Deliverance – Islam NOT Islamism.

Guest Post first posted at Israel Diaries
“When I was invited to write this, my immediate concern was how honest is too honest and how clear is too much clarity. Honest and clear are good, but neither promises delight. So I am a little bit sorry in advance if this fails to please.

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  1. Sergio redegalli

    Is is so amazing how even tryinh to be ahead of her backward pack she still has the ability to be underhanded and mocking.
    Islam with no play on words means submission as Muslim means one who has submitted. ..going into clastical Arabic in our modern world helps nothing on the grounds that 1.6 billion Muslims are the Ideological issue of our time. The question is how to help these poor people in general become better human beings via education and the support in showing them a way out of Islam.
    Islam as it stands today is a crime against all the people of our planet.

  2. Here is the problem.Misunderstanding Islam (the Koran) The Koran states “You must believe everything Allah and his messengers tell you. Those who don’t are disbelievers and will face a painful doom. 4:150-151” This prohibits freedom to think, the Koran also states “Allah turned the Sabbath-breaking Jews into apes. 2:65-66, Jews are the greediest of all humankind. They’d like to live 1000 years. But they are going to hell. 2:96.,Jews and Christians believe in idols and false deities, yet they claim to be more rightly guided than Muslims. 4:51 ” there are many such verses in the Koran. As for being friends with Muslims consider this “A prophet may not take captives until he has made a slaughter in the land. 8:67, Slay the idolaters wherever you find them. 9:5.” This is the true Islam do not be deceived.

  3. Islam is renowned for the appropriation of sites, symbols, concepts, intellectual and spiritual insights/achievements. It is on full display in the article. Islam is the original ‘ur’ monotheism (the religion practiced by the original Jews!) Despite the fact that (according to Muslim Scripture) Islam doesn’t arise until 2000 years after Judaism emerges into history.

    This kind of wholesale appropriation is called “supersessionism”. Invented by the Christians as a doctrine governing their relationship with Jews and Judaism. It was picked up by the Muslims (appropriated?) and is now part of their doctrine governing Islam’s relationship to both Judaism and Christianity (ironic? God’s sense of humor is Transcendent)

    I can’t claim to be thrilled by how it concludes; either. Armed with a rather distorted understanding of what we Jews do, what we have done in the past and what we have accomplished over the ages; the author sets boldly off to self-deliver herself and her people the “Reform, rethink, regroup and rise again (rinse and repeat) that Islam needs; if it is not to tear itself to pieces. In which endeavor I pray the Transcendent One (by whatever name we call to it by) provides her every assistance.

    Still, I am mightily encouraged reading this. The author understands, very clearly, that only Muslims can do this. That a way must be found to do it without the “without the swords, knives and blood.” And, that broad, blunt draconian acts are not the path forward. These are mighty insights. It awaits only the forthright, openly acknowledged recognition of Arab/Muslim “agency” and “choice”. If you want to change something, first you have to own it; in its present condition.

    Remember Naima Nas, you will find it in the encounter. May the One strengthen, speed and sustain you. You are in a race with the Shaitan fr the soul of Islam.

  4. My respect, not only to this blog, but to its readership who show a capacity for critical thinking, blatantly absent among the readers who responded to the original post at “Israel Diaries”.

    I do not know that blog and perhaps they do have intelligent readers, but the responses to this “grab-what-you-can-from-the-Jews-and-boil-it-to-smitherens” article are – so far – insulting to anyone who has walked upright (morally, ethically and intellectually) for longer than one generation and bring with them the need for a vomit bucket.

    A propos “critical thinking” – some advice from the delectable Hirsi Ali which I just came across again – it’s not new, but it’s timeless:

  5. There has been much said in the press and in the commentariat about “what it will take to reform Islam” and many in Australia and across the western world have wondered at the relative silence of Islamic thought leaders at the apparent lack of any concerted effort by the “silent majority” of followers of Islam to oppose the more militant elements of that faith to impose a fundamental view of that faith upon coreligionist and western society more generally.

