The parameters of the discussion.

Hebrews and the Land of Milk and Honey.

Most westerners – left, right, and center – think of the never-ending conflict between Israel and the “Palestinians” as one between a country with one of the most prestigious and effective armed forces in the world versus a small and hapless, but plucky, indigenous population.

What we need to do is change the parameters of the discussion.

So long as people put the discussion within the context of a large military power versus a small indigenous population, we can never possibly win the argument.  So long as the Arabs within the Land of Israel are seen as “Davids” with slingshots and the Jews of the Middle East are perceived as a “Goliath” than western sympathies will always go to feisty little David.

Thankfully, unlike the ‘Palestinian’ Narrative of Perpetual Victim-hood, we actually have history and demographic reality on our side in terms of the discussion from an ethical standpoint.

History: the Jew as Dhimmi
The first thing that pro-Israel/pro-Jewish advocates need to do is put the conflict within historical context. An old pro-Israel acquaintance of mine used to say “history did not begin in 1967.”
That is, in order to understand the Long Arab War Against the Jews, we need to place it within the long history of Jewish people living under Arab and Muslim imperial rule from the seventh-century until the demise of the Ottoman Empire, with the conclusion of World War I.
Jews of the Middle East. credit:

From the time of Muhammad, until Islam ran head-first into modernity and the twentieth-century, the Jews of the Middle East were second and third-class non-citizens under the boot of Arab and Muslim imperial rule.  However bad African-Americans had it in the United States under the vile rules of Jim Crow, it was never worse than Jewish people had it as dhimmis and what we call “dhimmitude” lasted one heck of a lot longer.

As dhimmis in Arab and Muslim lands, Jews (and Christians) could ride donkeys but horses were forbidden.
As dhimmis in Arab and Muslim lands, Jews (and Christians) were forbidden from building housing for themselves taller than Muslim housing.
As dhimmis in Arab and Muslim lands, Jews (and Christians) had no rights of self-defense.
As dhimmis in Arab and Muslim lands, Jews (and Christians) had no recourse to courts of law.
As dhimmis in Arab and Muslim lands, Jews (and Christians) had to pay protection money to keep their families safe from violence.
And this is one of my favorites, in certain times and places under Arab-Muslim imperial rule Jews were not even allowed to go outside during rainstorms lest their Jewish filth run into the street and infect their pure Muslim neighbors.
The point, however, is that just as we would never discuss African-American history without reference to both Jim Crow and slavery, so we must not discuss the Long Arab War against the Jews without reference to thirteen-centuries of Arab and Muslim oppression against all non-Muslims in the Middle East, including Christians and Jews.
This is not merely a political tactic.  It is a matter of framing the conversation within something that resembles an historical context.  The historical context is vital because without it the conflict is incomprehensible outside of the prominent western notion of mindless Jewish malice toward Arabs, presumably as unjust payback for the Shoah.
Demographic Reality: the Scope of the Conflict
Westerners think that this is a fight between big, strong, mean Israel against the innocent, thumb-sucking “indigenous Palestinians” over land.
It isn’t.
What the struggle actually is is an ongoing attempt by the Arab peoples to force Jews back into dhimmitude out of a Koranic religious imperative.
This is a struggle not between Jews and “Palestinians” but between Jews and Arabs because of Arab-Muslim religious reasons.  It is due to al-Sharia.  If Israel were a 23rd Arab-Muslim country it would, indeed, be hailed the world over as a “light unto the nations.”
The reason that the Arab peoples generally despise Israel has nothing to do with Jewish treatment of Arabs and Muslims within Israel.  Arabs and Muslims within Israel are treated better than are Arabs and Muslims throughout the entire Middle East.  The reason that Arabs and Muslims despise Israel is not due to Israeli behavior.  They hate Israel because it is Jewish, a nation of infidels, who dare to hold land that was once part of the Umma.
And not just any infidels, but the very worst of the infidels, we children of orangutans and swine.
But the fact of the matter is that there are somewhere around 300 to 400 million Arabs within the Middle East.  They outnumber the Jews by a factor of 60 to 70 to 1 and, for the most part, want those Jews either dead or gone.

This is not a war between a Jewish Goliath and a Palestinian David, as left-wing antisemitic anti-Zionists would have you believe.

This is a war against the Jews of the Middle East by the much larger and highly aggressive Arab and Muslim population in that part of the world.  As far as Hamas and Hezbollah are concerned this is explicitly an Arab war of Jewish extermination.

But the demographics in the region are not with the Jews, not by a long-shot.

