BDS Prof. Peter Slezak is refused to present Limmud-Oz. session.

Given his support of the BDS – Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against the State of Israel, the Board of the Shalom Institute has refused an application for Associate Professor Peter Slezak to ‘present’ at Limmud Oz.

Two years ago he was permitted to speak providing he agreed to certain guidelines. One wonders why we give him ‘oxygen’ at all, seeing as to how we are advised to do likewise with the rabid supporters of the fictitious State of Palestine’

Last year the AJN reported:

OUTSPOKEN Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaigner Peter Slezak may be speaking at Limmud-Oz this year, “but it will not happen again”.

That was the message from one of Sydney Jewish community’s most senior leaders, Peter Philippsohn, this week, ahead of the three-day festival of learning that starts this Saturday.

JCA president Philippsohn was scheduled to address Limmud-Oz, but pulled out last week.

“I would not tell the organisers who to invite, but I don’t want to be a speaker at the same event as Peter Slezak,” he told The AJN.

Last Sunday night, meanwhile, Philippsohn told more than 400 people at JCA’s communal event that he and NSW Jewish Board of Deputies (JBOD) president Yair Miller had met with Limmud-Oz organisers, who agreed they had included speakers who “have crossed the line”.

According to Philippsohn, anyone who has questioned Israel’s right to exist, who denies or abuses the memory of the Holocaust, or who leads a BDS ­campaign should not be given a platform at communal events.

“The Limmud board has agreed to work with the leadership of our community to develop guidelines that preclude these people from being given a voice in our community,” Philippsohn said.

As well as being a vehement critic of Israel, Slezak recently told The AJN that he believes that Jewish people use the Holocaust to excuse Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people.

Stressing he is happy to participate in a vigorous debate, Philippsohn said:

“I will listen to anyone who is a card-carrying member of our community and disagrees with some of Israel’s actions, but that is not the case here.”


Statement issued by the Board of the Shalom Institute.

Shalom Institute 1With a programme of the scale and diversity of Limmud-Oz, some contention arises. Limmud in Sydney is governed by a rotating volunteer Board who, this year, published guidelines online that describe the Core Values which guide our activities, and how we prepare and manage programming at our events.

These guidelines explain that, for various reasons, we do not accept all sessions submitted to us for a Limmud event.  However, we make clear the fact that the acceptance of sessions does not mean Limmud-Oz endorses or sympathises with the views expressed by presenters in that session.

The guidelines acknowledge that, in particular, the topic of Israel is one that can be a magnet for passionate opinions and disagreement.  We understand that Jews who care about Israel can and will hold different views.  We believe it is critical that when people disagree, they engage civilly and assume and respect the good faith of others.  In general Limmud seeks to maintain high standards of civility in language and behaviour when we discuss all matters within the Jewish community.

Limmud offers a space where adults can make informed decisions about which topics and presenters they want to listen to and engage with.  We seek to encourage healthy, vigorous and broad debate.

However, given that several of our presenters come from Israel, and given the broad consensus within the Limmud community and the broader Jewish community against the Boycotts, Sanctions and Divestment (BDS) movement against Israel, the Board of Limmud in Sydney determined that Limmud-Oz will not provide a space for people to present who promote or actively support boycotts and sanctions against the State of Israel.

Peter Slezak submitted a proposal to present at Limmud-Oz 2015. In discussion, he affirmed that he actively and publicly supports some forms of BDS.  We therefore confirmed that, as per our guidelines, Limmud-Oz would not be able to include his session at this year’s event.  We understand Professor Slezak feels disappointed or dissatisfied with this outcome.  We have let him know that he is welcome to attend the event as a participant, as he has done in previous years.

After listening to the video  it seems he is only Jewish when it is convenient to be Jewish.  What a hypocrite.!!

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  1. Otto Waldmann

    For once we agree with Peter’s BDS, trouble is, in our case Peter is our target. How doya like it, Peter !!!

  2. Leon Poddebsky

    He can get plenty of invitations from Hizb ut Tahrir, Hamas, “palestinian Authority,” Fatah, Ku Klux Klan, to mention only a few.
    He’d feel at home there.

    We are not “his people.”

  3. The whole thing about him gets me.
    He says he’s a “non-Jewish Jew” and an “assimilated, atheist, secular Jew”

    Here’s a video of dear Vivienne.

    • Jan Poddebsky

      Poor old Viv has been feasting so much on Lynch’s meat and veg. that it’s addled her brain. Party to the disruption of Kemp’s lecture in March, she wrote: What a disgrace that Kemp be allowed on campus. Now she demands that Limmud host her and her mates. Not only demands but castigates Limmud for politely saying, no thanks. Anyone can go and hear or read their ‘case’ if they choose but Sydney is not yet ancient Greece and I will not down their hemlock.

