Anything to say now, Hanin Zoabi or Ayman Odeh?

Hanin Zoabi

Are you going to cry out your rage and horror at the killing of a 13-year-old girl barely past puberty?

Ayman Odeh

Are you going to rail against the terrorist and those who sent him, directly or indirectly; sent him to break into her house and drain the life out of her in her own bedroom?

Hanin Zoabi and Ayman OdehYou waste no opportunity to shout out against Israeli soldiers as if these same Israeli soldiers are not protecting you and your own way of life.  Where are your voices now when a little girl’s voice has been forever silenced because of murderous incitement against Jews?

Are you going to call the terrorist a murderer? 

Or are only Jews murderers in your eyes?

Do you mourn the snuffing out of her breath today and forever tomorrows? 

Or are you going to go to the mourning tents of the terrorist’s family and suck on candies handed out to celebrate the death of another Jew?

Look closely, Hanin and Ayman.  Look closely at the photo above.

Is this what a war zone is supposed to look like? 

Perhaps you think this is an appropriate place to conduct a battle.  I can only guess, because since yesterday, since the almost violent session in Knesset, you have both gone silent on the social media. Not a word about sweet Hallel Yaffa Ariel.  She was a second cousin to one of your Knesset colleagues. Not a word.

Hanin Zoabi

Can you see the young teen, not much more than a little girl, really. . . can you see her writhe and wiggle as she attempts to get away from the driving blade? 

Can you hear her screams? 

Can you imagine her terror at having been woken so violently from a peaceful sleep on what was supposed to have been her last school day of the year?

Ayman Odeh

Does your blood run cold, perhaps even stop in your veins, as you imagine her parents running in not knowing what is going on behind the closed door of her room? 

Maybe she used to have nightmares as a small child, and her parents thought she was suddenly having another.  Certainly they could not imagine a monster slashing into their daughter’s flesh right there in her own room, under their own roof.

Will you stand up, Hanin and Ayman, and say,

“Stop! This isn’t what we meant.”

Unless it is.

* * * * *

Once upon a time, really not that long ago, Hanin Zoabi, you actually did some good work as a parliamentarian.  Guess that’s all gone now.

And you, Ayman Odeh, you were the knight in shining armour.  Boy did you have us fooled!

This was originally posted on Israel Diaries, 30 June 2016.

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