Regavim: Demolitions of illegal structures in the Judean Desert!!

Report from Regavim.

Today there were demolitions of illegal structures in an IDF Firing Zone in the Judaean Desert!!

Post Zionist organizations promoting illegal facts on the ground are, as usual spreading lies.

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In the early years of the last decade “Rabbi’s for Human Rights”  ( a grantee of the NEW Israel Fund) and ACRI, Association for Civil Rights in Israel  filed two petitions against the Ministry of Defense to stop the demolition of illegally built structures in IDF firing zone 918 – an area of over 8,000 acres in the Judaean desert.

According to the petition, thousands of Arabs have been living there for 60 years, but the truth is there were only a handful of people there before 2000 (see aerial photo). It is a well known fact that these Arabs that were there have homes in Yatta and used the firing zone to graze their herds. These Arabs realized the potential of setting up numerous villages as an effective way to grab land that was not theirs. This is not an opinion, all the facts are based on photographic and documented evidence. As soon as these organizations understood that the aerial photography showed up their lies they established a new line of argument that these Arabs were in fact there, but their dwellings could not be seen as they were living in caves …

Based on these petitions the court gave an interim order – that is an order to freeze all activity in the affected area. So the Arabs took advantage of this order and – sponsored by many Post-Zionist and anti-Zionist NGO’s – built dozens of new buildings and many more villages (see new status 2012 aerial photo). The Civil Administration did nothing and did not even update the court regarding this new building and violation of the interim order.

Following a hearing held in August 2012 , the court ruled in the IDF’s favor and canceled the interim order after 12 years. In the beginning of 2013 two new petitions were again brought to the court against the demolition of these illegally built structures. With the same arguments. You guessed it , the judge issued interim orders again.

On June 29th, 2013 the State finally (after many years of ignoring the issue) finally filed an response to these petitions , the State argued in its response that these people have moved in and built these structures since 2000 and added an anthropologist’s expert opinion from Ben – Gurion University, Jacob Habakkuk , who brought an affidavit and testimony that people were not there before 2000 and did not live in caves.

Regavim 2 TinyFollowing further discussions in the Supreme Court regarding this matter. The Judges decided to push arbitration on the IDF and these illegal squatters. Negotiations have been ongoing, however, strengthened by anti-Zionist NGO’s, the Arabs have not accepted any compromise solution offered and building continued, an extreme case of contempt of court. So today 19 structures were demolished including 10 EU sponsored ones.

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  1. Leon Poddebsky

    We can be certain that “sticklers for legality” like Bob Ashrawi will applaud the Israeli justice system for applying the law without fear or favour.

    Long live Regavim and true justice.