UNESCO: The Eiffel Tower is a Sacred Muslim Site

AMMAN, 18 April 2035 – the Jordan Daily News triumphantly proclaims that Item 19 of the 227th Session of the UNESCO Executive Board approved the resolution reaffirming that Burj Hadid (formerly misnamed as the Eiffel Tower) is a sacred Muslim site. As called for in the resolution, France is ordered to renew the historic status quo at the site that prevailed until 2032. The Jordanian Ambassador to UNESCO was instrumental in providing the final wording that was incorporated into the resolution.

In the language of the 199th Executive Council Resolution of 11 April 2016, UNESCO

  1. “deeply deplores” the failure of France to remove its military presence from the site and its unwillingness to take down the fence constructed around the Tower, the plazas at Burj Hadid Avenue and Quai Branly and the park surrounding it.
  2. “strongly condemns” French aggression against the Muslims and measures taken to restrict freedom of access. Until 2032 the site was open to all without checkpoints and security checks.
  3. “deeply decries” the continuous French aggressions against civilians including sheikhs and “further decries” the large number of arrests and injuries among Muslim worshippers in the plaza and park surrounding the Burj.
  4. “expresses deep concern” over France’s closure of the Burj Hadid Mosque that is in the park and which serves as a pilgrimage site for Muslims from around the world.
  5. “further deplores” France’s efforts to try to hoodwink this body by bringing doubtful so-called scientific evidence of the relative ages of the Burj and the Mosque building materials; UNESCO “regrets” France’s deceitful means to try to wrest the legitimate claims of Islam to Burj Hadid.
  6. “reiterates its thanks to Jordan for its cooperation and further urges [France …] to cooperate with Jordanian Awqaf Department” that was appointed by this body to protect the sanctity of the site.
  7. etc.etc.

 You Accuse Israel of Aggression, But

What do you think France would do if Muslims started throwing stones from the tower as other Muslims around them prostrated themselves in prayer, pointing their faces toward Mecca and their asses toward London (or, in the case of the Temple Mount, toward their own “holy” mosque)? What would France do if Muslims tore apart anything showing Gustav Eiffel’s part in construction of the tower and replaced it with Islamic art and Quranic verses?

“Impossible!” you say. “Could never happen!” you say.

Well, if the Taj Mahal’s true history as a temple to Shiva could be covered up, then anything can happen. If the Taj Mahal can be proclaimed the work of a love-sick Muslim emperor, a mausoleum to his dead wife, building a tomb over the spot where an ancient Hindu secret lies, just so that they cannot dig it up to prove their case, then anything can happen.

If the true history of the Temple Mount and Wailing Wall can be covered up, then anything can happen. If these can be proclaimed the 3rd most sacred site to Islam, building a mosque over the most sacred spot to the Jews just so that they cannot conduct archeological research to unearth their ancient history, then anything can happen.

France Supported the Resolution

France – you voted in favour of this evil resolution. With your large Muslim population straining for control of your land, do not be surprised when your Eiffel Tower turns into Burj Hadid and your famous castles become mosques and the Louvres is destroyed and its treasures burned.

The UK and USA Opposed the Resolution

Britain and the USA, you voted against the Arab confiscation of our Jewish history, and that is right and good. But did you submit resolution proposals to the UNESCO Executive Council “decrying”, “deploring” and “condemning” Islamist violence and destruction when the Buddhas of Bamiyan were torn apart or when most of Palmira was destroyed? Did you submit resolution proposals “calling on” Islamists to desist in their destruction of whatever and whoever lies in their path as they march like an army of red ants across the Earth, scorching it beneath their feet?

Be careful, World, because the Eiffel Tower is next. After that, it will be Big Ben and then across the ocean to the White House and Washington Memorial. Nothing is sacred to the Islamists except Islam itself.

This post first appeared on Israel Diaries.



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  1. Charlie in NY

    Since the entire concept of a “third holiest site” is nonsensical – name it for any other religion – and dates back only to the League of Nations Mandate period during which Muslims had lost control of Jerusalem, at least we now know what Islam’s fourth holiest site might be. Thanks for that, I guess.

  2. I’m learning….and realise the Post refers to Muslims and the Eiffel Tower, but who actually controls the site of the Temple Mount in Israel.

    When I visited there, I got the distinct impression the Israeli Police/Soldier’s/Guard’s…..by their physical demeanour, were acting/performing a subservient role to the Muslim Police/Guard’s…if not cowering down to them a little…for the aggressive edge they adopted in speaking to/directing the group I was with…as if to curry favour with the Muslims, for doing a fine job….i.e. keeping these visiting Infidels and Jews in respectful line order behaviour towards, and before the Mosque.

    By stark contrast, the Israeli agents….Police/Soldier’s/Guard’s were near at pains length to courteously address a gathering number of fully shrouded Muslim women who were aggressively screaming obvious abuse at the group I was with, along with the Israeli authority agents.

    It was betwixting and confusing, as it was alarming to say the least. I hark back to the movie star John Voigt’s statement…”to the victor the spoils”….in respect of his views on the Six Day War. If my recollection, and the advice I have received is correct…..didn’t Israel totally rout the ATTACKING Arab Armies in 1967….including the Jordanians.

    It is for this reason I ask….if anyone can enlighten me, as to why Arab Muslims still have access to that Mosque on the Temple Mount, let alone the obvious controlling authority over the site they appear to exercise?

    Am I wrong to think that the Victor…who had been purposely ATTACKED by the Arab Armies, had/has every conceivable right to run every last Muslim Arab off that Mount……per se, and to issue such edits that no Muslim Arab…under pain of getting a bullet through their fore head, is ever to step back on that site, unless authorised by the Government of Israel.

    I perhaps believe too much in the dictum of “to the victor the spoils”, as I would be interested in reading how, or why Israel allowed this intolerable situation to occur, and more so why it allows it to continue…..I will stand corrected if I am in possession of askewed facts, or an incorrect general understanding.