Zionism Victoria. Keeping warm with soup & chat while supporting others.

Zionism VictoriaWhat is the best way to make your winter Tuesdays more enjoyable?

The answer is having a cup of hearty soup with a friend or two at the Lamm Library!

Thanks to Pesach Steinberg, Karen Lutchner and the Kook Kitchen volunteers, more and more happy community members come to the Lamm Library for warm soup & chat every Tuesday from 11 to 2pm.

“The idea behind the soup days was simple,”

said coordinator Pesach Steinberg.

“We wanted to create an opportunity for our community to share a lunch, get closer to each other and support others.”

“We see people from all walks of life joining us,”

said coordinator Karen Lutchner.

“Business people coming from nearby offices, older people and those in need; friends who haven’t seen each other in a while and everyone else in between.”

Thanks to Pesach Steinberg & Karen Lutchner .

“I’ve been coming to the Soup Days since they were introduced four months ago,”

said customer Tom Reisner.

“The soup is scrumptious; the staff are friendly. And the conversations we have are awesome!”

Importantly, the meals are not just delicious but are also more than affordable and there is no obligation to pay if someone finds it difficult.

All proceeds from sales and lots of excess soup and meals go directly to Wings of Care,

“Wings of Care” – (Kanfei Chesed) Inc, established in March 2000, is a voluntary not-for-profit organization managed by a board of enthusiastic members of the Jewish community in Melbourne, dedicated to helping the plight of people with a mental illness and their families. an organisation supporting the needs of people living with mental health issues and their families.

So, it’s a win-win. We’ll see you on Tuesday @ lunch time?

For more information please contact Sarah Bendetsky, Communications Manager, Zionism Victoria.

T: (03) 9272 5519.  email. communications@zionismvictoria.org.au




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