Our Israel. Our Home – Jewish Care video to Celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut.

jewish care victoriaOur Israel. Our Home – New Video From Jewish Care to Celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut

Jewish Care Victoria is proud to launch its second video, ‘Our Israel. Our Home.’ in its Holocaust documentary series titled ‘Rising From the Ashes’, in celebration of Yom Ha’Atzmaut – Israel’s Day of Independence (12 May 2016).

This uplifting 6-minute video interviews Holocaust survivors who have a relationship with Jewish Care as clients, aged care residents, volunteers and donors. They passionately describe how Israel plays a significant role in the lives of survivors.

Each Holocaust survivor speaks of their love for Israel and why they believe it is so important for the Jewish people. Thousands of survivors made their way to Israel after World War II to find refuge and safety – each survivor has their own story.

The conviction and emotion when the survivors describe why Israel is the home for all Jews is palpable.

Chava Kraner, one of the survivors interviewed said:

“When I came to Israel, I went out of the boat and I kissed the land… I love Israel; it was my country, my dream. “

“Israel is a mother for the Jews all over the world,”

Esther Werblud, another survivor interviewee said.

The first video in the documentary series, ‘The Greatest Loss’ was launched recently to commemorate Yom Hashoah.

Additional videos, on a range of topics, will be launched during the year as part of the Rising From the Ashes series. The series aims to highlight how the trauma experienced by Holocaust survivors transcends generations and impacts their children and grandchildren.

Jewish Care connects with thousands of survivors living in Victoria through the Holocaust Survivor Support Program and other community services which addresses their needs in areas such as home and personal care, socialisation, counselling, housing support and assistance to receive restitution pensions and payments. The Program receives funding from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (‘Claims Conference’).

 View Our Israel. Our Home. on the Jewish Care YouTube page

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