Kids throwing stones.

Mohammad Kosba poses with rifleHis family considered him and his brothers warriors while alive and shaheeds (martyrs) when they died. Had he died, a legal adult, a year or less later would his death have been as played-up by the media?

Look at the photograph. Frankly he looks a very husky young man. I wouldn’t be the least surprised to find his real age had been lowered to enhance his victim status as a ‘child’.

Criminal stone throwing

There is a move in Israel to introduce the death penalty for terrorism. This has been incorrectly portrayed as a death penalty for stone throwers proposal. The penalty is proposed solely for terrorists who murder Israelis.

In any case, the Knesset voted down death penalty for terrorists 94-6.

However it did intrigue me. Do other Western countries treat criminal stone throwing as a children’s mischief, as Israel is expected to do?

  • In the United States, rock-throwing is a felony and rock-throwers face criminal charges that include aggravated assault, throwing a missile into an occupied vehicle, criminal possession of a weapon, reckless endangerment of life, and aggravated assault with a lethal weapon. They can receive up to 20 years. Individuals who were part of a group engaged in rock-throwing can be convicted and imprisoned even if they did not personally throw any missiles.  In practice, punishment varies.
  • In Great Britain stone throwers are sentenced on average to 3.5 years in prison if the criminal justice system can prove that the action took place in a riot.
  • Under Australian law, rock throwers can be sentenced to up to 5 years in prison.
  • In New Zealand, individuals who throw rocks at cars can serve 14 years for endangering transport.
  • In Turkey stone the harsh sentences of 23 years handed down against stone throwing children but the sentences were reduced.
  • In Vietnam sentence of 4 years was given to a 17 year old for a stone throwing incident where a man lost an eye.
Country Sentence
United States up to 20 years
United Kingdom average 3.5 years
Australia up to 5 years
New Zealand up to 14 years
Turkey up to 23 years
Vietnam 4 years


Mohammad Kosta's Martyrs Poster
L: “The Martyr Yasser Al-Kusbeh” R : “The Martyr Samer Al-Kusbeh”

Sami Kosba, the father, added the picture of a third son killed by the IDF to his wall, just in case we might think he was a random passer-by. Do we see a pattern?

“With great pride Fatah in the Qalandiya refugee camp announces the death of the heroic Martyr (Shahid) Muhammad Sami Al-Kusbeh”

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