  4. At last a sane decision from Limmud Oz, which has hosted some very dubious characters.

    Last time I went to Limmud Oz in Melbourne, there was a session with Mark Baker genuflecting before 2 rabidly anti-Israel characters, both heavily involved in Israel apartheid week and the BDS movement. The adudience were warned beforehand they were not allowed to ask questions or interrupt, and all sat in stunned silence as they listened to Mark welcoming these anti-Semites. Several peope complained to Limmud Oz afterwards, but were ignored.

    And this took place at a festival of Jewish learning. All I learned was that some Jews are cringingly obsequious to those who want to destroy Israel and kill Jews everywhere.

  5. Larry Langman

    Should there be a learned discussion on BDS at LimmudOZ, absolutely. Should a platform be provided to speakers of the character and views presented above……absolutely not !!

    I sense that there is not, in the general community, a sufficient awareness that at the heart of programs like BDS and JAO (Jews Against Occupation), is the destruction of Israel as a Jewish State. It would therefore seem reasonable that at a festival that advocates the strengthening of Jewish Culture, those that advocate the destruction of that culture might not be voices that are welcome.

    I congratulate the organising committee of LimmudOZ in this decision. These speakers do not lack for a platform to air their views.

    • Leon Poddebsky

      Larry, I predict that Slezak and Viv will scurry to Israel’s enemies in the media, such as our tax-funded ABC, and also to Mike Carlton and Bob Carr et al, complaining self-righteously and bitterly that those nasty, barbaric Zionists are at it again, denying free speech to honest, noble, humanitarians like themselves.
      The ABC will launch a 4 Corners in-depth investigation into this scandalous Zionist misconduct which violates genuine Australian values, The Sydney Morning Sturmer will publish a summary of the shocking revelations.
      The NSW premier and the leader of the NSW opposition will urge the human rights commission to investigate in an evenhanded manner the possible breaches of the anti-discrimination laws. An Iranian jurist will be appointed by the dean of the law faculty at the university of NSW, as the official ad hoc investigator. He will recommend that Limmud Oz be prosecuted in the international criminal court.

      Slezak and Viv will get the sydney peace prize. Bob will be master of ceremonies.

      George Orwell will smile sardonically in his grave.

      Peace and justice for all!

  6. Leon Poddebsky

    On whose territory is Viv sitting?

  7. Leon Poddebsky

    On whose territory is Slezak sitting?

  8. Leon, I believe Ramallah City Council is about to inaugurate a” Porzsolt Academy for Suicide Bombers” and in Jenin a “Slezak School for Sling Stone Throwing “.

    • Leon Poddebsky

      Shirlee, “Why we give him oxygen….”?
      I’ll tell you why: because some of us live under the delusion that if only we please the nations about how liberal and tolerant and humane and “nice” and understanding and democracy-loving we are then the nations will immediately divest themselves of the virus, stop hating us and even love us.
      Total rubbish.
      We can never please them in the long run no matter what we do; and here I’m referring to those nations that belong to the post-Western world. (The non-antisemitic Orient is a totally different matter. They have problems of poverty, health etc but they are not infected with the virus.)
      Germany perpetrated the worst atrocity in history. Has anyone ever called for the delegitimisation or dismantlement of Germany? Was it those nice Americans and Russians who recruited Nazi scientists by the droves after the war?
      Was it the nice Australian immigration authorities who knowingly welcomed with open arms the thousands of antisemites as new settlers in the same period?
      Was it the nice Australian politicians who argued passionately in federal parliament against the admission of desperate Jews wanting shelter from the nazis on the grounds that “Australia does not have a racial problem and does not want to import one”?

      Today, when Israel is saving human lives in the Nepalese disaster zone, there are creatures in the West whose perverted minds attribute base motives to it.

      Western civilisation destroyed a third of the Jewish Nation and has replaced it with a different ethno-religious entity, one which does please the West.

    • Leon Poddebsky

      Otto, it would not surprise me at all.

