AUJS Launches #speakout4Israel in response to recent wave of terror

Media Release – AUJS Launches #speakout4Israel in response to recent wave of terror

AUJSThe Australasian Union of Jewish Students (AUJS) has launched a proactive campaign, Speak Out For Israel, to facilitate education, participation and advocacy amongst Jewish students and the wider community, in response to the recent wave of terror attacks across Israel.

With large portions of the global media being silent at best and biased at worst, AUJS has decided to take a proactive stance to inform members of the recent wave of terror, raise awareness of the horrors occurring in Israel to everyday civilians and give a chance for AUJS members and the wider community to have their voices heard by our nation’s’ MPs.

The campaign is centered around, where there is a database of written and visual resources on a variety of topics to help educate people about the ongoing wave of terror and the root causes behind the violence.

Furthermore, there is also a viral social media component where people can upload photos of themselves holding the tag #speakout4Israel, which will be reposted by AUJS.  Additionally, AUJS has created a template letter to MPs and additional contact support to help AUJS members and the wider community have their voice heard by our nation’s senior leaders.

“Our members are feeling increasingly under emotional strain to see the atrocities occurring in Israel, which is why we have created this campaign to empower our membership to speak out against the global silence”,

AUJS National Political Affairs Director, Julian Kowal said.

“Our community is deeply connected to Israel and are watching with horror as new terror attacks occur every few hours, while feeling helpless to change anything on the ground. Many in the community and in our membership have expressed how they feel powerless to do something about the current situation, which is why we have created this campaign.”

“to the best of our knowledge, no other advocacy organisation in Australia or around the world has launched a campaign in response to the recent wave of terror. We hope that other organisations will join our campaign to #speakout4Israel to grow the collective impact we can have when we work together.”

“We call on our members and the wider community to join our campaign, speak out against the atrocities in the face of the vacuum of media silence, and work together at a grassroots level to have a meaningful impact on changing the conversation on Israel”

To sign up to the campaign and receive the template letter or to explore the AUJS resource database on the recent conflict, visit


Julian Kowal, AUJS National Political Affairs Director 0408 793 687 |

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