VERY IMPORTANT – The Cry from Israel: “Chuck the Deal”

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Friends, this is not a “normal’ posting.  But it is an exceedingly important one.  Acting together we have a chance to block the Iran deal in Congress.

What follows below is from my associate Jeff Daube, who heads the Israel office of ZOA. It is intended, first, for those who live in New York.

And then, whether you live in NY or elsewhere, if you have connections with people who do live in NY, please pass this to everyone likely to be receptive to helping to stop the Iran agreement.  Do not do a blanket mailing to everyone you know in NY.

If you are in Israel but your last US address was in NY, you can still participate as a NY resident – and in this case Senator Schumer must be called after 4 PM Israel time.

All emphasis in Jeff’s message has been added by me.

Arlene  Kushner




Dear friends,

Recently I returned from more than a week’s worth of meetings at the State Department and Congress. My last day on Capitol Hill, Tuesday, July 14, was the day the now infamous Iran Deal was announced. It was all anyone wanted to talk about.

While sitting in Senator Mark Kirk’s office, I couldn’t help but notice the senator’s aides answering a steady stream of calls from irate constituents complaining about the deal. One staffer said to another, “My goodness, there’s a lot of very upset folks out there today.”

That same day, it was in New York Senator Charles (Chuck) Schumer’s office that I began to think about his role as the linchpin in the upcoming congressional vote; the one US lawmaker perhaps most needed to orchestrate the override of President Obama’s promised veto should Congress reject this deal.

Schumer, presumed next Senate Democratic Minority Leader after Harry Reid resigns, has the best chance of influencing thirteen fence-sitting colleagues. They are waiting to see where Schumer will place his chips. This key Democrat must be persuaded to resist White House pressures and act forcefully to defeat the deal — as in right now, when he can get sufficient others to do the same; not as in waiting for the all clear from Obama senior advisor Valerie Jarrett, who will let him know when it is politically safe for him to vote against.

The Iran deal is not a done deal — yet! We have the right and means to weigh in, register our deep concern, and maybe turn it around. We must let Schumer know he has a substantial constituency that will support him if he expends every effort to kill the deal, or reject him in the next election if he does not.1

The Members of Congress staffers keep a running record of calls and report the results at meetings with their bosses. Phone calls are powerful: When constituents make their voices heard in great numbers they can make the unexpected happen, even when a change in course seems impossible.2

Senator Schumer needs to hear from his New York constituents now. Above all, be respectful and antagonize no one. Do not speak ill of the President of the United States or of Senator Schumer.


  1. Call Senator Schumer (202-224-6542).
  1. Sample text follows, but your own words would be better.

“I am a constituent of Senator Schumer [living in Israel]. I am calling to urge the Senator to lead his colleagues in opposing the JCPOA [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action] appeasement deal with terror-state Iran. This agreement effectively backs Tehran’s open goal to annihilate Israel, and threatens US national security, by making it easier for it to acquire nuclear weapons. This agreement also provides Iran with the financial means to step up its current aggression against Israel and other US interests in the region. I appeal to the Senator not to permit Iran, and the international forces helping Iran, to succeed by means of the US giveaways in this very bad deal.”

  1. You might add a talking point or two. For example…
  1. Refer to the giveaways more specifically, such as those listed in the Washington Times op-ed (‘The Iranian nuclear deal is surrender,’ July 14) penned by ZOA National President Mort Klein and ZOA Center for Middle East Policy Director Daniel Mandel.
  1. Express your disapproval at the Administration’s having violated democratic principles, and your citizen rights, with its end run around Congress — starting with its rush to present the Iran deal to the UN Security Council for unanimous endorsement before our elected representatives have made use of their allotted sixty days. Further new revelations suggest the Administration may, in addition, be conducting secret side arrangements with Iran, and a disinformation campaign meant to deceive the American people about Israeli popular opinion and deal alternatives.4
  1. Ask a question, such as the one that follows, or selecting from Times of Israel editor David Horovitz’s list of sixteen.5 Request that a staffer get back to you by phone or email with the Senator’s answer.If you get no response after a week, call back again and politely remind them.

“I would like to know how Senator Schumer views the verification aspects of this deal as realistic given the inevitable, artful cheating by Iran. According to US polls, most Americans do not believe the deal is enforceable. Senator Schumer himself has recently been quoted saying, “I don’t trust these Iranians.”

  1. Conclude by thanking the staffer. State that you are looking forward to Senator Schumer’s no vote on JCPOA, and to his answering your question.
  1. Share this action plan with everyone you know in NY – family, friends, assciates – likely to be receptive to assisting.

I plan on relating to my contacts on the Hill what I’ve personally heard from American voters, living in Israel, across the political spectrum: that they are extremely disturbed by this fatally flawed, “better-than-nothing” process unfolding; a process sure to intensify the chaos of the Middle East, and bring Israelis and Americans closer to the war the Iran deal purportedly was designed to avoid.

Thanking you in advance for your commitment and participation. Silence is not an option!

Jeff Daube

Israel Director

Zionist Organization of America



* ‘Chuck the Deal’ chanted by NY Assemblyman Dov Hikind outside of Senator Chuck Schumer’s office, where he was arrested with seven other pro-Israel activists.










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