  9. Otto Waldmann

    The panoply of videos available through that link is extremely valuable.
    Far from giving any oxygen to the lunatics revealed, it offers an “intimate” view and sound of a small group displaying an acute level of group rejection , of frustration aided by some severe cases of destabilising anxiety caused, as it can be seen, by personal causes, mainly family history based. The 41 odd minute slot of Israel & palestinian Q & A is most revealing. In it , one is amused by the erratic “argumentation” provided by all, Peter Slezak losing the plot big time, accompanied by a coterie of pathetic psychoanalytical episodes.
    An Israeli lass, passionately in love with the word “like” ( and herself ) is enhanced by an old lady mit a German akzent who cannot help a psychotic event all on behalf of what amazing Peter calls “the peaceful palestinians, victims of Israeli genocidal policy “.
    Viv has pushed her “Play it Again” button and, to be fair, seems at peace with her calcified label of “Reject” placed on her vacuous forehead decades back. Cannot forget how , back in the 80s, Michael Marx practically pissed her out of the premises of Hakoah Club where she booked herself a “lecture”. She’s never been allowed “in” since.
    All that proves that the well established attitude of necessarily marginalising, practically excluding, these handful of miscreants has worked wonderfully.
    Not quite sure what a protestant Irish and some other gentiles were doing there….They must be the non-Jewish Jew haters !!!
    A must see.

  10. You should all take a look at dear Peter’s tweets. I don’t know how he has the nerve to call himself Jewish. I feel sick to the pit of my stomach.

    My father must be turning in his grave to see what has become of his beloved Left.

  11. Otto Waldmann

    Turning my stomach, indeed. The longer video I mentioned is dominated by Peter and Viv, the main protagonists in that group therapy session for ailments impossible to be cured by reason lone.
    You have to wonder how these people have the nerve to express surprise that they are being rejected by the ( real ) Jewish fold. They all lost the plot big time.

    • Jan Poddebsky

      Slezak claims that Jews exploit the Holocaust but he and Porzolt flaunt their parents’ claimed murder in the Holocaust to bolster their ‘moral’ credentials for attacking Israel. It must be interesting for them when they stand with their Palestinian friends on Naqba day to know that the very Palestinians they support do NOT RECOGNISE and DENY the Holocaust in which their parents perished. Does that mean that their moral foundation is whittled away by their own friends?
      When people learn the truth about Palestine, says Slezak, they will change their minds about Israel. Philosophers like Slezak demolished truth in the post modern world so what truth, which truth, whose truth? The truth of Peter Slezak relative to the truth of ….?

  12. Otto Waldmann

    Excellent points, Jan. Trouble is ( if you bother with the shlemils ) that they DO use Shoah as a staring point in their discourse, but, as a mode of “rationale”, extrapolating in their favoir as “legitimate” Jews. Here we see a parasitic argument, whereby, they latch on a reality accepted as genuinely Jewish while they have departed from the same Jewishness they claim to belong to. To coat their transition, once again in some kind of rationale, they also use known and accepted Jewish categories, such a sense of “freedom of expression” of a traditional Jewish community in which one was allowed and encouraged to seek intellectual advance/progress and contribute to communal debates . Then the other fallacy of rigeour is “:persecution”. We, the standard victims of it – once again the Shoah etc. – practice the very same upon others. The falacy is here by extrapolation once again, they will obfuscate the most importtant part of the :”persecution” narrative, the fact that the side for which the go into bat – their f….n’ palestinians are the cause of the entire moral crisis, they are the ones proven as persecutors of the Jews. Here Slezak and his ilk, allocate the cause of their anxieties to the …… Jews, a causal reversal easy to explain. We have created these monsters , unintentionally, of course. I know it because I come from the same emotional family make-up. Back home my most wonderful parents were encouraging me and my – far worse – twin brother to be mercilessly destructive in our “criticism” cum endless comedy hours of ridiculing all and sundry. We did it and stil do it, with gusto and complete indifference to everything sacre. We would turn ALL values upside down and provided what……………….. THAT necessary relief from…..PERSECUTION, that overwhelming antisemitism encountered the moment you slammed shut your home front door, and here I am talking Eastern Europe including Hungary !!! Difference is that I – just lucky – matured into understanding the real source of persecution as well as the perennial target, in the case of our “rejects” they have gone badly out of the loop of reason constructing warped logic, concocting “philosophies” based on twisted farcical notions. Little wonder Slezak resorts to uncontrolled lingo, hardly the vernacular of an academic, but DEFINITELY the expression of one who badly lost the plot. Porzsolt debits a reflex mantra, constantly into “automatic drive” and totally unconnected to a comprehensive reality, conversely the irrational mouth piece of erratic conjecture, oblivious to impending facts which would render her ranting mental as anything (sic). She is not at all arresting, but, after all these years, excruciatingly flat and boring and, to be sure, of NO relevance and or any effect. WE ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO PAY ATTENTION TO HER AND WE DO THAT FOR THE RIGHT-WRONG REASONS, otherwise her below pedestrian mode is TOTALLY ignored in any place that matters. Slezak has, at least, a place of respectable employment for a while yet , after which ( impending retirement ) he will be the same, even more ignored gurnischt.
    Trouble for these people is that, the antiZionsit camp has become so radicalised, so aggressive, to the point of insurgent, that these pseudointellectuals are bound to be rendered obsolete, redundant. They are useful to the Jihadist general environment , but not really the kind the anti Zionists need now, the front line punch throwers and receivers. Armchair, even Reject Counter Limud pathetics might have done their dash, the Jewish 5th column is no longer an efficient force simply because their presence among us has been deemed ineffective, they have been recognised for what they are and promptly and irreversibly excluded from the core and the decisionNOT to allow any longer Slezak into the Limud fraternity is the best example of it. Their retort is a pathetic non-event an exercise in manifest frustration and redundancy, to be fair, a great success of this community of ours in combating vicious enmity, regardless of its genealogical brand.

