The Jewish circus clowns and the antisemites.

conspiracy JewishConspiracy theories have been attached to Jews throughout history. 2000 years ago, as the blood was being washed from Pilate’s hands, the Jews were blamed for successfully conspiring to kill the Christian god.

Jews went on to be carriers of plague, they used the blood of children to make unleavened bread and were known to poison the local wells.

In more recent times, with the advent of the global bank and powerful media, Jews have been accused of taking control of these too. Today the Jews are said to control superpowers, with US foreign policy long being seen as a useful tool in the Jews arsenal.

As knowledge of the Holocaust temporarily sent the radical right into the shadows, the antisemites on the left switched the word Jew for Zionist and carried on as if nothing had happened. The good Jews the victims, the bad Jews the majority of those that survived. This the twisted antisemitism of the left.

Those that think this is not a simple case of switching words should consider the idea of Zionist control of the banks, or of the media. How exactly does that work? As a Zionist, when is it my turn to steer the ship?

The idea that ‘Zionists’ are a ‘thing’ that control anything is so ludicrous a conspiracy it only makes sense if you put the word ‘Jew’ back into the sentence. Then you can say, “ah, yes of course, it is classic antisemitism”.

Once you have enlightened yourself to the tactic, make the change across the board. Turn every conspiratorial use of ‘Zionist’ back to the word ‘Jew’. Then you see the true horror of where we stand today.


Take Gerald Kaufman. An MP in Westminster, Last year Kaufman told a story of Jews conspiring to plant knives on innocent Palestinians to create an excuse for why they had killed them. He went on to explain how Jewish money then buys the silence of Western politicians. Mixing and matching the Zionist and Jewish conspiracies as he went. This man is still an MP in the Labour party.

Kaufman is protected and then lauded by those who seek to indulge their own antisemitic perversions.

Why do I say this? Modern conspiracies not exclusively connected to Jews abound. 9/11 is one that immediately comes to mind. The moon landing another. JFK, Rabin, The Illuminati and the New World Order, Elvis Presley, Roswell, Shakespeare, Paul McCartney, crisis actors, Chariot of the Gods.  Even the Titanic. The list is endless.

On the fringes of consciousness in all societies these thoughts exist. The mysterious control by the few over the many. The thought of the cover-up and the perverse attraction of hidden monsters. For some, this dark insanity brings comfort and becomes obsession. In our society the obsessed are like circus clowns. They are paraded like freaks and their stories amuse us.

What differs however is people’s reactions to those spouting the conspiracy, when the monster in the tale is the Jew. Whereas other speak in empty rooms, these people have an attentive audience.

Take Max Blumenthal.  Last year I heard Blumenthal suggest that Israel conspires to create wars with Hamas so it can use the conflict as a showroom. He also seemed to suggest the Zionists conspire to perpetuate the ‘occupation’ because it is good for their economy.

Once more the conspiratorial ‘Zionist’. The demon Jew seeking new ways to profit. Spilling blood for money.

One of the more popular contemporary conspiracy theorists is Illan Pappe. In a ‘hat tip’ to the ‘Elders of Ziyon’, Pappe uses conspiracy theory to explain the conflict. Ignoring the truth of a civil war that was two-sided, brutal and bloody, Pappe’s powerful Jewish ‘committee’ conspired from the outset to ethnically cleanse the entire Arab population. The entire conflict a deliberate strategy of Jewish design. A flawed activist who became treated as an academic pariah in Israel because of his deficiencies, showered with affection in the UK for that very same weakness.

Ronnie Barkan also suggests ‘Zionists’ conspire to maintain control for financial gain. He then underlines Blumenthal’s conspiracy with a story of how Israel perfecting weapons was part of “what it (2014 Gaza) was all about”. Barkan packages his conspiracies inside a polished tale of peace and equality.

Norman Finkelstein believes there is a conspiracy to exploit the memory of the Nazi Holocaust for political and financial gain.  It’s Jews and money again. Perhaps tellingly, Finkelstein’s book ‘The Holocaust Industry’ did better in Europe than in the United States. This clue about who is fawning over such material should not be cast aside.

Like many of his co-conspiratorialists Finkelstein turns on the local Jewish community, suggesting their defence against the accusation of conspiracy is the problem. The reliance of one conspiracy theory to defend another. A wedding cake of conspiracy theories. This the same Finkelstein that has no problem reminding people of a civil war incident at Deir Yassin, but takes issue with those that remind others of industrial genocide.

Oren Ben Dor, who like Illan Pappe found himself welcome and wanted at a UK university, seems deeply lost in twisted conspiratorial ideas of what being Jewish is, and then there is Gilad Atzmon who does not adhere to one Jewish conspiracy, but rather seems to promote many of them. Like Kaufman, Atzmon and Ben Dor mix and match ‘Zionist’ and ‘Jew’ with ease.

Passport burning Mira Bar-Hillel has said that the Jews of today ‘scare her’ and she is ‘prejudice against them’. She apparently speaks of Jewish control of America. And yet still she finds gainful employment writing for national newspapers. Can anyone think of another race of people one could so publicly slur without a negative response?

Jewish clowns

Hatred of Zionism and belief in conspiracies aside, what all of the people have in common is that they are Jewish. These are the Jewish circus clowns, whose tricks become deadly weapons in the hands of antisemites and then used on the very crowd they are meant to amuse. The unexpected twist of a Hammer horror movie.

In fact, most have another common thread, their families were directly impacted by the holocaust. They all use this as part of their personal camouflage and conspiracy creation. Perhaps there is a generational kissing cousin of Stockholm Syndrome at work. Victims adopting the agenda of their victimizers. Let’s not forget the the very seed of the boycott Israel movement (BDS) came from a handful of diaspora Jews.

Yes, these are those who sit on the fringes of Jewish society, and if they were not Jewish, that is exactly where they would remain. Conspiracy theorists always shout loudly that they are speaking the truth. Yet the one who claims to have been aboard a UFO isn’t placed at the top of a department at the University of Exeter. The one who claims that Elvis is alive doesn’t get to make laws in Westminster. The man who thinks there are people (crisis actors) paid by the government to pretend they have been caught up in a terror attack doesn’t get to travel the universities of the west on the back of the publication of his book.

If you seek evidence of antisemitism today. You don’t need to look under the rocks of a Labour Party membership list. Just pay attention to what happens to those Jewish clowns who spread conspiracies about Jews. One is made the head of a department at Exeter. Another, is one of the longest serving British Politicians. There is a third, a fourth, a fiftieth. Believing in Jewish conspiracy whilst being a Jew yourself is a sure way to be pulled out from the shadows and adored. These people, *because* of their specific hatred, get their work published in mainstream newspapers.

These people may be clowns, but those that promote them, defend them, hide behind them, quote them and applaud them are antisemites. They give a fake veneer of respectability to vile, dark and demonic tales of Jewish conspiracy. Protocols of Zion for the modern world. Never forget, when it comes to stories about Jewish money, power, blood lust and control, people have been indulging in these stories for centuries. It is what antisemites have always done.

First published by David Collier at “The Great Divide”

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