Israel’s Eye on the Olympics.

In October 2014, it was reported by the military magazine ‘IsraelDefense’  that an Israeli company had been selected to coordinate security for the 2016 Rio Olympics in a deal worth $2.2 billion.

International Security and Defence Systems -ISDS, is a multinational security firm based in Nir Zvi, Israel which will serve as a consultant and supply security systems.

Ron Shafran, vice president of ISDS, told ‘IsraelDefense’….

“As seen in the media around the world, the security in Brazil is a challenge,” 

“All teams are working on preparing the sector, from constructing a security concept to constructing the technological systems to be installed in the facilities of the competitions and all the logistical facilities, located in Rio and in four other regions throughout Brazil.”

Shafran said he and his company want to…

“integrate Israeli and international technologies that address the specific issues – from intelligence to perimeter security, crowd control and so forth. It will be a technology hotbed of Israeli security solutions.”

What a surprise, it did not take long for the not so delightful people of the BDS to start their antics.

Some 30 or more Brazilian social movements and organisations called on the Brazilian government to exclude ISDS from Olympics contracts after the Israeli company announced in October 2014 that it had been awarded a $2.2bn deal to coordinate security at the games.

On April 8, the Ministry of Justice’s Special Secretariat for Mega-events replied to their letter explaining that ISDS has not been awarded any contracts.

The reply also stated that

“any contract made by Rio 2016 won’t result in compromises by the Brazilian government”.

That phrase campaigners interpreted as a sign that government officials were sympathetic to their demands.

ISDS had originally announced it had been awarded a contract by the Organising Committee for the 2016 Games.  When overall responsibility for security at the games shifted to the Brazilian government, Brazilian social movements began calling on the Brazilian government to ensure that the apparent deal would not remain in place.

The letter set out how ISDS is accused of having ties to coups, death squares and dictatorships in Central America, as well as close links with the Israeli military.

Jaman Juma, coordinador of the Stop the Wall movement, said:

“For us, boycotting this company is paradigmatic: Israel develops its methodologies and technologies through the killing and repression of the Palestinian people, and then it sells them worldwide. The end of military and security relations with Israel is an act of defense.  Not only for the Palestinian people, it is an act of defense for humanity.”

Julio Turra, executive director of the biggest Brazilian workers’ union, CUT, one of the signatories of the letter said:

“We are glad with the information the government distances itself from ISDS.  It would be illegal and shameful to hire a company that develops its technologies in complicity with Israeli crimes and that accumulates complaints about its participation in Central American dictatorships.”

On the back of this, word got around that the BDS and Union movements had been successful in stopping the deal!!

The Electronic Intifada was ecstatic

“Brazil cancels $2 billion contract with Israeli security firm for 2016 Olympics”

“This boycott success comes on the heels of another recent and very significant win in Brazil for activists urging boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel. At the end of 2014, in response to a separate campaign, the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul canceled a contract with the Israeli weapons company Elbit Systems to develop a major aerospace research center.”

The BDS turned their focus to the Olympics Committee, which had named ISDS as an “official supplier” for the games.

Maristela Pinheiro, a member of the Rio de Janeiro Committee in Solidarity with the Palestinian People stated:

“There will be for sure a strong campaign against the supplier deal between ISDS and the 2016 organizing committee and we’ll keep monitoring Coesrio [the government agency responsible for the Olympics]. The games can’t be intensifying repressive practices in our country, or endorse illegal and immoral actions.”

That I can find no trace of, so I presume it didn’t eventuate.

An aerial view of the Rio 2016 Olympic Park, which will be secured in part by an Israeli high-resolution imaging satellite. Photo: Rio 2016

The Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro will take place under watchful eyes of 10,000 Brazilian soldiers and police officers who have been highly trained for the job by Israelis, according to a report on the Israel NonStop website, based on details broadcast by Israeli Channel 2 television news reporter Nir Dvori.

Dvori said

the International Security & Defense Systems (ISDS), Israel defense company took on the several million dollars project, assisted by the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

ISDS raised 35 Israeli security companies for the project, which have brought to the table new systems and intelligence methods that will be activated by the 10,000 Brazilian police and military personnel, who are now responsible for Rio and the city.

Argus Corporation, Kaylor, Kela and others are all involved in helping to secure the 10,000 athletes who will compete from 26 nations in 1,000 competitions to determine who is the “best of the best” on the planet.

ISDS Company was chosen to be the integrator of all security aspects of the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil, as part of a deal worth about 2.2 Billion dollars.

“It will be a technology hotbed of Israeli security solutions”,

said Ron Shafran from ISDS

Along with the 10,000 security personnel making sure that everyone stays safe before, during and on the way out of the event, will be 26,000 journalists whose lives need to be protected at the 50 different stadiums and facilities.

The security director of the Games has told media:

This is an international collaboration between government agencies from different countries.”

An Israeli high-resolution imaging satellite will strengthen security during the Olympics and Paralympic Games.

It was explained to the local media.

“This is an Israeli satellite at a low Earth orbit altitude capable of capturing high-resolution images of up to 50 centimeters [about 1 1/2 feet] in an area of 450 kilometers [some 31 miles], thus enabling the identification of objects, people, cars and goods,”

The Eros-B satellite has been used on an experimental basis for six months as a security complement and, in the future, will support in border surveillance.

“Brazil has no need to worry because we have been in touch with the world’s best intelligence agencies and we will bring unique innovations to the Games,”

“We’ll have an international intelligence center to host 100 nations and their own intelligence centers, which is unprecedented.”

Another Israeli company, LiveU, will provide its cellular-based live video transmission technology to allow broadcasters to beam images from Brazil around the world in real time, with little latency and superb picture quality, the Times of Israel reported last month.

The Israeli app Moovit will guide tourists and local residents to the fastest and safest routes to and between competition venues at the Rio Olympics and Paralympics,  JTA reported in May.  Moovit will provide real-time information in 35 languages on the fastest public transportation routes to local residents and visitors.

Flag bearer Shahar Zubari leads the 2012 Israeli delegation during the Opening Ceremony.

51 Israeli athletes in 17 sports will compete  at the 2016 Olympics, it will be largest ever.


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