The Arava Australia Partnership (AAP) celebrated culinary differences

The Arava Australia Partnership got creative and cooked up a storm in Sydney!”

The Arava Australia Partnership (AAP) celebrated  culinary differences between our two communities. The seven delegates from the Arava together with host Judy Phillips who cooked for over 90 people on Monday 30th November.

It was a fun night filled with laughter, delicious food and great company as everyone came together to cook, drink and eat. What better way of bringing Jewish communities together than food!

The aim of the delegation is to build partnerships between the Australian Jewish community and the community of Israel’s Central Arava region, to highlight Jewish identity and promote ongoing relationships between delegates, hosts and the wider community.

Judy Phillips launched her own cookbook recently and generously donated her home and talent to the evening, she said: –

“I’ve just put out a cookbook and I’m donating the proceeds to the Black Dog institute and I felt this was another worthy cause. I have an absolute passion and love for Israel.”

Israeli delegate Noga Ben Yehoshua said that this experience has been life changing: –

“… Sometimes you have to be out of your comfort zone and try new things, I was worried that I would fail but I didn’t and I will take that home with me. We have met wonderful people – Australian people are wonderful.”

The culinary delegation has participated in cooking demonstrations at Moriah College, spent a night cooking on a campfire with the AZYC, met with Australian chefs, travelled around Sydney, visited The Sydney Jewish Museum and celebrated food with ZFA Young Adults and Kangarusski at Our Big Kitchen.

Each of the Israeli delegates has been hosted by a local family, reinforcing the people to people connections. Pamela Seidman, one of the hosts said: –

“It’s wonderful to see the Australia Arava Partnership in action here in Sydney and what it brings our community. I’ve been to the Arava and seen what they grow there and having them come here and show what they are doing in Sydney has been really worthwhile.”

Lynn Mayer said: –

“Tonight was absolutely fantastic, it had an amazing vibe. It was just really beautiful learning about the Arava and trying the fantastic recipes. The food was unbelievable and Stacy put on the most amazing night.”

Stacy Hayman, National Coordinator of the AAP: –

“It’s just amazing to see everyone come together, united by their love of food, Israel and wanting to support Judy’s amazing charity and our culinary delegation.”

The delegation heads to Perth to connect with the Jewish community in a series of events (and meals!) meet members of parliament and engage with Aboriginal and other communities.

The project has created the opportunity for new and ongoing friendships between members of the two communities and we look forward to a continued “fruitful” partnership.

For further information on the AAP, contact:

Stacy Hayman
National Coordinator
Arava Australia Partnership                                                              

Mobile:  0425 740 860





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