Considering a Failed Palestinian State.

Failed Countries.

On July 9, 2011, the world welcomed a new country, South Sudan, which separated from Sudan. South Sudan rapidly became a failed state, one in which the central government lost the ability to control the security and economy of the country.

Failed states suffer from many terrible and unstable features: lack of governmental control; factional militias and armies; lack of border integrity and gross poverty. These societies often see rampant human rights abuses as various parties assert control over parts of the country and seek vengeance and control over minorities and local populations.

Consider some reports from South Sudan over the past year:

According to Business Insider, the worst failed states include: South Sudan; Sudan; Somalia; Congo; Chad and Yemen. The populations of these countries are forced to flee, suffer or die.

south sudan
South Sudanese refugees wait to be registered at a crossing into Ethiopia earlier in 2015. (Photo: UNHCR/R. Riek)

Considering a Palestinian State

Many countries in the United Nations would like to see the Palestinian Arabs gain self-determination and have their own country.  However, many of the ingredients for a failed state currently reside in the political structure of the Palestinian Authority:

  • The Palestinian territories have various stand-alone armies and militias including Hamas and Islamic Jihad
  • No central government, as the west bank of the Jordan River and Gaza strip are administered independently
  • Internal fighting as witnessed in the 2007 rout of Fatah by Hamas forces in Gaza, and various extrajudicial killings between those parties that continued since then
  • No border integrity as bedlam prevails in Gaza, Sinai and Israeli towns near the border of Gaza
  • Lack of functioning economy and widespread unemployment due: to the extremely high percentage of people under 25 years old; and constant war to destroy Israel
  • No presidential or legislative elections, as they were suspended due to the splits mentioned above. The presidential election was last held in 2005 and the president’s term expired a long time ago.

A country built on this framework would likely deteriorate.  Factional fighting to dictate the future of the country would exacerbate. Unemployment would further skyrocket.  Cross-border battles with Israel would escalate and also include the area east of the Green Line, EGL/ west bank of the Jordan River. This region, which already leads the world in the “honor killings” of women, would likely continue to see such murders increase.

It would be a country built in chaos, with people’s dreams dying alongside their lives.

Concrete Steps to Avoid a Failed Palestinian State

Should the Palestinian Arabs hope to achieve a functioning state after self-determination, important steps need to be instituted before the state is formed:

  1. Remove all weaponry from Hamas and other groups. A functioning government must only have a single army. There cannot be a society in which various entities wage internal and external wars.
  2. Ban Hamas. No entity which advocates for murder of minorities should be allowed to sit in any elected office, and no country should have any dealings with any country that seeks destruction of another country. As Hamas advocates for the killing of Jews and calls for the complete destruction of Israel, the party should be banned in its entirety until it renounces both positions completely.
  3. Form new Political Parties and Hold Elections. The Palestinian Arabs have not held presidential elections since 2005 and legislative elections since 2006. As Hamas won legislative elections in 2006 and have polled to win future elections, new parties should be organized that can compete in new elections.

These are the basic steps that must occur for the Palestinian Authority to have a functioning government. Once the central authority rests in a representative body, that entity can negotiate a final status agreement with Israel to create a new state. To minimize the chances that it slip into a failed state, the Palestinian government should further consider the following:

  1. Peace Agreement with Israel. A viable government should have a strong economy, including a flow of people and goods. Due to the separation of the Palestinian territories, it would be most efficient for the government to have a good working relationship with Israel to facilitate commerce.
  2. Minimize Incoming Youth. A Palestinian state would likely want to welcome Arabs whose families once lived in the region. As a large population below age 25 often leads to rampant unemployment and instability, the emphasis on incoming people should be on professionally-trained adults.
  3. Transitional control from UNRWA. UNRWA has kept infant mortality, immunizations, life expectancy and literacy of Palestinian Arabs at among the best rates in the world. Over a period of years, the UN should cede control of the schools and hospitals to Palestinian control.

While the world celebrated the founding of a new country four years ago in South Sudan, the declaration proved a hollow victory for the people. It would be a mistake to push forward another declaration for Palestinian Arabs at this time which would lead ultimately lead to further suffering.  Mayhem with a flag benefits no one.


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  1. You forgot to mention there was NEVER a Palestinian state neither has it ever had a capital city. The people in this region were were made up from ethnic communities of surrounding Arab countries predominantly Egyptians and Syrians.

    • This is written by a third party Eric.

      Not only was there never a Palestinian State, there has never been a Palestian country or people either.

      Arabs haven’t even been in the region for more than 1000 years either.