The Jews of the Middle East have been forced to create Fortress Israel, because the Arabs would not have it any other way.  It is easy for the Arabs.  Given the fact that they so outnumber the Jews it only takes a small percentage of their resources to put terrible pressure on the small Jewish population in the Middle East so that those Jews are forced to militarize.

And, needless to say, the local Arabs, the Palestinian-Arabs, are nothing but cannon fodder as far as their brothers and sisters throughout the rest of the region are concerned.

The Jews of Israel want peace more than anyone, because they are under constant threat and harassment in every single venue imaginable, from international sports to academia to the UN, the EU, and a continuing wave of little Arab kids with hand-axes.

Those of us who wish to stand up for the Jews of the Middle East, the Jews of Israel, need to frame the conversation in a manner that comports with history and the actual demographics of the fight.

We need to place our end of the conversation within an expanded context that includes centuries of Jewish history under Arab and Muslim imperial rule and that appreciates the actual geographic scope of the war against the Jews in the Middle East.

First published at Israel Thrives

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  1. While I would be most averse to bringing up the anti-historicity plea strategy, I insist that the great bulk of arguments brought up from the cellar of specific AND typified events of conflict as repositories of the actual REASON behind the on going Israel/Jewish-palestinian issues do not provide us with the necessary answers cum solutions.
    For starters the historical set of arguments has been drastically contaminated by the palestinian side not just with false data, but with fundamental fallacies, themselves a direct result of the falsehoods concocted as means of detracting from a necessary resolution of the conflict.
    To this extent, the slightest OR strongest attempt to eradicate falsehood from the palestinian narrative can only extend into oblivion any honest Israeli approach.

    The way out is strictly by carving out an acceptable outcome fundamentally for Israel from a strong, uncompromising position of THE FORCE of the undisputed reality check whereby Israel can ONLY prevail.
    ISRAEL must not consider AT ALL the conditions, ideology, concocted historical “arguments” of the palestinian side. Israel cannot afford to defer from promoting with prevalence her own fundamental existential conditions within the vast sets of context both of conflict and peaceful coexistence. This is not at all antagonistic, contradictory, quite to the opposite.
    Israel can only put forward to the paelstinians her clear vision of how Israel sees her interests best served if the palestinians decide to remain a hostile party and, on the other side, if the palestininas decide, realise and implement a changed strategy/ideology/modus vivendi whereby conflict with Israel and the Jews in general is completely eliminated , how Israel shall adjust jer attiude toward the palestinians.
    In clear terms, if the palestininas wish to continue the conflict , Israel must put it to them in no uncertain terms what Israel shall do against them, emphasis on “against” or, conversely, if palestinians wish to be to Israel what, for instance Switzerland or Australia are, then the appropriate position by Israel shall be implemented. NOT ONE WORD ABOUT HISTORY of any kind, NOT one single event mentioned except for those events during which the palestinians had paid serious, painful prices for their refusal to become to Israel some kind of Australia, MY beloved country of pride and joy.

    As a dedicated historian, I did not betray my calling, nor have I rendered me Yankee mate, Michael , redundant, as those brilliant ideas are the very outcome of a historian’s exclusive wisdom.

  2. Leonard Feinman

    There are myriad reasons for perceptions, but a bad press hurts. The media tells people what they expect is the real truth. Some reporters for some news agencies are blatantly misreporting, lying, or leaving out completely the entire truth.
    So much is reported as fact but is opinion. In a trusted news dispatch, this information is accepted, ingested, and passed on. I would usually believe what the BBC prints, but when it comes to their coverage of Israel, I know their words are both lies, and malicious. We have a critical case for anti-Semitism here, and they form much of the European opinion. And, as Great Britain thinks, so does much of Europe. And, a lie becomes truth when enough people “know” something well enough not to question it.

    • Leonard, Britain has a long history of antisemitism.

      I know I never felt it in London, but it was always bad “North of Watford”. That is a well know fact.

      My husband, in the Midlands, was beaten up regularly as a child for being a Jew. He always says he doesn’t know how they knew !!

      One of my sisters-in-law lives in Doncaster and has done for over 50 years and she has never uttered a word about being Jewish. When we have been out and about with her in town, she makes a point for us not to make any mention of it,.

      The BBC, much like the ABC here, has a history of being biased against Israel and ‘not exactly telling the truth’ either. That’s why this Jewish group is active.

  3. Otto Waldmann

    Shirl, love, they knew the poor bugger was a Yid because he’s married to you and you are so bloody obvious a forbytwo, arentya !!!