama really is, but his policies are certainly damaging to the free world.