Death cults posing as governing bodies

A Guest Post by Jodie Goldberg

The hierarchy of Islamic extremism begins at the top and works its way down. Iran, ISIS, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority and the United Nations all have one thing in common. They are death cults posing as governing bodies.

Israel Apartheid week. credit. Algemeiner

For at least 15 years Islamic supporting Muslim students, guised as “the righteous” fighting evil, Israel, have been hijacking universities by leading the herding university leftists and mindless followers, ranting and raving, with their daily harassment against Israel and their proclamation of “Apartheid Week“.

Supporting this rhetoric, racist university professors who have infiltrated into many universities, globally, now have a platform that has been largely left unchallenged, with the intention of gaining international acceptance and furthering hatred against Israel.

This incitement against Israel has a further and more far reaching objective which I believe is to advance and promote a war against Israel that will destroy the country and give all “from the river to the sea” to the Palestinian Arabs.

If Hamas could make this happen, the aftermath of Israel would be the new launching pad for global terrorism and annihilation for the rest of the Islamic extremist world.

The lies and hatred on campuses, directed at one small country barely the size of Vancouver Island, have been left unchallenged replacing what should be debate, dialogue and problem solving.

Instead radical mouths act as physical barriers and walls to anyone questioning the continuous rhetoric of hatred against Israel, nor giving any physical or debatable space to those students or pro-Israel speakers who do not agree leaving this unchallenged brainwashing as the “status quo” on campuses.

On many occasions, space that could be occupied positively, is physically trampled upon by ranting, raging students march in disturbing discussions as if these Islamic supporters have the inherent right to take over anything that does not support their unsubstantiated beliefs and lies against the Jewish state. In fact, this strategy, using campuses as platforms of hate, have been globally successful and also gained acceptance as the status quo filtering through communities, religious groups and countries against Israel. However the hatred does not stop here.

When institutions accept the same kind of rhetoric against Israel, as the university students, unabated, and not to be challenged, religious groups that are vulnerable to believing these lies thinking they are supporting righteous causes also become dangerous vehicles of hatred and that is because this attitude of cemented intolerance permeates into the general population.

Gary Paterson, of the United Church of Canada, is one who has refused to listen to another side of the Palestinian conflict, joining the bandwagon of hatred where he himself who is gay, would be hung for announcing his sexuality if he lived in any Arab state.

When hatred spreads passed campuses and emerge into the general population, history has told us again and again that the foundation and fabric of countries are at risk. More pertinently to the present, Islamic students are branches off the same tree of Islamic extremism.

They are followers of the hatred taught in schools and in their homes, beginning with indoctrination of an ideology of hate. Hamas, the PA, Hezbollah, ISIS who are all branches off that same tree worshiping a death cult against anyone in their way be they Muslims, Christians and Jews putting human lives at risk. 9/11 shocked our world and democracies acted like Deer in headlights.

In fact, this new brand of terrorism entering our western world has finally woken up France, first with the murders at Charlie Hebdo, but now the most recent terror attacks in Paris.

The world is being played with. Islamic extremists love the distraction, fear, and horror murders around the globe are creating and these distractions against the western world and Israel serve a purpose.

While the western world’s eyes are cast on the distraction of the fallacy of “Israeli Apartheid” and the UN has adopted six resolutions against Israel including

“Israel should hand Golan Heights to Assad regime, and has no right to sovereignty in Jerusalem, according to General Assembly”,

the lazy unconscious west are still sleeping while Islamic terrorists are plotting their next attack against a placid Europe and North America.

Islamic extremists are planning for world domination beginning with Israel, the world’s first line of defence against Islamic extremists leading to the big black ant, Iran.

And that is why the world needs to wake up and stand together in support of Israel and in support of all our countries.

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