Kangarusski Children’s Art Exhibition

Three hundred people gathered at Glen Eira Town Hall in Melbourne on Sunday 13th December to celebrate the year end of Russian School Lider and to visit the Kangarusski exhibition and award ceremony

Adam Shkoulev winning artwork.

“Israel through children’s eyes.” Kangarusski is the Russian Speaking Jewish Community department of the Zionist Federation of Australia (ZFA) that works to engage the Russian Speaking members of our community with both Jewish and Israel issues.

Kangarusski ran the national art competition over a three-month period. Many artworks were received from young artists across Australia. The twenty most talented were chosen for the national exhibition; they displayed views of the Old City of Jerusalem, the streets of Tel-Aviv, traditional Jewish festivals and Israel inspired themes.

Marina Prostakova, the Director of the Russian School Lider said: –

“Pupils of Lider Sunday school Melbourne always draw inspiration from the arts. This competition inspired by the theme of Israel drew amazing results. The school focused on stories about the role of Israel in the world. Lider teach more than 140 children between the ages of 4 to 16, many of whom identify as Jewish. The children have displayed significant interest in Jewish history and culture so it is with great pleasure that we will plan and participate in new joint projects with Kangarusski in the next academic year. The art show was very special for the parents, children and school staff and we look forward to future collaboration.”

All twenty artists were recognised and the three winners were presented with special awards. The final decision was made by a team of professional artists together with the Kangarusski team. First place in the senior group was shared between David Pedan and Shantel Khmelevskaya.

Adam Shkoulev was the winner in the junior division. Sydney artist and judge, Olga Kolesnik said: –

“In the five to nine year old category – I really liked and appreciated the work produced by Adam (aged 7.) I was attracted to the figure by its realism and choice of colors. There was a nice view of the ancient city of Jerusalem, a bright glare on the dome the temple and the blue of the walls just drew in the viewer’s eye. Adam had the correct proportions and perspective in his detailed and rather complex composition.”

Kangarusski Shaliach of the Jewish Agency, Rami Teplitskiy spoke to guests about the variety of activities that Kangarusski organises in Melbourne and in Sydney for the Russian Jewish Community and said: –

Adam Shkoulev winner in the Junior Division. Kangarusski Shaliach of the Jewish Agency, Rami Teplitskiy. Anna Maylis RSJC coordinator.

“I was extremely happy to see hundreds of people participate. I think the event was not just a success by introducing Israel as a subject of art to Russian speaking Jewish kids, but also to introduce the ZFA and Kangarusski projects to a new audience.

Moreover a collaboration with Sunday school Lider is a great opportunity to create bonds with prominent institutions that co-operate with the Jewish community and want to take part in community life here.

The winning drawing symbolises the main cultural and traditional bond the RSJ community has to Judaism through the fundamental narrative of the Jewish people and the land of Israel. I look forward to future Kangarusski events – from children’s camps, Limmud FSU, holiday events and our leadership program. I invite all the Russian speaking Jewish community to join us!”

All guests were impressed by the young talents and expressed a great interest in Kangarusski activities.

Anna Maylis RSJC coordinator said: –

“I am extremely happy we had so many participants in the competition and the artists; Olga Kolesnik and Yelena Dumina that helped us to choose the winners were extremely impressed by the young talent of our Russian-Speaking Jewish community.”

For more information on new initiatives and events organised by Kangarusski please contact:-info@kangarusski.org.au

Prize winners.

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