A surprise from Kuwait.

On March 27th, doing a crawl through the pro-Palestinian leftist Facebook ‘Israel hate sites’, I came upon a video from the Kuwait Times, regarding the shooting of an Arab by a member of the IDF.

I was angry after having posted and argued earlier elsewhere that I thought a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty and here was an item from the Kuwait Times accusing a soldier without proof.

I wrote to the Kuwaiti Times via their Facebook page asking if they believed in the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.. I also sent a link to an article in the Israeli press which had another video to the one offered by B’Tselem.

I received a pleasant reply and wrote and commented that I hadn’t expected it. The reply:I sent him/her some more links and videos of the incident from different Israeli news outlets, to which he/she replied:

We had a small conversation and the I received this.
I had seen the article but hadn’t read it. Reproduced below and published on Nov 24, 2015.

Israel is not our enemy.

Credit: Twitter

I am trying to be realistic, objective and reasonable in what I am writing because I know that it will be shocking as well as contradicting with age-old non-negotiable beliefs and taboos. Is Israel an enemy? Is animosity stable or changeable? Is it controlled by and subject to certain situations, circumstances, attitudes and interests?

Arab hostility to Israel started even before establishing Israel, when powerful resourceful Arab countries at that time fought some Jewish militia gangs in Palestine, and yet those gangs managed to defeat the well-armed armies of seven Arab countries. International intervention was then resorted to in order to resolve the dispute over Palestinian territories between Arabs and the Jews. However, the ‘mighty’ Arabs rejected the division project, and thus granted the Jews a second victory. Consequently, the state of Israel was founded and declared and was recognized by the world except for Arab countries and other ones that later on found no alternative other than recognizing it.

Whose enemy is Israel? Is it the enemy of all Arab states? Well, Palestinians have every right to antagonize Israel because they occupied their lands. We do support and assist them in every possible way we can and that it the maximum, and nothing more, Arab countries are expected to do.

After seven whole decades, as Arabs, who is our real enemy today? Do all Arab states have only one enemy or each country or group of countries have an enemy who might most probably be a dear friend of another? The first step towards reform in the Arab world is to alienate the Arab nationalism concepts because facts deny them and those who believe they still exist are delusional.

Take Kuwait, for an example. Is Israel a real enemy of it? Has it ever invaded it? Has it fought it? Has it killed its citizens? The answer to all the above questions is a big fat NO. Why does Kuwait consider Israel as an enemy while it deals with Iraq, that already invaded and occupied it, as a friend, brother and neighbor? I do not wish that Kuwait antagonizes Iraq. On the contrary, it made the right decision because animosity is constantly changeable, particularly in politics where yesterday’s enemy can be today’s friend and today’s friend might become tomorrow’s enemy. This is a real fact.

The bottom line is that Israel is not Arabs’ enemy and Arab countries have to individually get rid of the Arab nation’s complex and make their own individual decisions independently. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Anbaa

By Saleh Al-Shayeji

credit: Camera

I thought I’d see what I could find in English on Kuwait social media as suggested. I couldn’t find anything  about him.  However I did come across another Kuwaiti writer by the name of Abdullah al-Hadlaq . He’d written an article ‘The terrorism of knives and the right of Israel to self-defence’, which was published in the Kuwaiti daily al-Watan on 17 October, but had apparently been taken down by the 19th October.

The Egyptian news site Rassd posted from it.:

“With the increase of [Palestinian] crimes, and the terrorism of knives against Israeli soldiers… and against innocent civilians, Israel’s legitimate right to defend itself and kill [Palestinian] terrorists, whatever their age, children, youths, male and female, is clear.”

I was both surprised and happy to learn that this writer has no issues with Israel and has written other articles.

It is reported that Hadlaq is known for his long-standing support of Israel. In the past he has urged Kuwait to normalise relations with Israel, asserted the right of the “people of Israel” to control Jerusalem and praised Israel’s model of democracy, contrasting it with Arab autocracy.

In his most recent article, he wrote:

“The [claims of the] Palestinian diaspora are void in the face of Israel’s clear right to defend itself and its people and its soldiers, despite the feeble response of the international community.”

He also called on  Mahmoud Abbas to “stop inciting hatred” and to condemn attacks against Israelis.

Last year Abdullah al-Hadlaq wrote in Israel Hayon:

I will open with greetings for the State of Israel and the Jewish people, whom I view as true friends. As a writer and journalist from Kuwait, who is following the current wave of Palestinian knife and rock terrorism and Palestinian crimes against IDF soldiers and innocent Israelis, I can only express my support for every civilian and military action the free and independent State of Israel takes for the legitimate defense of the lives of its citizens and its land.

I am baffled by the international community’s silence in the face of the crimes committed by Palestinian terrorists against the Israeli people. I am equally baffled by the international community’s outcry against Israel’s legal right to defend itself and its soldiers and against Israel’s legitimate right to live and stand strong.

It is worth reading http://www.israelhayom.com/site/newsletter_opinion.php?id=14795

Seems we have plenty of friends out there.


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