Yesh Din: A Grantee of the New Israel Fund.

Yesh Din, an NGO operating in Israel and is a grantee of the New Israel Fund.  It receives funding from the world’s largest anti-Israel countries and organisations.

On its website, in its ‘About’ section Yesh Din says:

Yesh Din is a volunteer organization working to defend the human rights of the Palestinian civilian population under Israeli occupation. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), which is anchored in international human rights law and international humanitarian law, guides the organization in its work to uphold the rule of law in the occupied territories and monitor the Israeli law enforcement system in those territories.

Yesh Din views the occupation as a main source of the violation of the human rights of the Palestinian population and therefore seeks to end it.

From  NGO Monitor  – Yesh Din’s stated mission is:
“to oppose the continuing violation of Palestinian human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory… documenting and disseminating accurate and up-to-date information about the systematic violation of human rights in the OPT, by raising public awareness of such violations, and by applying public and legal pressures on government agencies to end them.”
The latest  funding  figures (accessed August 3, 2015) for the 2013 budget were NIS 5,405,648 , which is AU$1,944,941. A huge sum and includes money from the New Israel Fund. Yesh Din gets roughly 94% of its funding from foreign sources, among them the European Union. In 2012 the group got over 1.1 million shekels from the EU, 1.2 million from the Norwegian foreign ministry, 120,000 from Holland’s embassy in Israel, and 120,000 from the British Foreign Ministry.

Foreign donations based on reports to Israeli Registrar of Non-Profits (amounts in NIS)

Donor First quarter of 2015 2014 2013
UK 334,927 1,139,171 729,610
Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD) 156,550 136,800 144,783
Norwegian Refugee Council 106,208 779,006 373,208
Oxfam Novib (Netherlands) 79,730 490,614 1,038,975
European Union 945,445 485,331
Norway 483,425 1,044,000
Ireland 425,700 431,928
Human Rights and International Law Secretariat (Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark and the Netherlands) 293,015
HEKS (Switzerland) 77,525 84,505
Holland 29,700
Germany 479,500
  • According to Emily Schaeffer, a lawyer on Yesh Din’s legal team, “Yesh Din was founded to use law as a tool to fight the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories.”
  • Michael Sfard, Yesh Din’s primary legal counsel and an editor of many of the NGO’s reports, claims,

“If war crimes are committed and an apartheid system is being deployed under our eyes, it is the moral duty of a citizen of the country responsible, to combat this, even if it means using external legal means.”

 Yesh Din co-operated along with a number of Israeli NGOs in the infamous Goldstone Report which had accused Israel and Hamas of “actions amounting to war crimes, possibly crimes against humanity” during the 2008 Gaza War. He back tracked on the report a couple of years later when it was revealed that false evidence had been given .

Judge Richard Goldstone’s about-face included a reversal on the contentious claim that Israel intentionally targeted Palestinian civilians.

Investigations into some 400 incidents from the war, cited by another recent UN report,

“indicate that civilians were not intentionally targeted as a matter of policy,”

Goldstone wrote in an op-ed published in the Washington Post:

“I regret that our fact-finding mission did not have such evidence explaining the circumstances in which we said civilians in Gaza were targeted, because it probably would have influenced our findings about intentionality and war crimes.”

Goldstone admitted,

“If I had known then what I know now, the Goldstone Report would have been a different document.”

In October 2013 Israeli leaders in Samaria were horrified to learn that members of Yesh Din took part in an Arab celebration on the ruins of the Jewish community of Homesh.

PA Arab holds antisemitic poster in Homesh: screen shot

During the celebration Jewish symbols at the site were replaced with PLO flags, and a banner was waved that depicted a man in religious Jewish garb with a spear through his mouth.

Yesh Din had helped organising the celebration as well.

The group’s lawyers filed the lawsuit that lead the government’s legal adviser to declare that the government would transfer Homesh to Arab hands.

Acting head of the Samaria Council Yossi Dagan – who himself was expelled from Sa-Nur, near Homesh – was appalled to hear that Yesh Din had been at the rally. There were people at the celebration rally who called to murder Jews.

Former Yesha (Judaea and Samaria) Council head Danny Dayan posted a photo to Twitter showing Arab men waving an anti-Semitic poster in Homesh.

Pictures showed Arab men celebrating at the scene by waving PLO flags and holding up signs with what appeared to be antisemitic images, including a depiction of a religious Jew being speared through the head.

