USYD Prof. Jake Lynch cleared of antisemitism

peace-and-conflict-1-638It seems, according to today’s Sydney Morning Herald, that the University of Sydney has cleared Associate Professor Jake Lynch, who is the director of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Sydney, of antisemitism.

However, he still has the threat of dismissal hanging over him regarding his abominable behaviour during a fracas on March 12th, in which wild, out-of-control students had to be dragged out screaming by security guards during a talk given by Retired Colonel Richard Kemp.

University staff accused vice-chancellor Michael Spence of aiding a “witch hunt” against Associate Professor Jake Lynch, who was accused of antisemitic behaviour for waving money in the face of a Jewish woman, after she allegedly kicked him in the groin.

Even though Jake Lynch has been cleared of charges of antisemitism, he has been warned he still faces dismissal, or other disciplinary action for possible breaches of the university’s code of conduct, under which staff must treat visitors “with respect, impartiality, courtesy and sensitivity”.

That I am in agreement with 100%. I also feel that I don’t think his intentions were to be antisemitic, never the less they were.

Here come the do-gooders. The NSW Council for Civil Liberties  who said it was

completely inappropriate” for the university to invoke its code of conduct “against people who are exercising their legitimate right of free speech”. “How bizarre is it that universities, which have been a hotbed of free speech for centuries, are threatening staff and students with disciplinary action for expressing themselves” .

Free speech is one thing, and had these students kept this action outside of the hall where the lecture was taking place, it would have been all well and good.  But NO, they rudely and loudly interrupted an international guest speaker by bursting into the hall, which is the height of ill manners. Not only that the talk was held up by 30 minutes.

Something rather strange as occurred here too.

Why has this information only just reached the MSM when it was published in the New Matilda on the 20th some 6 days ago?

New Matilda reported:

“The University received complaints that our member’s conduct was anti-Semitic during the protest. The investigator considered these complaints and has advised our member: “….. I am not satisfied that your conduct in this regard constituted anti-Semitic behaviour or unlawful harassment on the grounds of an individual’s religious belief (or perceived religious belief) and no further action will be taken in respect of those complaints”. 

Of course the good old Electronic Intifada had to come up with a conspiracy theory posted two days ago:

“Why won’t Sydney University admit its professor Jake Lynch has been cleared of antisemitism?”

“You’d think that this finding would be good news for the University of Sydney management. It can now come to the defense of its employee and seek to remedy the damage done to his reputation and to its own”

“One could assume, then, that its management might be relieved not to have a similar anti-Semitism controversy to deal with.”
Why is the university’s leadership keeping silent about Lynch’s vindication?

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  1. Leon Poddebsky

    So the “Electronic Intifida” thinks that antisemitism is a bad thing?
    Malice wrapped in disingenuousness covered in hypocrisy.
    Sounds like a product of the Peace and Conflict Centre.

  2. It seems the university’s ‘vindication’ of Lynch is the usual whitewash in order to protect its own reputation.

    Not only has Lynch not treated visitors “with respect, impartiality, courtesy and sensitivity”, but he has shown total disrespect and bigotry towards students who are Jewish and Israeli.

  3. Leon Poddebsky

    The NSW Council for Civil Liberties believes in freedom of speech for the likes of Lynch and Riemer, but not for Colonel Kemp. It is selectively “virtuous.”
    That Council brings itself and other similar entities into disrepute by its overt, blatant discriminatory behaviour.
    It exemplifies the phenomenon of organisations’ attaching emotive words to their titles as a device of deception. Who would object to liberties?
    Likewise that incubator of antisemites, the Peace and Conflict Centre, attaches the word, “peace” to its title, a grotesquely incongruous fraud committed by a de facto ally of genocidal Hamas and PA.
    And The University of Sydney hosts it.

  4. No surprise there.

  5. Cleared of “Antisemitism”? Perhaps the charge should have been for “Jew Hatred”, since he doesn’t hate ALL “semites”, seeing his obvious schmusing of the Arabs, often creatively referred to as “Palestinians”.

    • no.

      Noone really hates the Jews. People just, rightfully, hate Israel.

      Antizionism is not antisemitism.

      • You sound like so many who, when I call out their often not very well disguised, sometimes even latent jew hatred, use the same fig leaf.

        They dont hate the Jews because of Israel
        They hate Israel because of the Jews.

        Long Live Israel and the Jewish people.

        In case you wonder: I am a catholic German.

  6. Jews Down Under

    Answer to NotRita

    Point 1. You will be banned after you have replied.
    Point 2. You will be banned for using a false ID and spamming.
    Point 3. We have not bothered checking if you are using an invented address address. Most likely you are, but we do have you IP address and your SP.

    Why do you hate Israel? Hate is a very strong word and how can you hate a State?

    • How can you hate a State which has given the world most of its modern technology?

    • How can you hate a State which has given the world the greatest and best advances in medical technology?

    • How can you hate the only State in the Middle East which enshrines freedom of speech, a free press and a State whose citizens live under the rule of law and is the only beacon of democracy in the Middle East?

    • How can you hate the only State in the Middle East where people of all religions can practice their faith freely and openly?

    • How can you hate the only State in the Middle East where homosexuals are free to live without fear of persecution, or indeed execution?

    How can you hate the only State in the Middle East which resembles our own values and with whom Australia has long stood side by side, as a friend and ally?