Archaeological Terror – ISIS methods destroying Jewish heritage.

Archaeological Terror – ISIS methods used to destroy our Jewish heritage in Israel.

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Almost 2,000 years ago, during the Bar Kochba rebellion, Jews lived in a complex of hidden caves in the area of Kiryat Arvia, which has been identified as an important logistical center during the rebellion. It is documented in a letter Bar Kochba, the leader of the Jewish revolt against the Romans, sent to one of his representatives, which dealt with supplying the 4 species used on Sukkot (Lulav, Etrog etc.) to his comrades in arms.

This network of caves, located about a kilometre south of Gush Etzion of our day, was excavated and researched already in 1968, and was considered the first archaeological discovery from that period.

Recently, the staff of the field school of Kfar Etzion discovered, as they toured the area, that heavy equipment and bulldozers used by local Arabs residents of surrounding villages, had destroyed the site, and almost completely wiped out the rare historic findings there.

It appears now, that once again, along with terror, Arabs are trying to “seize ownership” of our land by destroying the historical evidence which proves the profound connection of the nation of Israel to its land, just as ISIS destroys ancient cultural treasures of the places they enter.

We will not permit this archaeological terror to continue, and are working to prevent its recurrence in such places in the future, This is our history and it cannot be wiped out.

Preserving State Land.


Ari Briggs lives in Israel and is the International Relations Director of Regavim  a non-profit-making, non-governmental organisation concerned with preventing the illegal confiscation of Israel’s national land resources, with protecting nature, and with preventing environmental damage. By monitoring the way officialdom deals with these matters, Regavim ensures conformity to responsible administrative norms. Ari was born and raised in Sydney.

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