    One of the more interesting reforms suggested for France and considered by the United Kingdom and many western nations is to insist that locally trained Imams occupy the mannabir of their communities. For to long it has been argued, Imams and indeed the great number of the Ulama in western communities are trained overseas and bring to their western communities decided “middle eastern” ideas.

    One might reasonably argue that in Imam born and bred in the Eastern Suburbs of our major cities might have a somewhat different outlook on life as they graduate in Ulama studies from Theological College at Sydney Uni than say a person recently graduated from the College of Da’wa and Usul-ud-Din in Mecca and sent out here under the financial support of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.

    It has been noted in a number of publications that in the period of the 70’s to the 90’s the Soviet spent some $7 Billion promoting its cause. Saudi Arabia by contrast has spent some $100 Billion on its promotion of Islam and largely through the provision of text and instruction….oh and the funding of some of our finer Universities….but lets not go there…..

    • Spot on, Larry. Daisy Khan, wife of Imam Feisal Rauf was trying to establish a Muslim religious seminary for women. If the change in perspective an American born, raised, educated imam might be salutary; imagine what a change adding female to that change might have.
      Of course, the true intentions of the Raufs is opaque. Same as with anyone else. You cannot actually hear the conversation going on in someone else’s head.

  6. When engaged in such complex issues, touching (just) on theology, philosophy, history, etymology and, to cap it all, politics, short musings must be very careful not to fall prey to sententious, harshly judgemental positing.
    While dealing with a phenomenon from a conflictual base of such vastness, suggested strategies could be at once embraced and dismissed . Everyone would like to be a Field Marshall, to lead the legions of necessary, urgent change, hence… opinions on websites etc.

    TACHLES: the author could not have embraced within a few paragraphs the seriousness of a crisis which is affecting her “lot” from within perhaps in equal measure as Islam has obvious pernicious effects outside its strict confines.
    The religious analogies, not to mention the “theories” of the origins of Islam are well beyond the absurd. The only concession I would make is that the author attempts to reconcile at any price a very disturbing reality a decent Muslim would encounter these days. Such aberrations as the “amalgam'” of Judaism and Islam cannot be accepted, not to mention the inversion of historical realities.
    At times the piece had me lost as per the intent of the author. It seems in places that we are dealing with yet another apology of Islam curled up into uncontrolled anxieties of non-acceptance. Once again, the apparent intention is one of dealing with the woes of Islam from a certain angle of “sympathy” for the dhimmi world fallen victim to tragic convulsions of mutual “spiritual” ( never mind tangible ) misunderstandings.
    And now, for my own contribution to the infinite platform of personal “strategies”: no, it is not simply and singularly up to the Islamic world to mend its ways, to come of age into an age it has been practically fighting against ever since its conception. “Helping” Islam along is also the function of the “opposite” world. The only proviso is that we, the current VICTIMS of a complex system gone astray, DO NOT NEED to make any adjustments to our positions, do not need to digress from our salutary system/road to a better WESTERN world and that includes attitudes toward Judaism. We must look deeper into the reasons Islam is behaving in the current unacceptable manner in so many places and, if we have to be “firm” and less …tolerant SO BE IT. It may sound highly controversial, but, in the words of Prof. Higgins, Islam needs to be … more like US !!!
    It must be said that ALL religions contain inclusive as well as exclusive provisions. Humanity evolves, matures by the responsible choices attained.

  7. Larry Langman

    Sergio, Archer and Otto draw attention to some of the points and commentary made by Naima Nas. And on re-reading some of those comments and again going over the original item I agree with their observations.

    Interesting to catch Lateline this evening and the interview with Mohammad Chirani well worth a listen.

    Here there were no qualifications, no weasel words. It was straight talking….The Islam of IS is wrong dead wrong and we’re coming to get you.

    Here is the better example of what should be said by Muslim thought leaders.