    • Jan Poddebsky

      Thanks to Slezak and the other Australian Jews who, from the relative safety from virulent anti-Semitism, bravely renounce their right of return to Israel as a homeland for Jews. That creates precious space for those living in other lands where corrosive anti-Semitism forces Jews once again to seek refuge. This time, thank god, they have a land ready to welcome them, their skills, their identity and their gratitude. May these generous renouncers never need this refuge for themselves and their children despite their own incitement to anti-Semitism.

  13. Otto Waldmann

    To be fair, while Israel is of a Divine commitment, that much of a refuge it is not YET, so Slezak and Porzsolt are much safer here than on the streets of Tel Aviv, Rishon Letzion or, indeed, Yerushalaim. Point is that they are – consciously or not – working toward making Israel a LESS safe place for Jews.

  14. Jan Poddebsky

    Porzolt had a couple of nights in an Israeli prison when she joined an armarda from Turkey carrying armed friends of Hamas. Hamas might have been less hospitable and removed her head from the rest of her person. Oops sorry Vivienne, we thought you were a Jew.

  15. Vivienne Porzsolt and Sylvia Hale were both arrested at Ben Gurion airport on the Flytilla.

  16. Jan Poddebsky

    Thanks for the correction Shirley. I credited Vivienne with more daring than she deserved. The term ‘human rights’ has been debased to the point of utter ridicule. Being unable to have a mackka for breakfast in gaol is probably now considered a brutal assault on human rights.

    • Jan that was never meant to be posted as a correction. It was just an article I kept.
      I have been following the actions of the BDS, the loony left and the ‘enemy within’ for years now. Since Marrickville in the main, so much so the Newtown mob know me by name. I have been physically menaced too.

      • Jan Poddebsky

        I hope you have a mobile phone that takes video with sound in case you need evidence for police and court. You can also get a personal alarm that makes a very loud noise. They must not get away with physically menacing anyone!!!!!

        • It was Patrick Langosch of the Socialist Alternative, Sydney. I had a camera of Henry Benjamin’s. Luckily I had the sense to attach a cord and wear it around my wrist.

          I was filming their speeches at ‘the Hub’ in Newtown before their March to the Max Brenner shop.It was really quite awful. A weirdo type female, with hob nailed boots and black lipstick, had been calling me some vile antisemitic type names. Then he started. I was terrified. Fortunately the LOC Sergeant was nearby. I knew him by name due to my work in the area, with the police. I called to him and he came to my rescue.

          He gave him a warning.

          • I hear the echoes of Berlin in the 30s. You’re a brave lady!

          • Jan I grew up in a Communist home. My father was an elected member of government as a Communist. I grew up on a diet of marches, speeches, protests and electioneering. I was spruiking on a microphone at 7/8 years old at elections on a platform.

            Activism is in my blood and I thrive on it. Ask Leon.

          • Not so brave if you knew my history. Too tired to write at almost midnight

  17. Jan Poddebsky

    Shirley thanks for the link. I think I recognise Sylvia Hale as one of the two women distributing pamphlets on campus at Sydney University a couple of years ago at a conference where Israeli universities were sharing research information. The pamphlets were spreading the blood libel that Israel was using Palestinian body parts for transplantation. The other woman distributing these leaflets was in the rogues lineup at the Kemp fracas. She was much less camera shy the second time around.

  18. Otto Waldmann

    Friends ( Romanians etc. ) now that the dust has settled on the UNSW campus and I am indeed still among my Romanian friends, maybe we hear some about the resounding success of the “Rejects’ In your Face anti-Limud Feast” !!!!

  19. Otto Waldmann

    Totally by accident, as a genuine typo, I came up with Peter SLEAZAK.
    Am I the first one !!!

    Anyways, I am still waiting for you people who were at the Limuds to tell us how the Rejects’ gischeft go …..

  20. Wasn’t there this year Otto