The Great Mossad Shoe Caper of 2015.

Asghar Bukhari, according to the Daily Mail, is a founding member of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, UK.  If you keyword his name on YouTube you will see that he has had significant access to major media, including the BBC.

Mr. Bukhari, if you have not yet heard, is accusing “Zionists” of sneaking into his home and stealing a single shoe to make him feel vulnerable.  In order to prevent this man from speaking out against Zionist crimes Israeli special forces sneaked into his home and allegedly stole a shoe.

Kate alerted me to this story and when I first took a gander at the headline I just figured that it was blown up nonsense concerning some total nobody crazy man.

But he has access to the BBC?

If some in the west will believe this man, just who in this world will they not believe?… other than the Israeli government or regular Israeli Jews, of course.

Nonetheless, there is a part of me that absolutely loves the idea of a super-secret Mossad sub-organization that torments prominent anti-Zionists by rearranging their wardrobes or their furniture or by, insidiously, stealing a single shoe.

I think that it is a terrific idea.

Consider the possibilities.

One morning Noam Chomsky comes down to his kitchen to discover the Fruit Loops mysteriously replaced by Apple Jax!

Or, say, Mahoud Abbas is settling in one evening in his jammies getting ready to watch the next episode of GLEE when he discovers that while out his couch was reupholstered pink!

This is just too much fun and I very much encourage you guys to come up with your own scenarios.

Below, by the way, is Bukhari’s Facebook message accompanying the video.

First published at Israel Thrives


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  1. It’s amazing what those darned evil Zionists get up to

  2. Jan Poddebsky

    I did some fieldwork in Rabi Is. in Fiji. The Barnaban community there is so poor that the football players share a pair of runners. One wears the left one and another wears the right one. Bukhari needs to get a social life.