Israelis Help Others; Palestinians Don’t Even Help Themselves

Israeli humanitarian efforts juxtaposed Palestinian terror efforts…

Image result for Al-Qassam Brigades showing Gaza tunnel post-operation (Photo Source: Reuters)
credit: Time Magazine

Israeli humanitarian efforts finally got a little attention in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake. While some acknowledged it, unfortunately, it was glossed over by others, while the hardcore haters said, “Yeah, but…” That “but” was followed by crazy stories of ulterior motives (like the old anti-Semitic canard of organ harvesting, baby trafficking, or that it was purely a publicity stunt?!) or sob stories of how Israelis are helping the earthquake survivors but won’t help those “poor” Gazans.

The truth is, Israelis do help Gazans. During Operation Protective Edge, for example, the IDF set up field hospitals and treated Gazan casualties, and Israeli hospitals treat even the relatives of Hamas leaders who vow to destroy the Jewish State and celebrate the “victory” of any dead Jew, from babies to elderly Holocaust survivors, murdered by Arab ‘martyrs’.

Israel has also decided to double the amount of water delivered to the Palestinian territories, despite only receiving payment from the Palestinian Authority for less than 10 percent of the water usage. Palestinians are also wasting their water; up to 33 percent is wasted due to leakage, and their own policies prevent them from having more water. Still, Israel is providing more water to help them.

Furthermore, the IDF facilitates the transfer of goods into Gaza, like cement which is intended for building new homes.

Goods for delivery into Gaza. Credit.

Here’s the kicker: that cement is not used to build new homes. Building terror tunnels to kill more Jews takes priority over their own well-being. That violence is valued higher than taking care of themselves, despite their cries to the world that their living conditions are poor. If they are in such dire need, why are they not using the cement transferred into Gaza via the efforts of those “evil” Israeli soldiers, to help themselves?

Last Fall, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas requested $4 billion to “rebuild” Gaza after the war and wound up with $5.4 billion in pledges from donors who apparently felt sorry for the people who started the war with their barrage of rocket attacks, kidnappings and murders of Israeli civilians.

The help is there, if they want it. Thousands upon thousands of truckloads of goods are getting to Gaza. In the first three months of this year, nearly 17,000 truckloads of goods entered Gaza, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. On March 19 alone, 1000 tons of cement arrived, paid for by Qatar, the biggest donor among those who pledged financial support to rebuild Hamas’ playground.

But the reconstruction is slow-going, and the UN, as usual, blames Israel. Arutz Sheva reported in late April that Nickolay Mladenov, the United Nations’ new Middle East peace envoy, wants Israel to lift its naval blockade of Gaza.

“We in the United Nations, along with our partners in the international community, have a responsibility to ensure that Gaza is not just being reconstructed… but that the blockade which stops access to construction materials, to movement of people, goods… is lifted,”

Mladenov stated.

The naval blockage is preventing a Gaza port from becoming an Iranian port where Iran could send terror supplies to Hamas. These supplies would then be used against Israel, making this blockade one for self-preservation.

And what’s the use in blaming the blockade when Gazans are not using the goods they’re receiving on the ground via the trucks? In March, Qatar donors admitted that most of the cement allocated for reconstructing homes was actually being sold on the black market. The president of the Qatari National Committee for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip was fed up with this but impressed with Israel’s efforts to rebuild Gaza. This is coming from Qatar, the main financial backer of Hamas.

The money, the goods, none of it has a thing to do with any “humanitarian” need, unless “humanitarian” is code word for “terror against Jews.” Gazans are not building houses; they’re building terror tunnels. They do not want to improve their living conditions; they want to kill Jews and destroy Israel. That would be humanitarian in the eyes of Hamas.

Israelis who live near the Gaza border have warned that Hamas is preparing for another war.

“The reports that Hamas is getting stronger militarily, and the fact that the group is continuing to dig attack tunnels toward Gaza border communities, come as no surprise to any resident from the area,”

Yael, a member of Kibbutz Nirim, told Israel Hayom.

“All the residents know which path we’re headed down, everyone sees what Hamas is doing on the other side of the fence, and it’s doing it flagrantly, right there before our, and the military’s, eyes, showing its preparations for the next round of fighting.”

This really should come as no surprise to anyone, yet the victimization continues, along with the demonization of Israel. It really does get old.


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