Tell me again – Never Again!

United Methodist Kairos Response – Peace And Justice Advocacy For Palestinians. credit:

Supported by the  United Methodist Kairos Response, a group that advocates for policies in support of an end to the church’s complicity in Israel’s occupation,

“all United Methodist missionaries who have served in the Holy Land and thousands of Palestinian Christians have asked the church to cut its financial ties to the occupation… 

The pension board of the United Methodist Church—one of the largest Protestant denominations in the United States, with more than seven million members—has placed five Israeli banks on a list of companies that it will not invest in for human rights reasons.” (emphasis added)  

Let us not forget the angst of the members of the Presbyterian Church (USA), the United Church of Christ and the United Church of Canada, who all passed resolutions boycotting and divesting from the State of Israel. 

They just couldn’t wait, could they? Less than 70 years after the State of Israel was declared and then immediately attacked by five Arab states in the hope of exterminating the remaining Jews, the Christian world is at it again. Those Jews!

In a world of 7 billion, with Muslims torturing and killing Muslims, and Muslims killing Christians and committing genocide against Yazidis, and Muslims terrorising the Jews in Israel-attacking the weakest and the youngest civilians,  the churches are after Israel-the only democracy, and a flourishing one at that, in the middle of the muck, misery and mess of the Middle East and North Africa. There seems to be a constant need to feed their innate Jew-hatred that has been in-bred over thousands of years.


After standing by, when not actively involved in ensuring the annihilation of 6 million Jews in Europe, Christians are again actively participating in spreading Jew hatred around the world. To ease their conscience they call it anti-Zionism. Yes, there was hand-wringing and self-flagellation, moments or remorse and repentance for a moment or two, but that’s over now; so accusations of Jewish occupation followed with BDS is a perfect fit for these so-called righteous gentiles leading to a rise in antisemitism never before experienced.

These millions of Christians made a conscious choice to attack the Jews in Israel while ignoring the horror around the world. They salivate over BDS because it is pure unadulterated Jew-hatred wrapped up in politically correct anti-Zionism. It’s the Government they are attacking not the Jews. Yet they don’t attack the governments of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe or the Sudan or Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or Iran for all their human rights abuses-far greater than anything taking place in Israel-the only country open to scrutiny without fear of death. And not a word about Qatar-the home of FIFA  2022,

“ where flogging and stoning are legal forms of punishment. Apostasy (leaving Islam) is a crime punishable by the death penalty, where 1,200 workers have already died and, according to warnings, up to 4,000 could perish before World Cup begins.”  

And let’s face it as Danish football player William Kvist  said

“The fact that thousands must die to build 12 fine stadiums for us has nothing to do with football.” 

Condemning Qatar? Nothing is going to get in the way of football-or soccer-whatever.

I don’t hear cries of agony about the black children murdered in Chicago. What about their human rights? It seems the righteous gentiles only care about events in the Jewish state.

These people are adding fuel to the Muslim Jew-hatred already deeply embedded in the Middle East. First from Islamic teachings and then mixed with Nazism.

“The 1946 Report of the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry investigating the problem of European Jewry and Palestine noted that

‘the Nazi occupation has left behind it a legacy of anti-Semitism.’

The same finding applied to the Arab countries that had not been occupied by the Nazis. From April 1939-April 1945, daily Arabic language radio broadcasts from Berlin constantly urged their listeners to prevent the birth of a Jewish state and exterminate the Jews living in Palestine.”

Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin el-Husseini  with Heinrich Himmler, commander of the Nazi SS. credit:

Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem during World War II and the heir to Hitler’s accomplishments, carried forward  the anti-Jewish war of extermination initiated by the Nazis.

“Our battle with World Jewry is a question of life and death. It is a battle between two conflicting faiths, each of which can exist only on the ruins of the other.” 

And recently Sheikh Ibrahim Madhi, the officially appointed Imam of the Palestinian Authority said 

“We the Palestinian nation, our fate from Allah is to be the vanguard in the war against the Jews until the resurrection of the dead, as the prophet Muhammad said:

‘The resurrection of the dead will not arrive until you will fight the Jews and kill them… ’ We the Palestinians are the vanguard in this undertaking and in this campaign, whether or not we want this…

Does any of this rhetoric ring bells? It should.

“We are determined as leaders of the nation, to fulfil as a national government the task which has been given to us, swearing fidelity only to God, our conscience, and our Volk. The national government will regard its first and foremost duty to restore the unity of spirit and purpose of our Volk. It will preserve and defend the foundations upon which the power of our nation rests. 

It will take Christianity, as the basis of our collective morality, and the family as the nucleus of our Volk and state, under firm protection… May God Almighty take our work into his grace, give true form to our will, bless our insight, and endow us with the trust of our Volk. We see our way clearly on the point that the war can end only in that either the Aryan peoples are annihilated or Jewry will disappear from Europe.(emphasis added) 


“I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator by defending myself against the Jew. I am fighting for the work of the Lord. We are God’s people.”   

The words of ADOLPH HITLER

I am at a loss as to how to tap into Christian guilt. If the Holocaust didn’t do it, nothing will.

So tell me again- NEVER AGAIN.

We can act, though, despite this never ending hate. First we must accept that Jew-hatred will never end. Christians who do not agree with their leaders have an obligation to write and complain and protest; loudly, just as we demand of Muslims to condemn the teachings of radical Islam.

And my Jewish brothers and sisters: We must change our path. Stop responding to the hate. Instead demand of the Israeli government that they declare the legal border of Israel under International Law and put an end to this round of antisemitism based on a lie that Israel is an occupier.  Let these Jew haters find another excuse.

We must mean it when WE say NEVER AGAIN!



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