Zionist Federation of Australia Statement


Statement by Dr. Danny Lamm, President of the Zionist Federation of Australia, on the alleged funneling of World Vision funds to Hamas terrorist operations:

Dr. Danny Lamm, President of the Zionist Federation of Australia, expressed his outrage over allegations that Mohammad El Halabi, the director of the Gaza branch of World Vision has been using his position to divert funds and resources from the needy to benefit Hamas’ terrorist activities.

Mohammad El Halabi manager of operations in the Gaza Strip for US-based Christian charity. credit: www.theguardian.com

The Israeli Security Services allege that El Halabi redirected $7.2 million every year since 2010 by creating fictitious agricultural programs and then transferring the money to Hamas to finance the terror tunnels and the purchase of weapons.

Dr. Lamm said,

“if proved to be true, this raises some major questions about aid organisations currently active in Gaza and the way they operate by hiring locals to oversee their operations. This is not the first time allegations have been made about a supposedly reputable organisation, and sheds serious doubt on the entire issue”.

It has been revealed that the Australian Government has given World Vision some $5 million over the past

3 years intended for projects in the Gaza Strip. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade announced this morning that they have suspended funding for World Vision’s charity work in the Palestinian territories while the issue is being investigated.

Dr. Lamm said,

“I commend the government for taking swift action in suspending funds while the issue is under investigation and urge them to take it further as a matter of utmost urgency. While we cannot be sure where Australian funds were directed at this stage, it has already been revealed that money donated from the UK was used to create a Hamas military outpost.

The very notion that money donated in good faith by Australia to assist Gazans could have potentially been used to fund the Hamas terror machine is frightening. One has to wonder what other organisations have been infiltrated by Hamas for similar purposes”.

Dr. Lamm concluded,

“given the incredibly tight grip Hamas holds over the majority of institutions in Gaza, this latest issue shows that even one of the largest international charity organisations is not immune from Hamas’ corruption. We trust that the Australian Government will take the appropriate action to ensure that this does not happen


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  1. Leon Poddebsky

    To call them “‘Palestinian’ territories” is : 1. to deny the truth that in the eyes of history, morality and law Judea, Samaria have been Jewish territories for more that 3,000 years.
    2. to refer to “‘Palestinian’ territories” pre-empts the results of any future negotiated agreement about these disputed territories.
    3. reveals a troubling Stockholm Syndrome mentality.

  2. Having my own little personal “moral” compass, I stopped giving to World Vision way back when their CEO – Tim Costello – agitated against his own brother, Peter Costello, the then Treasurer of the Australian conservative party, the Liberals.

    1) I dont like disloyalty
    2) I dont like heads of “charities” using their positions to be party-political activists.
    3) I especially dont like party-political activism of the Left, not only because I am a conservative, but because Anti-Israelism (often the fig leaf held before what is really Jew Hatred) is in my opinion the default position of the Left,
    4) For me, a non-Jewish Westener, there is nothing more pressing than to support Israel who are fighting OUR war against terrorism.
    5) My personal observations since the time I stopped donating to World Vision, have repeatedly confirmed for me, that I have done the right thing.

    Sending warm clothing to the IDF is contributing more to the survival of our Western, judeo-christian Culture, in my not so humble opinion, then financing sleek TV campaigns and fashionable “charities” like World Vision.