The men painted over the picture of a menorah on the local water tower that had been Homesh’s trademark, replacing it with PLO images and slogans in Arabic.

“This is how our partner celebrates entering the town of Homesh,”

he wrote.

“The immoral government decision to allow Arabs to take over the land of Homesh is now revealed in its full power: every Jewish symbol is desecrated, anti-Semitic pictures are held up,”

Dayan said.

“We’re used to incitement and even libel from extreme-left organizations. But even for an extremist group like them, this crosses a red line, and brings them to depths I wouldn’t have dreamed they would reach,” he continued.

“I’m trying to picture how they have the audacity to seek donations from Israelis on the one hand, and to participate in antisemitic rallies where people call to murder Jews on the other,”

Dagan said. In contrast to the group’s self-definition as a peace-seeking organization,

“the security situation is likely to deteriorate due to its activities and provocations” in the region,

he warned.

He called on the government to take a strong stance on the matter by stripping Yesh Din of its NGO status.

We all know that won’t happen.!!!

Yesh Din regularly petitions the High Court of Justice to alter Israeli policy (for example, to cancel the law prohibiting the transportation of Palestinians in Israeli vehicles within the West Bank

The latest ‘stunt’ by Yesh Din is claiming that Arabs are being unnecessarily ‘neutralised’.
Never mind Israelis are being killed daily by Arabs.

They say..

Since the beginning of the current wave of violence, there has been a worrying trend to use firearms to kill Palestinians who have attacked Israelis or are suspected of such attacks. Several incidents have been documented and reported, raising concern that the chosen response to such persons is the harshest possible, with lethal or – at the very least – unnecessary consequences. In instances when Jews have been suspected of attacks, none of the suspects has been shot.

They have something very wrong there. Arabs are only being ‘neutralised’ when they are about to, or in the process of attacking someone.

Politicians and senior police officers have not only failed to act to calm the public climate of incitement, but on the contrary have openly called for the extrajudicial killing of suspects. They have also urged civilians to carry weapons. For example, Jerusalem District Police Commander Moshe Edri was quoted as saying:

“Anyone who stabs Jews or hurts innocent people is due to be killed.”

Interior Security Minister Gilad Arden declared that

“every terrorist should know that he will not survive the attack he is about to commit.”

MK Yair Lapid stated that

“you have to shoot to kill anyone who pulls out a knife or screwdriver.” “

“Rather than imposing collective punishment on Palestinians in the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and the Gaza Strip, the Israeli government should act to end the reality of ongoing and daily oppression faced by some four million people who live without hope of any change in the situation, without any horizon for the end of occupation, and without prospects for a life of liberty and dignity.”

Finally, not before time,  Israeli ministers approve an NGO-foreign funding bill which Bill imposes new regulations on non-profit groups whose funding comes from foreign governments.

Left-wing NGOs have called it a witch-hunt.

It now goes to parliament as a government bill, and must pass three readings to become law.

If the initiative is successful, Israeli non-governmental organisations which get at least half of their funding from “foreign state entities” will be obliged to identify donors on their financial statements and in official statements to Israeli public bodies.

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked. credit Times of Israel.

It would also compel staff of such NGOs to wear special identity tags when appearing in front of parliamentary committees, as is currently the case with paid lobbyists.

The bill’s sponsor, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, has alleged that

“blatant interference in internal Israeli affairs by foreign governments is unprecedented and widespread.”

Shaked cited a UN inquiry into the 2014 summer war in Gaza, which concluded that Israel may have been guilty of war crimes. She said it relied on evidence from foreign-backed NGOs B’Tselem, Adalah and Breaking the Silence.

Yesh Din said the committee’s decision to approve the bill marks a sad milestone for the State of Israel.

“The bill that was approved is part of a wave of incitement from the extreme right, that is attempting to discard from the legitimate discourse those who are working to protect the human rights of Palestinians,”

 “Instead of dealing with the institutionalized human rights violations that have been going on for close to 50 years, the extreme right-wing government ministers are trying to silence those who cry out on behalf of the Palestinians. This is an anti-democratic decision, designed to conceal from the public in Israel and around the world the injustices of the occupation and tarnish the name of human rights organizations.”

I urge everyone to bookmark the NGO Monitor and keep it as your ‘bible’. It is full of information on these dreadful anti-Israel NGOs. I strongly urge you to join their mailing list to receive very interesting newsletters.


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