UNRWA – Ongoing War against Israel and Jews

On October 27, 2015, US Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (FL-R) blasted the United Nations group that works for the Palestinians.

UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, has a stated mission of helping over 5 million “Palestine refugees.” That unique and bizarre definition of “refugees” includes second, third and even fourth generation descendants of people who used to live in Palestine for at least two years, even though refugee status cannot be handed down through the generations like an inheritance, and refugees are defined as people who flee from a country, not a house or a region.

The non-governmental organization (NGO) UN Watch, which monitors various UN bodies, reported on October 16 that “at least ten different UN staffers are using the imprimatur of their official positions to incite Palestinian stabbing and shooting attacks against Israeli Jews, with one calling on Facebook to “stab Zionist dogs.

That revelation led US Rep. Ros-Lehtinen to attack UNRWA from the House floor and question whether US taxpayers should continue to fund an organization that has close ties to Hamas.

In addition to the various UNRWA workers who posted on social media support for the killing of Jews, UNRWA has a long history which is not about supporting Palestinians, but about attacking Israel and Jews.

UNRWA stockpiled rockets to fire at Israel.  There were at least three occasions in 2014 when Hamas stored weapons at UNRWA schools during its war against Israel.

Hamas fired rockets from the UNRWA schools.  According to a UN report,

The area behind the [Gaza] school wall was known at the time for being used by militants, including for the firing of projectiles.

UNRWA School Headmaster made bombs and rockets to fire at Israel. The Rafah Prep Boys School was administered by UNRWA, and its headmaster developed rockets for Islamic Jihad to fire into Israel.

UNRWA schools refuse to teach the Holocaust.  Even though the teaching of the Holocaust is suppose to be a standard part of the curriculum, UNRWA caved to the wishes of Hamas in striking the program.

UNRWA Promises that the Agency will be the gateway for 5 million refugees to move to Israel.  While UN resolutions have discussed finding an appropriate solution for refugees, UNRWA has taken a lead in promising Arabs in Gaza that they will all be allowed to move to Israel, as described in Delivery of the Fictional Palestinian Keys.

In light of the disgraceful actions of UNRWA, Rep. Ros-Lehtinen introduced H.R.3829 which intends to enforce changes to UNRWA.  It includes stopping the US funding of UNRWA unless and until certain conditions are met:

  • no UNRWA official, employee, representative, or affiliate is a member of a foreign terrorist organization, has propagated anti-American, anti-Israel, or anti-Semitic rhetoric, or has used UNRWA resources to propagate political materials regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict;
  • no UNRWA facility is used by a foreign terrorist organization;
  • no UNRWA school uses educational materials that propagates anti-American, anti-Israel, or anti-Semitic rhetoric;
  • no recipient of UNRWA funds or loans is a member of a foreign terrorist organization;
  • UNRWA is subject to auditing oversight; and
  • UNRWA holds no accounts or other affiliations with financial institutions deemed by the United States to be complicit in money laundering and terror financing.

Write your senator and congressperson and include the link to this article, telling them to support this legislation.


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  1. It’s a no brainer that peace cannot be achieved between Arabs and Israelis while UNWRA exists – even if UNWRA existed in ANY form, it perpetuates the problem by definition.

    Now that it has effectively become an arm of Hamas, the situation is untenable.

    Why has Israel kept quiet about the ludicrous situation? It was clearly a weapon that the Arabs created to facilitate the destruction of Israel, both by producing an army of willing shahids and by using the ‘refugees’ to influence world opinion.

    The article is excellent, but omits one tiny phrase that defines UNWRA as even more questionable (if that’s possible!!) than expressed.

    The 4th line which reads: ‘who used to live in Palestine” should read ‘who used to live in Palestine FOR AT LEAST TWO YEARS’……ie a person who went to the area that is now Israel because work was available due to the Jewish influx, became a ‘Palestinian refugee’ after living in the area for only two years – as did his successors for evermore.

    The other issue that perpetuates theexponential increase in numbers of vulnerable brainwashed cannon fodder is that per capita these ‘refugees’ have lobbying offices all over the world,especially in Washington and are supported by funding that, per capita, far exceeds the funding provided to genuine refugees, of which the world currently has plenty.

    • Yes, this is a fact that for some reason gets lost – how in order to claim refugee status the Arab only had to have been in the region for 2 years. I wonder if they even checked if the person was there for 6 months, 2 months or the whole 2 years. I wonder if they checked if they had citizenship anywhere else. I wonder if they checked if they were illegal squatters or legitimate. Probably not. Probably not. Probably not.