Statement – ZFA in response to AUSTRALIAN GREENS change of position on Israel



It is profoundly disappointing that newly minted Australian Greens Leader Senator Richard Di Natale has withdrawn his declaration of support for Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state. Senator Di Natale’s about-face is particularly troubling in view of the statement made last month by Pope Francis that:

“anyone who does not recognize the Jewish people and the
State of Israel — and their right to exist — is guilty of anti-

The indivisibility of Israel’s political existence and its Jewish character was articulated in its 1948 Declaration of Independence and remains relevant to this day:

“In Eretz Yisrael first arose the Jewish People, and there was
shaped its religious, spiritual and national identity, there it
attained political sovereignty … it is the natural right of the
Jewish People to be as all other nations that have realised the
right to independence and national sovereignty.”

Israel’s ethnic character was also recognised in UN General Assembly Resolution 181 that explicitly authorised the establishment of “Independent Arab and Jewish States”.

In his 2014 State of the Union Address President Barack Obama stated:

“American diplomacy is supporting Israelis and Palestinians as
they engage in difficult but necessary talks to end the conflict
there; to achieve dignity and an independent state for
Palestinians, and lasting peace and security for the State of
Israel – a Jewish state that knows America will always be at
their side.”

Senator Di Natale’s revised position on Israel should also be assessed in the light of Articles One and Four of the Palestinian Basic Law (2003) that respectively declare: “the Palestinian people are part of the Arab nation”; and “the principles of Islamic Shari’a shall be the principal source of legislation.”

It would be useful to ask whether Senator Di Natale’s objection to national ethno-religious identity applies solely to a Jewish Israel, or extends to an Arab/Muslim Palestine as well?

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  1. I wonder if the Jewish supporters of the greens object to what the leaders of the Palestinians Hamas are calling for ( in their charter)
    An Islamic State of Palestine

  2. Leon Poddebsky

    Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish Nation. It has no official state religion, though the majority of its citizens are Jews.
    All the Arab states,and also Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and perhaps others do have an official state religion, Islam.
    For the Greens to single out Israel is yet another indication of that party’s antisemitic agenda.
    No self-respecting person should support such a party.

  3. Green is the new “Brown” ( as in the colour of certain shirts worn by evil in a dark age not too far away).

  4. Di Natale has just made a disasterous one hopes not terminal mistake. Very few Jews would admit to being Green supports, but I suspect that their support, amongst those of a humanitarian persuasion, is great. I might imagine that there will not be a great furor – simply that that support will fade away. Some might send an email…..most will not……..they will simply withdraw support.

    I would be interested to hear the thoughts of Adam Bant on this positioning by the Greens. THe AJN et al should be at great pains to understand what the member thinks.

    Like many who have spoken on this issue I would agree that the good Senator does need to explain how he can can support Israel but not as a Jewish State, without also saying he supports Palestine but not as a Muslim State.

  5. Larry, you say “the good Senator does need to explain how he can can support Israel but not as a Jewish State, without also saying he supports Palestine but not as a Muslim State.”

    This is making the assumption that the Greens’ mindset is a logical one. For a rational person, it’s hard to comprehend that one can make 2 contradictory statments, and still believe that you are presenting an ethical viewpoint.

    To me it proves that the Greens are irrational, preferring to whip up emotions among the gullible, rather than stating their case based on facts.

  6. david itzkowic

    islam of various types rules the arab world, democracy rules israel, australia, united states, great britain, france, germany, canada…….etc. Di Natale, please explain !!

  7. Glenn Tucker.

    Bottom line is this:- Genesis 12:3 “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.” Amen.