Every Picture Tells A Story: Only ‘Palestinians’ are Victims

The “Every Pictures tells a Story” series reviews newspapers through a lens focused only on their pictures and captions. The brutal attacks that occurred in Israel during the week October 6-13 provides a good snapshot for how the New York Times viewed the conflict – the only victims in the Middle East are ‘Palestinians’.

To set the background for the two weeks of violence: on October 1, 2015, ‘Palestinians’ shot an Israeli couple who were driving on a road with four of their children. After shooting up the car, the ‘Palestinians’ approached it once it came to a stop and executed the parents. The Times did not post any pictures of the Henkins, the murdered Israelis along the story. If one were to only focus on the pictures and captions, their murders would never have occurred.

In the following days, the number of ‘Palestinian’ Arab attacks against Jews continued to grow in frequency. Yet remarkably, the Times pictures showed one story: ‘Palestinians’ as victims.

October 6: a picture of two Israeli soldiers with guns, and civilians in the background. The caption reads

Israeli border police on Wednesday patrolled in the Old City of Jerusalem where a ‘Palestinian’ woman had earlier stabbed an Israeli man who then shot and severely wounded her.

October 7 Page A4.

At top, the mother of Abdulrahaman Obeidallah, 13, who was killed by Israeli forces, at his funeral on Tuesday near Bethlehem. Above, a Sunday funeral in Jerusalem for Aharon Benita-Bennett, an Israeli killed by a ‘Palestinian’.”

This was the Times only attempt at providing a “balanced” picture of deaths on both sides. However, there was no attempt to convey that the ‘Palestinian’ was not shot intentionally, while the ‘Palestinians’ deliberately were murdering Israelis.

Only NY Times photo set showing Israelis attacked during week October 6-13, 2015
included picture above of ‘Palestinian’ killed

October 8 Page A6.

A ‘Palestinian’ man in a flooded tunnel that was used to smuggle goods between Egypt and the Gaza Strip. Egypt has been flooding the tunnels to deter smuggling.

The large color picture and caption leads one to feel sorry for the ‘Palestinian’. Of course, what was not mentioned was that the “goods” that were being smuggled into the tunnels included weapons to target Israelis and Egyptians.  The article continued on page A14 with two black and white pictures.  The large picture’s caption

Juma Abu Shaer and his wife Masouma Abu Shaer, at home in Rafah. They fear they may have to leave because of flooding.”

Names are given of people living in fear. You will not see that for Israelis over the week of terror attacks. The last small photo has a caption

The border between Rafah, in the Gaza Strip, and Egypt on the right. Egypt has flooded part of the nine-mile border area twice.”

Such picture and caption confirms that the Times knows that many readers only glance over the articles and rely on the pictures and captions only.

The article about “Unrest Spreads in Israel Despite Tighter Security” which reviewed more ‘Palestinians’ attacking Israelis had no pictures.  No Israelis were injured in unprovoked attacks for the news-in-pictures.


October 9 Page A14.

An Israeli man looked over the body of a ‘Palestinian’ assailant who was shot dead after carrying out a stabbing attack on an Israeli soldier and three civilians in Tel Aviv on Thursday.” Another article with larger picture “’Palestinian’ protestors took cover during clashes with Israeli security forces on Thursday in Beit El, West Bank. Disputes over Jerusalem have added to tensions.”

The pictures again show dead ‘Palestinians’ and those under fire. There were no pictures of Israeli civilians who the ‘Palestinian’ stabbed in unprovoked attacks. The “protestors” are not shown throwing Molotov cocktails and rocks.


October 10 Page A4. Small color picture of soldiers over small boys

With security increased, Israeli border police told ‘Palestinians’ on Friday they could not enter the Noble Sanctuary in Jerusalem’s Old City.

The caption fed a ‘Palestinian’ narrative that the unrest is from Israeli soldiers keeping innocent ‘Palestinians’ from praying at their holy site. The image of soldiers with weapons directing small boys add to the drama of the story. There were no pictures of Arabs harassing Jewish visitors on the Temple Mount nor firing firecrackers at the soldiers.


Page A8: 2 color pictures. Very large ‘Palestinians’ carrying wounded

“’Palestinians’ carried a wounded man on Friday in Gaza. It was the first time in the latest outbreak that significant unrest spread to the territory” smaller picture of man throwing stones “A ‘Palestinian’ protestor hurled some stones at Israeli soldiers on Friday amid clashes on the Israeli border.

Again, ‘Palestinians’ are shown injured, not Israelis.

Page A8 another article with medium color picture of Israelis taking wounded away

Israeli emergency personnel loaded a ‘Palestinian’ into an ambulance on Friday after violent confrontations in the West Bank.”

In the third article of the day, the Times once again chose to only show injured ‘Palestinians’ in attacks that they provoked. None of the injured Israelis is pictured.


October 12 Page A6. Black and white of father over dead child

The bodies of Noor Hassan, 30m and Rahaf Hassan, 2, at their funeral. They were killed by an Israeli retaliatory strike in Gaza.

While the caption at least mentioned that the Israeli did a “retaliatory strike” conveying that ‘Palestinians’ initiated the fight (compared to earlier language of a generic “confrontation”) the pictures are again only of ‘Palestinians’ hurt in the conflict.


October 13 page A4. Two black and white photographs. The large photo caption reads

The body of a ‘Palestinian’ in the Pisgat Zeev section of East Jerusalem. Security forces shot him on Monday after he carried out a stabbing attack.”

The body of a partially dressed man lay on the ground surrounded by police.  The smaller photo showed women crying with a caption

Relatives on Monday mourned a ‘Palestinian’ teenager killed during clashes with Israeli forces. A cycle of violence has defied Israel’s latest crackdown.


In a week that saw dozens of unprovoked attacks on Israelis, it cannot be an oversight that the New York Times repeatedly chose to show only injured ‘Palestinians’. The Times deliberately decided to feed the narrative of ‘Palestinian’ victim-hood.

There are some researchers that are arguing that the media and social media are fanning the flames of the unrest in the Middle East by fanning “misinformation.” If so, the Times irresponsible journalism might be viewed as a war crime.


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  1. Leon Poddebsky

    That sort of journalism is premeditated, calculated, criminal incitement to murder Jews.
    It is not just sloppy, unprofessional stuff. On the contrary, it is slick, carefully thought-out professional propaganda that its creators use with well-defined intent.
    There is plenty of it in Australia, too.

    • There’s an article about this on Arutz Sheva.
      This is the reason behind Murdoch’s decision not to close the Australian newspaper as all other print media in this country is left wing.

      I’m waiting for a reply to my letters to both the SMH and Channel 7 News for their use of the ‘country of Palestine.’

  2. Leon Poddebsky

    Currently, at least among the mainstream in Western societies, it is not yet OK to express one’s anti-Jewish feelings publicly, so they get their hatred out of their system by attacking Israel.
    To do that they lie, distort, turn the truth upside down and in effect, collaborate with the Arabs who murder Jews.
    It’s not just the left, though they are the main offenders.
    The left sees in its alliance with jihad a means to achieve its global objectives, namely, the overthrow of capitalism and democracy.
    Some on the right see Israel as an ally of convenience in the struggle against this leftist-jihadist axis.
    Others on the right, such as some supercessionist churches, think that we are Satan’s creatures.