      Palestinians were invented by the Soviet disinformation masters in Moscow, as a propaganda tool, in 1965 when they wrote they preamble for the PLO Constitution .

      On June 4th 1967 the Palestinian people were born.

      Thus they are the invented people

  2. Yes, the ‘Palestinians’ were invented as a tool to destroy Israel. Leaving that aside, if these undeserving terror-supporting thugs were ever given a state, it wouldn’t descend into chaos, but would be chaotic ab initio.

  3. I’m far from certain that I can see a link between South Sudan and a proposed “Palestinian” state. South Sudan is a country which suffered from slave-raiding and other mistreatment by Muslims for a very long time. The people are indigenous to the land (as much as any African tribes can be called indigenous considering the intra-migratory histories of the continent).While fighting against the imposition of sharia law, some SS leaders were corrupted by the northern (Islamic) government and tribal rivalries manipulated and encouraged. The current situation was an outcome of this mendacious meddling.The current president did NOT “lose the ability” to control the country; he was corrupt and incompetent from the start and should never have been given his position. I have faith in the South Sudanese people to work through their troubles, as long as they do not decide, in their haste to build their economy, to allow too much Islamic “investment”. “Palestine”, on the other hand, is intrinsically, inescapably Islamic. A Palestinian government offers nothing to Israel that could remotely be seen as neighbourly and beneficial or even co-operative. As Pam said, “Palestine” was always meant to be a battering ram with which to attack, taunt, embarrass and otherwise hound Israel. I cannot see that function disappearing except by a miracle, especially considering the financial and other rewards the “Palestinians” get from causing trouble and playing the eternal victims. Furthermore, I see the Palestinians as addicted to the largesse of the UN and highly unlikely to want to become independent of it. To expect good faith or peaceful intentions from the Palestinians (especially from Hamas) to me seems to be a pipe dream, “statehood” or not.

  4. PJG, thank you for this. I know little about South Sudan, but did suspect what you have confirmed – the Islamic hand of North Sudan in all this turmoil. Unfortunately, many leaders (our own leaders included, plus of course our academics) are corrupted by vast amounts of money, so why would we expect South Sudan to be any different? The people of South Sudan are indigenous to the area, but, like many countries on the African subcontinent, have been colonised by those determined to Islamise the world. If the world were to support this new country, they wouldn’t be tempted to accept the largesse of Islamists. I agree with what you say about a Palestinian state, as it would have only one purpose.

    Unfortuately it’s not just the UN that is pouring money into promoting the Palestinian cause. The Europeans are financing many anti-Israel NGOs, whose purpose is to turn Israel into an international pariah and promote the Palestinians as victims lie. Scandalously, the Germans are the worst offenders – and we thought they loved Jews after the Holocaust!

  5. While I am broadly in agreement that Palestine will be a failed state from day one the solution is a fantasy.

    “Remove all weaponry from Hamas and other groups”. Hamas and the other groups will be most unlikely to cooperate. In 2007 the P.A. (mostly Fatah) fought a short, brutal civil war against Hamas in Gaza and was thrashed. My information is that the moment Israel withdraws a similar war will erupt with an identical result. Israel could equip Fatah with arms — an act like introducing a cobra into your house to combat rats — with no certainty of victory or even that those arms will not either fall into Hamas hands and/or be used against Israel. Alternately IDF could battle Hamas which rather begs the question of withdrawal.

    “Ban Hamas”. Could be done with a flick of the pen but will be ignored. Hamas is effectively banned in the PA anyway but simply goes underground.

    “Form new Political Parties and Hold Elections.” Abbas hasn’t conducted elections because he is worried that Hamas would win. This leaves two scenarios. As in Egypt where the banned Muslim Brotherhood simply changed name for the elections, Hamas would run as something else. Alternately Hamas would be effectively excluded or will boycott and the election results will be accepted by no one, including the Palestinians.

    “Peace Agreement with Israel.” Of course. The problem is that Palestine will be an economically failed state as well as a politically failed state. Will the overseas money, US and EU that keeps the P.A. afloat continue? Will it be replaced by Iranian money which will be worse?

    “A Palestinian state would likely want to welcome Arabs whose families once lived in the region.” Except that Abbas has already said that he won’t if that means they give up claims to Israel.

    “Professionally trained” won’t come in large numbers. Untrained Syrians real refugees and Lebanese UNRWA refugeesare the likely source.

    “Transitional control from UNRWA” should be a given. Unfortunately UNRWA is part of the problem not the solution. It is a bloated bureaucracy that might make for a very, very long transition.