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It’s enough to make you Wail!

Barack Obama

Obama’s parting shot to Israel comes as no surprise to those who have followed his actions the last 8 years, including his closeness to the Muslim Brotherhood and those of the Alt Left with an animus towards Israel. However, for others who assumed a US President would support democracy and …

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Arlene from Israel: A Saga of Bitterness and Hope.

 I highly recommend an analysis that has just come out from Alan Baker, Director of the Institute for Contemporary Affairs at the Jerusalem Center and the head of the Global Law Forum.  I think you will find this article highly informative and considerably reassuring.   ~~~~~~~~~~ The bitterness?  It’s palpable. …

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Israel: Indigenous Upstart Nation Scares World Leaders

Jews are Indigenous to Israel, including Judea and Samaria

I finally figured it out – I now know why the world wants to dictate the agreement they think we should reach with the Arabs, sorry – the “Palestinians”. It isn’t that the world really thinks that the “West Bank” (i.e., Judea and Samaria) is occupied territory. And it isn’t …

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Arlene from Israel: Anger, and Not Panic.

By last Thursday, Egypt’s President Sisi had withdrawn sponsorship of Security Council Resolution 2334, which says that all “settlements” in the “Palestinian territory” including eastern Jerusalem constitute a flagrant violation under international law, and calls for cessation of all “settlement activities.”  Sisi was responding to pressure from Netanyahu and from …

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Obama, Pope Francis and Judenhass.

Pope Francis gave his Christmas speech for peace.  First came his concerns for Syria. Then he turned his eye to the “Holy Land.”  And said “Peace to women and men of the beloved Holy Land, the land chosen and favoured by God.  May Israelis and Palestinians have the courage and …

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Tzipi Livni

The World against Israel or Israel against the World The question about whether Obama would deliver a last minute FU to Israel by abstaining on a United Nations Security Council vote has been answered. YES HE WILL That leads to two additional questions. The first is will he repeat the …

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Childish games.

Not long ago, a group of 49 State and Federal Australian MPs signed a petition critical of the alleged “cruel” mistreatment by Israel of Palestinian minors in detention in the West Bank (actually the number is 48 because one  signatory denies having signed it and APAN have apologised). The petition …

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Arlene from Israel: Holding on to the Good.

 As we can find it… Motzei Shabbat – Saturday night – we light the first candle of Chanukah.  And so we begin today with mention of this celebration that marks the victory of the Maccabees over the destructive influences and power of the Syrian-Greeks in the Second Century BCE. We …

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Arlene from Israel: Heads or Tails.

I am sitting at my computer, trying to make heads or tails of various events here in Israel and elsewhere, and boy is it tough!  There’s not a whole lot of clarity right now. But I’m going to lead off with a good news piece. This one is a bit …

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Arlene from Israel: Tough Times.

 In these tough times, I will start with the heavy news before moving on to what is good. The residents of Amona have decided not to take the final offer that was made to them by the government.  The basic outlines of that offer: They would have had to leave …

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Oz Torah: Chanukah features.

WHY BLAME THE GREEKS? During World War II when Rabbi Jacob Danglow was visiting Jewish internees in a camp in Australia, he conducted a Chanukah service and innocently mentioned Jewish problems with the Greeks. Unfortunately there were Greeks as well as Jews at that camp and a riot almost ensued. …

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