Someone has the ‘balls’ to stand up to the NIF. Goodonyer!

Excuse the language folks, but about ‘bloody time’ someone told the NIF – New Israel Fund, where to go.

The Maccabean – the Perth Jewish community’s newspaper has just done that.


  • Since its founding in 1979, the NIF has provided over $250 million to more than 850 organizations.
  • In 2013, the NIF authorized approximately $16.4 million to a wide variety of Israeli NGOs.
  • NIF provided funding for the falsification of testimony for the Goldstone report.

Please read the full account of what and who the New Israel Fund is on the NGO MONITOR, one of the sites, as far as I am concerned, which should be your ‘bible’.

The newsletter below I received a short while ago from the NIF.

The Maccabean – the Perth Jewish community’s newspaper – is refusing to carry NIF’s ad promoting our screening of Magash Hakesef (The Silver Platter) [1]. They haven’t told us why, and they aren’t responding to our queries.

Magash Hakesef, a documentary about economic inequality in Israel, screened on Israeli television in 2015 and was watched by 1.5 million Israelis. But The Maccabean doesn’t want the Perth Jewish community to know about it.

We think members of the Jewish community are smart enough to make up their own minds about what they see and read about Israel. We don’t need or want nameless censors telling us what to think.

If you agree – and think our community can be supportive of Israel, but also deal with the issues like those raised by Magash Hakesef – sign our petition now:

Sign Our Petition

Together, we can get the word out: not only is there more than one way to support Israel, but actually NIF’s work is crucial to ensuring Israel’s social fabric is maintained, that poverty is reined in, and that no Israelis should feel like outsiders in their own country.

Israel is too complex to limit a voice like NIF’s – and it’s not up to the community’s ‘leadership’ to decide which voices are in and which are out.

Sign Our Petition

Thanks for your continued support.

Liam Getreu
Executive Director

P.S. There is another way you can help us in Perth: share our event with all your friends.

[1] Want to see Magash Hakesef in your city? All the details are here.

Please I urge you to write to The Maccabean and congratulate them for standing up to the bullies.

Please write, as they are urging their followers to as well and knowing the loony left, they will not be pleasant comments. 

There is a phone number too, remember Perth is 2 hours behind Sydney.


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  1. Shirlee our radio program Nothing Left has been exposing this insidious bunch of anti Israel activists for a long time .
    We have had NGO,s Gerald Steinbergs experts on our program along with so many other Israeli and American experts all who have provided facts and figures not just raw opinion . Our Jerusalem based good friend Isi Leibler has on many occasions let our listeners know how NIF are helping our enemies to demonize Israel around the world .
    Alan Freedman and myself delivered an excellent talk with fantastic feedback at the recent Limmud Oz .In fact one of NIF supporters also on the board of the far left wing Limmud Oz was in the audience and I think was hugely embarrassed by the overwhelming evidence we supplied .Of course in typical leftist manner all NiF supporters could do was demonize and shoot the messenger .
    If you check out the board of NIf it comes as no shock to see the far left wing looney son board .

    It is disappointing to see our Jewish communal leaders who claim to be Zionists sit on fence stay shtum with the cowardly mantra about everyone should be in the Tent .( of course if you ask them if the record they will admit how much damage these creatures are causing but as you say they don’t have the balls to say it out loud .

  2. Leon Poddebsky

    Having learnt some years ago about the nature, the activities and the personnel of this fund, I always thought that their initials, NIF, stand for “NO ISRAEL fund.”
    The presumptuousness of the puffed up, self-important machers who have the arrogance to think that they are the de facto government of Israel, who , unlike Israeli voters, know what’s best for Israel, is both laughable and contemptible.

    • Jews Down Under

      How right you are Leon.

      It’s great to see someone who doesn’t have ‘ghetto mentality’

  3. There’s copious evidence of the very significant damage that the NIF is doing to Israel and to Klal Yisrael.

    It continues to fund political advocacy NGOs that are active in international and divisive campaigns that contribute to BDS and the demonization and delegitimization of Israel. Follow the link for details

    Another recent report details the 18% of NIF funding authorized to 25 advocacy NGOs that are also funded by European governments and active in political campaigns that involve, to different degrees, demonization of Israel, including BDS and lawfare

    Also see and

    But what makes this issue most painful, locally, is the vehemence and the division within the community. I have no doubt that most NIF supporters really want to support Israel and Zionism, but are ill-informed or just have poor judgement.

    However the standard NIF tactic, of avoiding any discussion of the substance of the criticism, crying “censorship” and personally attacking those who criticise, is causing their supportters and paid staff to divide the community.

    Let us all please try to educate the misguided without alienating them.

  4. Leon Poddebsky

    “The Australian Jewish News” does, unlike “The Maccabean,” publish advertisements placed by this NO ISRAEL FUND.(NIF)

    • So does J-Wire.
      They both also publish articles etc from them

      It’s fantastic to hear this news.